Your weekly guide to glowing is here!

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” — Anaïs Nin

Your Guide to Glowing this Week

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Ready to fast track your future?! Classes start in 2 weeks for IGCX, our exclusive, accelerated coach training program taught by Inner Glow Circle co-founder Liv Chapman! It’s a three month program that covers the full material of our usual six month training. Plus, an in-person retreat in October! This is our first ever program open to men. Yep, it’s CO-ED! Give your partner the gift of REAL personal growth (and yourself the gift of a happier partner #relationshipgoals). Whether you’re curious for you or someone you know, email [email protected] to learn more.

guide to glowing


Stop hiding that pretty face! Fact: social media posts with faces (yes, even selfies!) get 40% more likes than those without faces! Your followers want to see the person behind the phone! Showing the real you builds trust and engagement with your audience, which means your posts will get more traction and show up in more people’s feeds! This week, snap a selfie, share it in our online community and tell us what makes you a #GlowGetter. Finish this sentence: “I’m a #GlowGetter because…”


Make 2019 the summer of self-love. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, magazines… We’re obsessed with them all. And we know they can stir up some serious self-doubt.

[First Name], it’s time for an unsubscribe party! Take time this week to review who you follow and UNSUBSCRIBE from any accounts that stir up self doubt or leave you feeling less confident. Even if the account seems positive, if it doesn’t make you feel even more in love with your fine ass self, it’s time to unfollow. If you need a new favorite go-to, we’re holding your spot in the coolest community on the internet!


Are you sold on yourself? Want to be 1000% confident selling yourself?! You need to develop your skill set and your MINDSET. Skills come from continually training and investing in your craft. Mindset requires you to show off those skills! When people love your work, they want to pay you. But to love you, your audience needs to see you, hear you and know you. Start sharing what you do with one new person every single day! When you’re sharing online, use video to build trust. In person, be all you!

guide to glowing


You don’t have to have it all together! Perfection won’t pay the bills or get the job done. And it sure as hell won’t grow you a successful business! What always moves you forward and takes EVERY aspect of your life to the next level? Confidence (we know, we know, we’re repeating ourselves, but it’s SO true).


Feeling all the feels? It’s time to nest in, grab your journal and get everythinggg out on paper. While you’re at it, give your favorite people some extra love. Spill the beans and tell them what they really mean to you. The more love you put out, the more you’ll get back. The Sun is in Cancer for the rest of June, and since Cancer is the most emotional of signs, that means you’re feeling all of it. Don’t let it slow you down. To feel is to heal! Get guidance on how to stay supported this week…

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