What’s the hype about life coaches and why should you become a life coach?

Becoming a life coach is so fulfilling on so many levels.

But why should you become one?

Being a life coach isn’t just sitting at home and talking on the phone all day. It actually requires a lot of personal work. It requires a lot of outside work.

You have to ask yourself, “am I ready to dive deep into my own self in order to help people dive deep into their own?”

IGC Coach Training Graduate, Angela Rose, was working a full time job as a nurse at an infertility clinic before she found Inner Glow Circle. “I didn’t have any free time to pursue my hobbies and interests,” said Angela.

She had a moment where she realized the women she was working with didn’t just need a nurse to hold their hand, they needed a coach. That’s when Angela realized she needed to make a life changing career shift.

One that would benefit both her and the women she was working with everyday.

Meanwhile, Danielle Waldman felt unfulfilled in her 9-5 job.

All the tasks she was doing didn’t quite fit into her ideal vision of life.

Both of these women simultaneously made a change.

They became life coaches.

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Both of these women knew they were meant to do something greater for themselves and for others. They knew there was a ‘next step’ they had to take. As a result, they took it.

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What are they doing now?

Danielle Waldman is a life coach and Women’s Circle leader. Not only does she lead her own circles, she teaches other women how to create and lead their own too.

Angela Rose is a life and fertility coach for women.

Their favorite part about becoming life coaches? Joining a massive community of women empowering other women, having the privilege of creating and holding sacred spaces for women to show up, be honest and be themselves, being able to work for themselves but not by themselves.

If you want to work a job that continuously makes you step up into a higher level of yourself, a job that transforms lives, a job that encourages you to always meet and network with more women, a job that turns you into a badass business women with no glass ceiling, then you should become a life coach.

They help women learn how to heal relationships with others and themselves.

“I like to think of it as a rebirth” said Angela.

Becoming a life coach is a life changing transition.

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