Inner Glow Circle (IGC) is the #1 training company for women coaches and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to teach people how to find their purpose live it and get paid. In our vision, the future belongs to the female entrepreneur.

Katie DePaola
Katie DePaolaFounder
Katie DePaola is an entrepreneur, author and the founder of Inner Glow Circle. Right after opening her business, Katie’s brother died from an accidental overdose. Also a Lyme Disease survivor, she built her business from her bathtub, taking the company from self-funded startup to million dollar business. Katie has turned her greatest losses into her greatest opportunities and says her business is what saved her life. Through certification programs, memberships and online courses, Katie has taught thousands of women. She has a B.S. in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University and is an ICF Credentialed PCC Coach. She has been featured in TIME Magazine, The Huffington Post, Elite Daily and more. In her book At Least You Look Good (2020), Katie shares her most vulnerable (and often funny) reflections on how to deal with the hardest parts of life — and her best advice for women who want to “glow through what they go through.”
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Liv Chapman
Liv ChapmanCo-Founder and CEO
Liv Chapman is an entrepreneur, author and the Co-Founder of Inner Glow Circle. Liv joined the company after leaving her teaching career and starting her own business as a life and business coach. Also a single mom of two, Liv is known for her ability to create through the chaos of life, taking the company from a self-funded startup to a million dollar business. Rather than being set back by her circumstances, Liv decided to use them to her advantage, going after her limitless life and inspiring others to do the same. Through certification programs, memberships and online courses, Liv has taught thousands of women how to make money doing work they actually love. She has a Bachelor’s in Education, Masters in Education, Educational Leadership and Administration and is an ICF PCC Credentialed Coach. Liv has a book deal with Hay House Publishing for her forthcoming (and first!) book, Old Soul New Money.
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Charisma Da'Kira
Charisma Da'KiraIGC Director of Training| PCC Coach | Mentor Coach
Charisma is a boss mom and entrepreneur who takes true pride in changing lives that change other lives. She is a Mindset Coach, helping her clients tune into the whispers of their soul; to identify their greatest wants, needs, and deepest desires, while utilizing their strengths to help them achieve a purposeful and fulfilling life. From personal experience, Charisma has learned the power of honoring your divine light, trusting your voice, finding clarity and moving with intention. Charisma earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Wayne State University. She continued her education at the University of Michigan, where she obtained her Masters in Social Work. She is also a graduate of the Walker’s Legacy PROSPECTUS Business Accelerator, designed specifically for entrepreneurial women of color. She is an Inner Glow Circle graduate, PCC credentialed coach, 2019 Diversity scholarship recipient and also an IGC Leaders Rising graduate. Charisma’s personal mission is to be an inspiration: known for living in her authentic power, leading with love and assisting her clients with the blueprint to do the same.
Jaimie Johnson
Jaimie JohnsonIGC Training Coordinator | PCC Coach | Mentor Coach
Both a dreamer and a doer, Jaimie is hell-bent on helping her students and clients find their glow in the dark so they can create a life that sets their soul on fire. Jaimie has learned firsthand that true magic comes when you let go of who you think you should be and embrace who you truly are. She believes that without focused desires and intentions, people often move through life trying to find fulfillment in any way they can, all the while accomplishing things that never really light them up. Jaimie works one on one with her clients to help them find their Glow Zone and figure out what makes them glow from the inside out. With a background in corporate marketing management, Jaimie is also an expert at marketing, branding and messaging.
Victoria (VP) Wright
Victoria (VP) WrightGraduate Level Trainer | DEI Educator | IGC Certified Coach
About four months prior to getting into IGC Coach Training, VP and her family were homeless just three months after the birth of her second child. She was at the point of being fed-up with her life and her work, so VP hired a business coach who could assist in helping VP figure out what her own business could be (even though VP had years of experience running and helping other people build businesses for themselves). Turns out, that business was not only as a Life Coach and creative business mentor, but also included using her degree in Comparative Ethnic Studies from Washington State University to educate folks on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. VP was able to blend all of these things into a successful coaching, speaking, and education business to the point where she scaled up to six figures fairly quickly! VP also has a Certificate in Global Leadership from Washington State University, is a Certified Life Coach through Inner Glow Circle and has been featured in and by Yahoo Finance, NPR, MSNBC, Boss Babe, Girlboss, Vox, and Voyage Houston.
Roselle Caballes
Roselle CaballesCoach Trainer | ACC Coach
Roselle has always had big, creative, dreams and ideas that she wanted to share with the world however, she never felt safe and supported enough to go after them. She found herself in a job she hated and with a degree she loved – but didn’t know how to use. Roselle realized she was struggling because she was always seeking permission from other people. Eventually, Roselle decided to put her creative work out there – vlogging, blogging, testing out different business ideas – and realized she was passionate about being of service to other entrepreneurs that are changing other lives. She now combines her years of sales and marketing experience to help women gain the confidence and clarity to build impactful businesses. Roselle has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Communications and is a 2020 graduate of IGC Coach Training and Leaders Rising. She also has an ACC credential with the ICF and she believes that life feels more purposeful when you give yourself permission to create whatever your heart and soul desires. To do this, you truly have to take ownership of becoming the creator in all facets of your life.
Kaleah Jones
Kaleah JonesCoach Trainer | IGC Certified Coach | Admissions Advisor
Lifelong learner and self-development enthusiast, Kaleah loves integrating Universal Law to help clients tune in and turn on to their most unique creative expression and authentic self. Kaleah became a Mindset Coach after climbing the corporate ladder and reaching the goal of having a leadership position only to find herself mentally, emotionally stressed and unfulfilled. Kaleah set out on a personal mission to take her own power back and find her purpose in life. She immersed herself in personal and spiritual development, the study of epigenetics, universal laws and really understanding how the mind works. She discovered all this time, the power was already within her. She loves helping clients hone in on their own personal power. Kaleah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. She is an Inner Glow Circle graduate, 2020 Diversity scholarship recipient and current Leader’s Rising student. Kaleah’s mission is to awaken a billion people globally to the truth of who they are! Kaleah is also an IGC Admissions Advisor! If you’d like to speak to her about Coach Training, CLICK HERE.
Kendell Daly
Kendell Daly Student Trainer | ACC Coach
Kendell discovered life coaching when she was going through changes in her life.
Several years ago, she and her family moved to Maryland. She left behind friends, family,
and her job. It was a big change. She didn’t know what was next in life. She wanted to do something new. She wanted a PURPOSE — but she was cautious about making big changes.
Kendell soon realized that hiring a personal life coach was one of the best decisions she would ever make. With her coach, she learned what she is passionate about in my life and career. She learned that INVESTING in yourself is a powerful thing.
Working on herself prepared Kendell to help others. She learned that she loves people and the Power of Partnership. She strongly believes in connection and community. Now an ICF, ACC Certified Coach, Kendell specializes in helping people in transition, building confidence, and finding their purpose and passion through their work or service to live lives they love.
Kendell came to IGC in 2018 through Mentor Coaching. What she enjoys most about IGC is the community, women empowering women and a safe place for you to become who you are meant to be in this world. For these reasons, her favorite IGC core value is “…Change lives that change other lives” She believes that when you and me become “we” ANYTHING is possible!
Valeria 'Lera' Faniuk
Valeria 'Lera' FaniukFinance Coordinator | Tech Manager
Detail oriented and determined, Lera keeps things running smoothly and efficiently for the Inner Glow Circle team and our growing client base. Originally from Israel, Lera is an entrepreneur herself, who previously owned her own custom t-shirt printing business. Valeria has her Yoga Teacher Training Certification and still teaches yoga on the side. When it comes to staying calm, connected and focused while managing IGC finances, tech and operations, Lera glows from the inside out. Lera defines her GLOW as supporting people in finding inner peace and releasing the external pressure that creates worry and anxiety. She has brought passion, creativity and excitement to our operational team and has been incremental in the growth of the company. Lera works closely with Liv Chapman in our Tampa office.
Contenia 'Tina' Ruffin
Contenia 'Tina' Ruffin IGC Certified Coach
Energetic and charismatic, Tina is fanatical about growth and development. As a Mindset coach who believes that if you can change your thinking, you can change your behaviors, Tina helps her clients discover a life filled full of hope, purpose, passion, desires, and dreams. A change in behaviors leads to you living a fulfilled life. Through her authenticity, energy, and passion, Tina works to help her clients move out of their comfort zone to live the life they truly desire – a life filled with purpose being lived on purpose. With over 20+ years working in Corporate America as a Talent Director, Tina is passionate about seeing transformation in her clients and is a 2020 IGC Coach Training Graduate.
Erin Corine
Erin CorineIGC Certified Coach
Erin Corine is an IGC-certified life coach based in Barcelona, Spain, specializing in creative identity, artistic development, productivity and personal Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism coaching. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Erin Corine is a passionate, intuitive, multi-lingual interdisciplinary artist and creative entrepreneur with a flourishing career in music, arts mentorship and community organization. Erin Corine is a graduate of Berklee College of Music (M.M. Contemporary Studio Performance, 2013) and a distinguished alumni of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (B.M. Instrumental Performance, 2010), from which she was recently awarded a 2019 Emerging Legacy Award from the College of Fine and Applied Arts. Combining over a decade of retail leadership and sales experience with her life’s work as a performer, educator and creative thought leader, Erin Corine a lifelong learning dedicated to providing inclusive, impactful, identity-focused coaching for artists, entrepreneurs and CEOs alike.
Sam Synett
Sam SynettIGC Certified Coach| Admissions Advisor
Sam Synett is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Life Coach. Before enrolling in IGC’s coach training program in March of 2020, Sam was experiencing burnout and knew that even after earning a graduate degree as a first-gen college student, she was meant for something more than the status quo. Once Sam discovered IGC, she realized that she had been an “undercover” life coach her entire adult life and felt a deep pull to take a chance on pivoting her career. Sam is considered to be a national expert in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and has built her coaching empire alongside a full-time career in the mental health field. Having this professional background has allowed Sam to build a trauma-informed life coaching practice, Sam Synett Coaching LLC. As a Sagittarius and Enneagram 8, Sam’s coaching style is very bold, no-nonsense, and passionate. Her coaching centers on helping women and trauma survivors reclaim their power and take ownership of their dreams while navigating through very real systemic barriers such as racism and oppression, economic inequality, and public health disparities.
Jaime Miller
Jaime MillerIGC Admissions Advisor
With almost 20 years experience as a 911 dispatcher and Emergency Management Coordinator, Jaime is no stranger to staying calm in the midst of chaos. While that experience gave her the baseline skills to sit with coaching clients in the face of pretty much anything, it also can take its toll. When Jaime stepped away from this profession to take time for herself is whe she discovered coaching and, even though she was feeling at her lowest, Jaime jumped into the next chapter by enrolling in IGC Coach Training in the spring of 2018 and the rest is history! Jaime has a BA in Government with a focus in American legal systems, is an Aries and an INFP-T. Currently, Jaime is a passionate mental health advocate and believes that being able to speak out and normalize it is something she never would have been able to do before IGC and now she loves to help clients discover that there is no limit to their lives! If you’d like to chat with Jaime about Coach Training, CLICK HERE.
Lindsay Butterfield
Lindsay ButterfieldIGC Certified Coach | Certified Advanced Intuitive Reader
Lindsay is an IGC Certified Life Coach, Certified Advanced Intuitive Reader, Source Energy Healer, and has worked closely through apprenticeships with Intuitive Mentors over the past four years. As a former teacher turned corporate ladder climber, Lindsay began feeling the stress and burn out corporate life can bring. She knew she wanted more – a life that let her work her own hours, an income that didn’t have a ceiling, and freedom to serve others by utilizing her unique gifts she had been hiding from the world since childhood. Lindsay works with soulpreneurs around the world to release old programming in the subconscious belief system and create space for more expansive manifestations to come through. She also serves as an intuitive development mentor to spiritually inclined entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their power by owning and using their unique gifts to create their most soul-aligned life. Lindsay truly believes we can create the life we truly desire if we do the work and go within.

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