Over two years ago, I was masterminding with 20 different female coaches who also served as leaders within Inner Glow Circle. We were in the beginning stages of mapping out our coach training program and working collectively to write and design “the best coach training company in the world”.
We had graduates from SO MANY big name coach training companies: Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Coach Training Alliance, Divine Living Academy, Accomplishment Coaching, Center for Coach Training Certification, Holistic MBA, Coach Training Institute… and more. All of them thankful for the training they received–but also willing to share where the gaps were and what they actually needed to learn and experience to create a successful coaching practice.
Some programs had amazing content, but no community. Others had an excellent coach training curriculum, but zero focus on business/entrepreneurship training. One program touched on basic coaching techniques but failed to help their coaches dig DEEP to create transformation with clients. Some programs were comprehensive in material but lacked actual 1:1 mentorship and support. Many trainings offer strictly TRAINING and left students still desiring to receive coaching. Other trainings were self-guided, which can be great–but the lack of support and sisterhood from those on the same path felt lonely.
We set out to “create the thing we wish existed”. We set out to create something different, something that closed the gaps and increased the success rate of new coaches in business.
Our program is not perfect, but we have closed these gaps and continue, with each round of training to make improvements and enhance the overall experience.
  • This year we have added guest trainers and experts, an ICF accreditation, an ICF liaison and additional 1:1 coaching calls.
  • We have added new lessons that speak to cultural competency, accessing intuition and direct communication.
  • We have added more opportunities for our trainees to lead calls within IGC and practice their coaching skills.
  • We have added bonus business-building lessons, recorded mastermind calls and a free monthly masterclass series for students, graduates and beyond.
  • We have enhanced the IGC Mentorship program to ensure our leaders are continuing to receive support and professional development.
This is NOT a phase. This is not for fun. This is our mission.
We are the best coach training company in the world for women who not only want to be amazing, transformational coaches but who also desire to lead and grow sustainable businesses.
If you’re considering joining us this fall, don’t wait. We only have a handful of spots left and the program just keeps getting better and better.

We only have space for 4 more women this year–perhaps one of those spots is yours <3