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Live, Weekly Business Coaching Designed to Help You Make Your First (or next) Six Figures 
We understand that building and scaling an online business can be a challenging journey. That's why we've created The Six-Figure Circle, a monthly membership program that's powered by The IGC Coaching School. Our program is specifically designed to support women and femme-identifying entrepreneurs like you, who are striving to reach the six-figure milestone. As a member, you'll have access to weekly coaching calls led by IGC Certified Coaches, as well as exclusive content and resources. Plus, you'll have 24/7 access to a supportive community and receive hands-on guidance to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. We're here to support you every step of the way!
Who is The
Six-Figure Membership for?
Starting a business can be challenging, but with the right support it can also be: FUN, INSPIRING and PROFITABLE.
Scroll over the images below to learn more about the women who join!

How is the Six Figure Circle different than other memberships?
  •  Receive LIVE COACHING from legit, certified coaches and 6+ figure earners in the coaching industry
  • Our calls are held on Zoom, in a small group setting which allows you get actual support from a coach. No overcrowded classes or livestreams with thousands of participants.
  • Collaboration > Competition mentality. The women of the Six Figure Circle are there to be support AND to support others. Our members are quick to support one another with resources, tools, ideas, collaborative marketing efforts, partnerships, affiliate opportunities and more!
  • Access to our Student Success Coordinator is available to all members. You never have to feel lost, confused or overwhelmed, our Student Success Coordinator is there to support you from the moment you enroll.
  • Live access to IGC's CEO, Liv Chapman. Unlike in other communities, Liv is present regularly in the community to offer live support, feedback and resources. She hosts quarterly hot seat coaching where members can work with her directly to get their questions and coaching requests answered.
  • Weekly co-working sessions available to all members throughout the month. These sessions are designed to support overall accountability and taking action. Unlike our live, coaching sessions, these calls are the space to actually DO the things you decided upon or committed to.
  • Every month, we host a women's circle for all members. These circles help you to tap into your intuition and get centered for the month ahead. Led by our Certified NLP Practitioner and Spiritual Life/Business Coach, Kaleah Jones, these calls will support your "soft girl era" side of business and keep you in deeper alignment with your soul's purpose.
  • Monthly Exercise Support Calls are also held twice a month, live, for members. Each month, we offer you two exercises to support your growth as a woman and business owner. And, we know that sometimes we have access to a lot of resources and never "get to them". These calls ensue that you complete the exercises AND now how to use these exercises with your own clients!  
Meet Your Six Figure Circle Coaches!
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Liv Chapman, CEO
  • Left her public school teaching job to make over 6 figures her first full year in business
  • 7+ figure earner in the coaching industry
  • Greatest strengths? Supporting our students to identify the "breakdown" in their business, simplify all business processes and generate higher revenue by doing LESS. 
Charisma Flowers, ICF PCC Coach
Business Mentor Coach
  • Completed coach certification, became an ICF Accredited trainer and now holds the role of Program Director at IGC
  • 6+ figure earner in the coaching industry
  • Greatest strengths? Training our students and coaches towards excellence and professionalism both as service providers and business women. 
Kendell Daly, ICF PCC Coach
Leadership in Business Coach
  • Former hair stylist and educator who left the industry to pursue her coaching business. Since then has become both a trainer and our Level II Training Director.
  • 6+ figure earner in the coaching industry
  • Greatest strengths? Supporting our students and members in their leadership, professionalism and the transition from employee to CEO. 
Samantha Synett, Certified Coach
Sales, Scaling and Money Mindset Coach
  • Completed coach certification, became an ICF Accredited trainer and now holds the role of Program Director at IGC
  • 6+ figure earner in the coaching industry
  • Greatest strengths? Training our students and coaches towards excellence and professionalism both as service providers and business women. 
vp wright, Certified Coach
Marketing, Branding and Visibility Coach
  • IGC partial scholarship recipient who went from homeless to six figures in less than a year
  • 6+ figure earner in the coaching industry
  • Greatest strengths? Supporting our members in all aspects of the marketing and branding, from creative to technical as well as ensuring all members have access to DEI resources and inclusive strategies and they grow their brand and visibility.
Kaleah Jones, ICF ACC Coach
NLP Practitioner and Spiritual Business Coach
  • US Army veteran and former corporate ladder climber who left corporate to pursue her coaching business
  • 6+ figure earner in the coaching industry
  • Greatest strengths? Guiding students through Neuro-Linguistic  Programming (NLP) techniques as well as accessing their spiritual foundation to grow their businesses from an aligned place. 
Kaitlin Anthony, Student Success Coordinator
Digital Content and Course Creation Coach
  • Former personal trainer and current multi-passionate coach and entrepreneur
  • 6+ figure earner in the coaching industry
  • Greatest strengths? Supporting our members to produce high-converting content on social media as well as create transformational courses, programs and digital products.
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What's Included in the Six Figure Circle Membership?
Every week there are 1-2 LIVE, group coaching calls led by IGC Certified coaches and industry experts who specialize in all things business, sales, branding, marketing, content, mindset and more! Call times vary week to week to ensure accessibility to all schedules and timezones!
Every week, you will have access to a LIVE co-working session with an IGC Certified Coach to work on targeted actions in community, for accountability. 
Each month is centered upon a theme to support your business growth. The theme is delivered via email and your member portal and includes 2 exercises, suggested reading, additional resources and more!
Each month, you will be delivered 2 exercises for your personally and professional development, with LIVE walkthroughs hosted by IGC Certified Coaches to answer any questions.
Members receive exclusive content such as:
  • Video walkthroughs
  • Private Podcast Episodes
  • Monthly Women's Circle
  • Hot Seat Coaching with IGC's CEO
Members receive access to 24/7 support through our members only group: The Sx Figure Circle! You can offer support, ask a question or find the resources you need to succeed, anytime from anywhere! 
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A Transformative, Six-Figure Experience, for a fraction of the cost.
Perfect if you're building your business up and controlling your cash flow. Add the membership into your monthly budget and use the resources inside to scale!
*3 month minimum commitment
Been in business for a while and looking to invest in community support and development for the year? Pay annually, and get two months free!
"Why do you love The Six-Figure Circle?"

Inner Glow Circle is committed to making coaching and entrepreneurship more accessible to women+ of all races and ethnicities. 

We are dedicated to creating course materials + learning environments that are appropriate and sensitive to each individual’s particular needs and actively work against discrimination and racism in all forms. 

Our community moderators and trainers participate in ongoing, regular training to ensure culturally responsive communication in IGC spaces. Our entire team is committed to continuing education in diversity, inclusion + anti-racism, and we require all students to uphold this commitment as well.

Women+ represents those who identify as women, including transgender women, as well as non-binary people who feel more comfortable in women-led spaces.

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If I purchase the monthly membership, do I have to stay for the full year? 

Short answer: NOPE! Although we would love to have you for the entire year and offer an annual discounted membership for that (above!), we know that making that kind of commitment can be a lot, especially for business owners who are just getting started and/or haven't been profitable yet. Our monthly membership requires a 3 month minimum commitment. We know that 90 days of commitment, coaching, taking action and accountability are what it takes to truly see traction, benefits and results!

What is the IGC Six Figure Circle cancellation/refund policy?

Due to the nature of this program, immediate availability of the content and access we do not offer refunds. If you wish to cancel your membership, you must request cancellation in your membership portal or via email at 30 days notice is required.

How big are the open coaching and women's circle calls?

On average, 15 attendees attend calls on a regular basis. This aligns with industry standards and helps ensure an intimate experience with plenty of individual support. We are more committed to quality than quantity and work to create an aligned group that is truly devoted to this work.

Is this program only for people who want to be life coaches?

Nope! The Six Figure Circle is a business coaching membership for women+ who want to make their first or next six figures in business.

In addition, our members range from stylists, photographers, consultants, teachers, corporate trainers, counselors, therapists, coaches, influencers, content creators, bloggers and more!

How do I add Coach Training or another live program to my membership?

Exciting! We offer both ICF Accredited Level I and Level II Coach Training courses, plus a variety of other live business and training courses. If you would like to speak with someone about adding additional programs, you can request a call with one of our Admissions Advisors here.

You can also email with any questions about enrolling in the upcoming training course!

Earnings And Income Disclaimer

Inner Glow Circle can not and does not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies. We do guarantee your satisfaction with our training, products, and coaching.  If for any reason, you are unsatisfied, please contact us.

Members agree that they are using their own judgment in using IGC Programs, Products and Services and they agree that they are doing so at their own risk. IGC’s Programs, Products and Services are for informational and educational purposes only. Members agree and understand that they assume all risks and no results are guaranteed in any way related to IGC’s Programs, Products and Services, which are merely to provide Members with education and tools to help them make their own decisions for themselves. Members are solely responsible for their actions, decisions and results based on the use, misuse or non-use of IGC’s Programs, Products and Services.