By COO Liv Chapman

Last October I left my relationship.

On Friday, I was happily playing house with my partner of over five years, two small sons and two dogs.

We lived in a big house in the suburbs, drove a family SUV, had a pool, a live-in nanny, neighbors that we awkwardly waved to and a not-so- fruitful vegetable garden. 

On Saturday afternoon, I was a single mom of two toddlers looking for a small rental that would accept dogs. 

When everything first happened I was an emotional wreck, as anyone would be. But as everyone, especially mothers know, there isn’t a lot of time for our emotions when something catastrophic happens. When there are children involved, you have to pull it together and you have to do it quickly. 

So who did I call when shit went down? The women in my life, of course.

They flew in from out of town.

They showed up with food.

They helped me pack up my belongings.

They moved me into a new house. 

They put together furniture, watched the kids, sent funny gifts, hid affirmation cards in every box I unpacked, offered to kill my ex (lol jk, but…), they SHOWED UP. 

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a large family or maybe because I’m a Leo, but I’ve been fortunate to always have and maintain great relationships with girlfriends.

I have friends from elementary school who still keep an active group chat, I have friends from college that all check on each other and have made adult friends in DC and now Florida who I know I could call for anything.

Female friendships have been some of the most powerful relationships of my life. And, as an adult, most of those relationships have started and blossomed inside of a women’s circle. 

I have sat in circles with all of these women at some point in time– organized topic-based circles, moon circles, sister circles as well as “its been a long day, come over in your pj’s and drink this wine with me” circles. 

When women gather together, they make magic. And guess what happens when you cultivate relationships with women around meaningful conversations, productive activities, mindfulness and the moon? The relationships grow even deeper. 

And, I don’t know what I would do if this hadn’t been the case. In reality, women’s circle saved me. 

These circles of women in my life showed up for me in ways I could never imagine and have gotten stronger and stronger in the past year. 

Do you have this in your life? Do you want to create this? 

The Women’s Circle Leader Training is not just about creating another income stream or lead generator for your business– although it will, naturally!

It’s about learning how to cultivate relationships with other women. It’s about feeling confident to invite people into your space, physically, emotionally and energetically. It’s about learning how to hold space for the women in your life that you deeply care about, but aren’t always sure how to support.

It’s about bringing people together and leading them to connect, go deeper and open up to one another so that support can flow in. It’s about actually having those women in your life who will show up at your door with snacks and a screwdriver because you have been trying to put together a toddler bed for six hours, unsuccessfully, no one has eaten and everyone (yourself included) is in tears. 

Everyone needs this in their life and regardless of how many times you’ve moved, kids you’ve had, or how small your home might be– you can still create powerful, meaningful circles and connections whether it starts with three of you or twelve. And if that’s not enough, it will be therapeutic, a way to practice your leadership, build your confidence and give you someone to call in the middle of the night– just in case.

I recently went to a 2020 vision boarding workshop and specifically cut out photos of home interiors that would be great to host a circle.

I cut out an oversized dining table, a sprawling outdoor space and open kitchen, because everyone knows the kitchen table is where it all begins.

When the women’s circle saves you again and again, you know it is part of the big vision. Anyone who has circled at my tiny cottage knows that I always say, “I have everything I want, except a larger table for circles!”

Are powerful women’s circles part of your vision?? 

We’d be happy to answer any of your questions about how to create the circles you envision leading.

To learn more about this life changing training, book a call here.