Should I invest in a life coaching certification

Why Invest in a Life Coaching Certification? Experience The Inner Glow Circle Difference

We’re not like regular coaches, we’re cool coaches. Isn’t that right, Regina?

So why invest in a life coaching certification with Inner Glow Circle?  Well, we are a Coaching School for women by women. We are on a mission to support our fellow women in business – specifically women coaches – to get the support they NEED to flourish; while receiving their International Coach Federation Certification! We help female entrepreneurs, just like you, glow up by providing the motivation, inspiration, and community needed to avoid burnout, start a business, and satisfy the call to do something greater.  

Why Invest in a Life Coaching Certification in the first place?

Whether you’re new or seasoned within the coaching industry, you’ve probably already realized a lack of structure and noticed how unregulated it is. Now, this is a great thing because it means you don’t need large sums of cash flow to start your coaching business. However, the downfall is that you’re really out treading the waters on your own… and it can be lonely as an entrepreneur if you don’t have the right guidance to succeed. 

You’ve come to the right place – you know you need mentorship to help you through the process and you know you need to be certified, but what about all of the other “stuff” that comes along with owning your own coaching business?

  • How do you get clients?!
  • Should you be an LLC or an S-Corp? What does that even mean?
  • Business expenses
  • Tracking revenue (and what do you pay yourself?!)
  • Creating a business plan
  • Branding, marketing, social media, and websites
  • Business Strategy and Sales
  • Networking

It’s a lot. And it can be enough to make you want to throw in the towel.

Well, we’re going to pick up that towel and throw it right back at you, cheering you on to get back into the ring. 

Inner Glow Circle answers all of these questions, and more so that you have all the tools you need to be successful – including a community of women who have your back and are ready to support you. Because you have dreams. You have ambition. You are ready to build a legacy for yourself. And you can do this thing. You just might not want to do it on your own.

The IGC Coaching Course follows the International Coaching Federation (ICF) model AND will satisfy the ICF’s hourly requirement for certification.  

What exactly does certification mean and why is ICF the standard? 

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) was founded in 1995 as a nonprofit dedicated to professional coaching and is the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners. Coaches who hold an ICF Certification are recognized for their commitment to integrity, dedication to clients, and have become experts in coaching. 

ICF defines coaching as “…partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment.” 

And an ICF Certification is a certification in coaching, period.

What that means is, you’re going to know more than just a modality or style of coaching. ICF has set the bar for coaching certification through their vision of being an “integral part of a thriving society” where “every ICF Member represents the highest quality of professional coaching.” 

ICF’s core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Respect

As a student of Inner Glow Circle’s Coaching Course,  you’ll be eligible for ICF’s credentials as we help you develop core competencies and create your professional code of ethics and standards. You’ll be a recognized coaching professional that is internationally known, learn how to set up your coaching programs for clients, be set up with continued education opportunities, and remain up to date about the future of the coaching industry. Oh, and we should mention you’ll also be part of the IGC Coaching Network – filled with other badass women helping others and getting paid to do it!

And this is why we have designed our accredited coaching course with the ICF in mind. Our students know they will receive top-level, premium training not just as coaches but also as business owners. We are more than just a life coaching certification. We help our students launch (or relaunch) their careers as professional coaches while providing all the resources, tools, and support you could ever need.  Become a certified life coach online today.