Seriously, how do you figure out what you want to do with your life?! That is such a big question.

Step 1: Make a list of what you most enjoy

What lights you up? What do you actually love doing? If you’re feeling really stuck and you actually don’t know what you enjoy, that’s okay too. We’ve all been there. Most of our students have been there. You have to pay attention to the little things that make you feel alive. Pay attention to the conversations that really light you up.

You have to figure out what your Glow Zone is. Your Glow Zone is the area that makes you light up the most so you glow from the inside out. 

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For example, maybe you love food. You love healthy food, new recipes, cooking and talking to people about food. You’re the one your friends come to for advice. You’re constantly making food blog recommendations. If you’re totally obsessed with health and wellness, then that’s something that’s probably in your Glow Zone!

Let’s say that you love talking about relationships. You’re the relationship and dating guru. Everybody comes to you to ask if they should break up with him, stay with her and what the deal is. Then relationships and love and talking about those things is probably in your Glow Zone!

A lot of people think you can’t design a career that fits within your Glow Zone. They’ll argue that you have to do things that you aren’t good at to be successful, but that’s actually not true!

Step 2: Determine possible careers that include things on your list

I’ll give you a piece of advice that my dad gave me years and years ago:

Your future job might not exist.

Don’t worry, this is actually super cool. This means that your possibilities are endless! You get to create the job and career that you wish existed in the world! Think about that and take it seriously.

Discovering your Glow Zone is all about finding your purpose. If you want to find your purpose like all of our students, follow the steps we’ve mapped out in the post.

Then, take the Find Your Purpose Assessment!

Take our Find Your Purpose Assessment here!

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