Inner Glow Circle (IGC) is the #1 training company for women coaches and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to teach people how to find their purpose live it and get paid. In our vision, the future belongs to the female entrepreneur.

Katie DePaola
Katie DePaolaFounder
Katie DePaola is an entrepreneur, author and the founder of Inner Glow Circle. Right after opening her business, Katie’s brother died from an accidental overdose. Also a Lyme Disease survivor, she built her business from her bathtub, taking the company from self-funded startup to million dollar business. Katie has turned her greatest losses into her greatest opportunities and says her business is what saved her life. Through certification programs, memberships and online courses, Katie has taught thousands of women. She has a B.S. in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University and is an ICF Credentialed PCC Coach. She has been featured in TIME Magazine, The Huffington Post, Elite Daily and more. In her book At Least You Look Good (2020), Katie shares her most vulnerable (and often funny) reflections on how to deal with the hardest parts of life — and her best advice for women who want to “glow through what they go through.”
Liv Chapman
Liv ChapmanCo-Founder and CEO
Liv Chapman is an entrepreneur, author and the Co-Founder of Inner Glow Circle. Liv joined the company after leaving her teaching career and starting her own business as a life and business coach. Also a single mom of two, Liv is known for her ability to create through the chaos of life, taking the company from a self-funded startup to a million dollar business. Rather than being set back by her circumstances, Liv decided to use them to her advantage, going after her limitless life and inspiring others to do the same. Through certification programs, memberships and online courses, Liv has taught thousands of women how to make money doing work they actually love. She has a Bachelor’s in Education, Masters in Education, Educational Leadership and Administration and is an ICF PCC Credentialed Coach. Liv has a book deal with Hay House Publishing for her forthcoming (and first!) book, Old Soul New Money.
Charisma Da'Kira
Charisma Da'KiraIGC Director of Training| PCC Coach | Mentor Coach
Charisma is a boss mom and entrepreneur who takes true pride in changing lives that change other lives. She is a Mindset Coach, helping her clients tune into the whispers of their soul; to identify their greatest wants, needs, and deepest desires, while utilizing their strengths to help them achieve a purposeful and fulfilling life. From personal experience, Charisma has learned the power of honoring your divine light, trusting your voice, finding clarity and moving with intention. Charisma earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Wayne State University. She continued her education at the University of Michigan, where she obtained her Masters in Social Work. She is also a graduate of the Walker’s Legacy PROSPECTUS Business Accelerator, designed specifically for entrepreneurial women of color. She is an Inner Glow Circle graduate, PCC credentialed coach, 2019 Diversity scholarship recipient and also an IGC Leaders Rising graduate. Charisma’s personal mission is to be an inspiration: known for living in her authentic power, leading with love and assisting her clients with the blueprint to do the same.
Kendell Daly
Kendell Daly IGC Leaders Rising Coordinator | Mentor Coach | Coach Trainer | PCC Coach
Kendell discovered life coaching when she was going through changes in her life.
Several years ago, she and her family moved to Maryland. She left behind friends, family,
and her job. It was a big change. She didn’t know what was next in life. She wanted to do something new. She wanted a PURPOSE — but she was cautious about making big changes.
Kendell soon realized that hiring a personal life coach was one of the best decisions she would ever make. With her coach, she learned what she is passionate about in my life and career. She learned that INVESTING in yourself is a powerful thing.
Working on herself prepared Kendell to help others. She learned that she loves people and the Power of Partnership. She strongly believes in connection and community. Now an ICF, ACC Certified Coach, Kendell specializes in helping people in transition, building confidence, and finding their purpose and passion through their work or service to live lives they love.
Kendell came to IGC in 2018 through Mentor Coaching. What she enjoys most about IGC is the community, women empowering women and a safe place for you to become who you are meant to be in this world. For these reasons, her favorite IGC core value is “…Change lives that change other lives” She believes that when you and me become “we” ANYTHING is possible!
Sam Synett
Sam SynettDirector of Admissions |IGC Certified Coach
Sam Synett is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Life Coach. Before enrolling in IGC’s coach training program in March of 2020, Sam was experiencing burnout and knew that even after earning a graduate degree as a first-gen college student, she was meant for something more than the status quo. Once Sam discovered IGC, she realized that she had been an “undercover” life coach her entire adult life and felt a deep pull to take a chance on pivoting her career. Sam is considered to be a national expert in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and has built her coaching empire alongside a full-time career in the mental health field. Having this professional background has allowed Sam to build a trauma-informed life coaching practice, Sam Synett Coaching LLC. As a Sagittarius and Enneagram 8, Sam’s coaching style is very bold, no-nonsense, and passionate. Her coaching centers on helping women and trauma survivors reclaim their power and take ownership of their dreams while navigating through very real systemic barriers such as racism and oppression, economic inequality, and public health disparities.
Victoria (vp) Wright
Victoria (vp) WrightDigital Marketing Manager | DEI Educator | IGC Certified Coach
Born in Houston, TX and raised in Pullman, Washington, vp wright (she/they) has always lived a curious, creative life. vp spent their last semester of college freshly married and pregnant, and was faced head-on with the reality that finding “the perfect corporate job” post-graduation was not in her timeline. vp moved back to Houston with her then-husband, 8 weeks after giving birth to her son, vp began doing live audio engineering at a small coffee shop and music venue in Houston, eventually working their way up to Venue Manager. After giving birth to her daughter a short 18 months later, vp wrote her first poetry chapbook “you are enough: A Tale of Healing and Self-love” while on maternity leave, wanting to contribute to her family as they struggled through homelessness and financial turmoil while staying creative. It was this action that led to her launching her coaching business later that fall and joining IGC to get certified as a Life Coach, and the rest is history. While in IGC Coach Training between 2019 and 2020, vp went full-time in their business, scaled their coaching business to six-figures within a year of launching and has since released multiple workbooks — their workbook, Inclusive Strategies for Your Coaching Business selling over 3000 copies to date — group programs, has worked with over 125 entrepreneurs, and spoken to thousands through speaking engagements and virtual conferences, all while transitioning into single motherhood post-divorce. vp also has a Certificate in Global Leadership from Washington State University, is a Certified Life Coach through Inner Glow Circle and has been featured in and by Yahoo Finance, NPR, MSNBC, Boss Babe, Girlboss, Vox, and Voyage Houston.
Kaleah Jones
Kaleah JonesNLP Practitioner and Trainer | Coach Trainer | ACC Coach
Lifelong learner and self-development enthusiast, Kaleah loves integrating Universal Law to help clients tune in and turn on to their most unique creative expression and authentic self. Kaleah became a Mindset Coach after climbing the corporate ladder and reaching the goal of having a leadership position only to find herself mentally, emotionally stressed and unfulfilled. Kaleah set out on a personal mission to take her own power back and find her purpose in life. She immersed herself in personal and spiritual development, the study of epigenetics, universal laws and really understanding how the mind works. She discovered all this time, the power was already within her. She loves helping clients hone in on their own personal power. Kaleah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. She is an Inner Glow Circle graduate, 2020 Diversity scholarship recipient and current Leader’s Rising student. Kaleah’s mission is to awaken a billion people globally to the truth of who they are! Kaleah is also an IGC Admissions Advisor! If you’d like to speak to her about Coach Training, CLICK HERE.
Sandy Patterson
Sandy Patterson IGC Coach
Sandy is a lifelong learner, a positive ray of sunshine, and is obsessed with helping women step into beautiful self love and confidence to make big changes in their lives. Born and raised in San Diego, Sandy is dedicated to helping others stop settling and create a life they love. She’s found her purpose in life through helping others step into their fullest potential and break through barriers and it’s her mission to help people see, believe, and live their greatest potential. Sandy’s journey with life coaching started after she left her forever teaching job and started her own business. This was a power move in itself, and she realized the power of coaching and how it can change lives in a beautiful, empowering way. Although she didn’t miss teaching, she missed helping people on a deeper level and coaching was the perfect next step. Through IGC, Sandy found herself surrounded by an incredible group of empowering women who uplift and celebrate each other in every way. Sandy’s favorite IGC core value is to change lives that change other lives, and wholeheartedly believes in the power of making a difference in the lives of others. Sandy earned her bachelors and Masters degree in Education from San Diego State University and also loves teaching barre.
Schranda Battle
Schranda Battle Student Trainer| IGC Coach
Always the encouraging, motivating, cheerleading, strong friend and family member, for as long as she can remember, Schranda has been taking a stand and being a trusted space for others. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan she is extremely passionate about the life experiences of urban women and children. Since she was about 6 years of age herself, Schranda has been keenly aware of her gift to shift the energy in a room and has used said “power” to serve others throughout her life. Schranda is an educational leader, who specializes in ensuring all students have equitable access to learning opportunities, that teachers are self aware of biases and work to deliver culturally relevant learning opportunities, but most importantly builds spaces in schools where children can find their voice and begin to harness their greatness sooner than she did. Schranda is a transformation coach, helping high achieving and ambitious women who has a hard time, having hard times. Schranda earned her B.S. in English and Secondary Education, an M.Ed. in Special Education, and Ed. Specialist in K- 12 administration, all from Wayne State University. She was awarded her Central Office credentials for the Horizon Leadership Academy with the Michigan Association of Superintendents and Administrators and is a STAR certified Trauma and Resilience practitioner. She is an Inner Glow Circle graduate, 2022 Diversity scholarship recipient, and current Leader’s Rising student. Schranda’s focus is to truly live out God’s purpose for her life with her coaching framework, lighting the path towards abundance in life and helping others believe it is theirs to have.
Samantha McIntosh
Samantha McIntosh Student Trainer| IGC Coach
Samantha McIntosh is a highly passionate boy mom, empath, omniverted, leadership, and mindset coach. In the spring of 2021, Sam found herself exhausted, burnt out, and unhappy in her life. She worked a 40+ hour week, demanding, corporate job that left her drained while simultaneously raising two young boys. After a whirlwind of 6 years, becoming a wife, step-mom, and then raising a toddler in the middle of a pandemic, she realized she barely knew herself anymore. She spent the next two years on her own transformation journey, uncovering her own authenticity and purpose.
Sam founded The Holistic Phoenix, LLC in January 2023, and subsequently enrolled with IGC that March. Now Sam loves working with other working moms who are ready to take back their lives. She works with her clients to identify who they are and where they want to go. Together, she and her clients build an action plan based on their goals that goes beyond professional development. Digging into belief systems, self-care routines, and personal boundaries to transform their life from the inside out, Sam helps her clients rise from the ashes to live as their authentic selves.
Sam’s style blends traditional personal and professional exercises, with holistic and spiritual practices like mindfulness, emotional intelligence, astrology, and human design. She meets her clients where they are at, helping them define their own unique journey.
With a wealth of experience spanning over 11 years in corporate HR and project management, Samantha has a B.S. of Psychology from Michigan Tech and a M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Wayne State. She is an active alumna of Delta Zeta Sorority, serves as the secretary of both the Michigan Association of I/O Psychology and the Steel Sapphires Riding Club, an all-women’s motorcycle club.
Lauren Bonheim
Lauren Bonheim Student Trainer | PCC Coach | IGC Certified Coach | Mentor Coach
Lauren never felt like she quite fit into the cookie-cutter life template that society too often prescribes. In her early 20’s she found herself following a path that had been laid out for her and checking off all the boxes of important milestones (graduating top of her class, having 6 internships under her belt before finishing college, “dream” job offer in NYC, poster-boy boyfriend, etc.). She was excelling at everything that was expected of her, but something was off. She felt stuck, unmotivated, and incredibly lost.

Lauren knew she wanted something different, something more. So, she turned down the job offer, bought a one-way ticket to Spain, and started paving an authentic path of her choosing.

Since that pivotal decision, her mission has been to fall unconditionally in love with her life while supporting others to do the same.

With a background in digital marketing, content creation and business development, and as a PCC, Mentor Coach, IGC Coach Training graduate and Leader’s Rising alum, Lauren now supports others to challenge the status quo, embrace the unconventional, and design lives and businesses filled with authenticity, purpose, and boundless adventure.

Yolanda (Yoli) Ray
Yolanda (Yoli) Ray IGC Coach
Yoli, also known as the Self-Love Shutterbug, High-Heel Mom, car songstress, wanderlust, and pomegranate martini lover! Her Sun sign is Leo (Scorpio rising and moon in Capricorn). She’s an ENSJ, Enneagram 1, and a Manifesting Generator. Yoli runs a portrait photography business in NC that is all about empowering women to feel confident and empowered. She has helped teens and heart-centered entrepreneurs to feel confident AF on and off the camera. As a coach, Yoli is here to help women have a better relationship with themselves. Her passions consist of helping people break free from negative self-talk, self-doubt, and low self-esteem.

There came a point in her life when she couldn’t remember who she was. Yoli had done what was expected, what everyone else needed, and started to put herself on the back burner so much that she looked around at my life and couldn’t figure out what happened. Yoli found herself constantly seeking validation and approval from others, and it wasn’t until she started practicing self-love that she truly started living her best life. She began her self-discovery journey, and her entire perspective changed. Yoli had so many a-ha moments that she just kept thinking if I had known “this” at 15, at 25, at 35…” It was at that moment that she decided that she wanted to be the person that she needed at those times in her life; that couldn’t have lowered the bell curve for her.

Yoli holds a general life coaching certification from IGC, as well as certifications in self-love, teen life coaching, and youth mentorship. As a photographer, she has been featured in Senior Style Guide Magazine, Senior Inspire Magazine, Senior Muse Magazine, and Moda magazine, as well as Inspiring Teens, the 12th Year, and Seniorologie. She is a proud member of the ICF-Raleigh Chapter, Professional Photographers of America, and Central Director of Professional Photographers of NC.

Yoli connects with all of IGCs core values, but these are the ones that resonated with her the most:
Creating the thing you wish existed.

Change lives that change other lives.
Yoli believes that women, have so much influence and we can use that influence to empower each other to lean into our purpose. When we learn something, we have a duty to teach that thing to someone else to help them grow and expand.

Contenia (Tina) Ruffin
Contenia (Tina) Ruffin PCC Coach| Trainer | Mentor Coach
Tina is a highly motivated and energetic coach, inspirational speaker, author, and visionary who possesses the unique ability to help individuals bridge the gap between their now and their next. As an enthusiastic encourager, Tina is always looking for ways to maximize those around her. She specializes in coaching individuals and groups to GROW FORWARD through self-awareness, self-empowerment, self-discovery, and clarity. She is very skilled at drawing out the best in others and guiding them in tapping into their optimal self while living out their life purpose.

Tina draws from over 20 years of experience as a corporate executive in learning and development, human behavior, leadership development, and team building. She works with corporate teams, emerging/early career professionals, new leaders, mid-level managers, and women to activate their strengths and develop core weaknesses into opportunities for success.

Tina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and is an ICF Certified PCC Coach. Her primary mission is to inspire, empower, and equip individuals to embrace life’s metamorphosis so that life is truly fulfilled.

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