Wondering what the daily routine of a woman entrepreneur is? Wondering if they even have a routine? Or is everyday something new?

CEO Katie DePaola gives you a glimpse of what her days look like as a woman entrepreneur!

For CEO Katie DePaola, her daily routine changes by the day. However, she says there are a few key things that you always have to make happen every day!

#1: Get up and get glowing!

It’s important to go into everyday with a clear mind and a plan of action.

As a woman entrepreneur, not everyday is going to be the exact same.

Some days you’ll stay at home in leggings and sweater working behind the computer all day while other days you’ll be dressed business professional and meeting up with potential clients.

No matter what it is you have going on each day, it’s crucial that you wake up and take time to assess what needs to get done that day!

Tomorrow morning, ask yourself, “what absolutely needs to get done today?”

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#2: Move your body!

It’s so important to include physical activity in your daily routine as a woman entrepreneur!

Whether you go to a workout class, do yoga at home or even just go on a walk, it’s so important to move your body!

As woman entrepreneurs, there are always so many new things to process!

Moving your body gets your energy moving and helps you stay in a centered place.

As a woman entrepreneur, there are so many positive, exciting things that happen in business! But of course there are challenges that appear as well.

Moving your body is a great way to stay active and keep a clear mind while processing everything that happens in your day to day life.

#3: Know when to wrap up for the day!

A big perk of being an entrepreneur is not being required to work 9-5 everyday. Entrepreneurs make their own schedules!

Though sometimes that can lead to overworking or under-working.

Sometimes you really have to find the momentum to keep going when you feel like you want to drop it all and take a break. It is really important to stay self motivated!

But it’s also really important to know when it’s time to truly take a break.

When you’re feeling tired, go for a walk, go get a massage, do whatever it is you need to do in order to return to work ready to put in your all.

#4: Unplug for the day!

When you decide you’re done for the day, be. done.

When the laptop is closed, that’s it!

Avoid checking your email or opening up a project once you’ve gotten into bed.

Spend time with family, friends and pets or go out and take yourself to get something to eat!

Make it a point to indulge in self-care and focus on yourself personally before getting back into work mode the next day. Otherwise you will exhaust yourself!

Katie’s overall message:

Get out there, create the thing you wish existed and remember to create a sense of balance between work life and personal life!