It can be easy to feel like you’re not good enough, smart enough or even pretty enough to do something big with your life.

But the thing is, you are enough of all those things and it’s time to start believing it.

CEO Katie DePaola and COO Liv Chapman recently researched the three main blocks for women entrepreneurs and they are:

  • lack of confidence
  • lack of funding
  • lack of network

It’s because of these three blocks that women who have ideas and dreams don’t get into business.

Here’s the thing, as an entrepreneur there will always be times you run into these blocks. That’s when you have to ask yourself, “how do I move through this?”

feel good enough

You have to get comfortable with being seen and sharing the whole truth of your entrepreneurship journey with others.

Visibility is a practice! But you have to actually put it into practice. Putting yourself out there and getting seen is what leads you to an abundance of confidence, connections and more money.

You’re good enough right now to start getting visible.

Here’s an exercise to start feeling good about your visibility:

First, write a list of what scares you about getting visible. For example, “getting visible scares me because people might not like what I have to say” or “I’m not good enough at coaching to start offering my services online yet.”

Then, write a list of everything that excites you about your visibility!

“Getting visible makes me more money.”

“Getting visible will change other people’s lives.”

“Getting visible will connect me with more people than ever.”

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