It’s time to get in front of your ideal clients!

I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” — Maya Angelou

Your Guide to Glowing this Week


Here’s what digital marketers aren’t telling you: your ideal clients are CRAVING in person connection now more than ever! Offer your audience an online program, and they’ll thank you. Create an event for them to attend in person, and they’ll bring all their friends!!! Want the EXACT steps to leading in person events? Our brand new Women’s Circle Leader Training gives you just that. It’s time to make more money than ever doing work you ACTUALLY love. We only have 7 spots left in this course, so grab your seat NOW!Every entrepreneur is familiar with rejection, especially when it comes to the infamous business pitch. It’s not all about you and your great idea; as soon as you step into the room, your personality is being categorized and your value is assumed based equally on your pitch and your personal potential.


Have you ever heard of “pre-marketing?” Probably not, because we made it up! Well, our CEO did. Every Thursday at 10am EST, IGC founder and CEO Katie DePaola hosts GlowCEO, a new weekly livestream training. This week she’s teaching you how to ‘pre-market’ your products, programs and services so they sell out every time! These trainings are FREE to attend. You just need to be a member of our private Facebook community! Join now and put Thursday’s 10am EST class on your cal.

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Your business can only get as far as your body can take you. How are you fueling your energy sources and maintaining your gut health? Our resident health coach, Laura Ellen, has an antioxidant rich, plant based smoothie recipe that’s perfect for breakfast . All flavor, no filler baby! Blend it up, take a selfie and tag us on Instagram, @innerglowcircle!


Expect a massive energy shift over the next few days. The full moon happens right around 5:30pm EST today…along with the partial lunar eclipse (in Capricorn)! What the what?! This time is about the past, and it’s perfect for clearing out who or what no longer serves you. You may be revisited by the past, including people, places or patterns from a chapter you thought you finished. Stay true to you and don’t let momentary distractions take you off your game! You are here to do BIG things. Breathe and release. Read the rest of your July GlowScope here to prepare based on your specific astro sign!


It’s time to make your TV debut,

[NAME]! Your IGTV debut, that is. This Instagram feature is SO underrated and could be your best next way to grow your following. Why? When you upload full length videos to IGTV, you become wayyy more findable to Instagram users. And you don’t even t have to go live! Go YouTube style and edit your video all you want! We want to see you launch one IGTV video this week! And tag us in your video, @innerglowcircle. We want to watch you glow (and give you a Like, of course)!


The #1 question you need to be able to answer as a business owner: what’s your why? CEO Katie DePaola started Inner Glow Circle as a response: she realized women needed ways to find their purpose, live it and get paid. Helping women create lives they TRULY love became Katie’s big why. In this blog post, she walks  you through how to connect with your why, so YOU can live your purpose too.

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