Here are your September 2023 Glowscopes, glow-getters! 

Ahh, the sweet summer has come to an end, sadly. I am a summa lover, so I am experiencing that summertime sadness, but the fall is always a welcome time, too! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I happen to enjoy the spooky season (more on that in the October Glowscopes)! This month while some of us have our kids back in school, we’re breaking out the Pumpkin Spice lattes, flannels, spooky movies, and cozy socks, and taking our families pumpkin picking, we’re dealing with some…er, interesting energy in the cosmos. Good news, Venus goes direct on 9/4, so it is safe to redecorate, dye your hair a funky color, or find an abstract painting. Bad news, Mercury is in Retrograde until 9/14, but don’t fret. We’ll get through it. More info on that is below. We’ve got a New Moon and Full Moon as per usual, and while we’re in the midst of being nitpicky, and detail-oriented with the Virgo energy in the atmosphere, we get a bit of a relief when Libra season comes about on 9/23. From there on out, the focus is on your relationships, finding that balance and harmony within yourself and with others. 

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Read ahead for the full forecast of what to expect this September, then look for your sun sign below to see what you may expect for your sign this month. This is your go-to guide for ALL things happening in the cosmos this month!!


Virgo Season Happening Now

You may feel busier, more things come up on your to-do list, and with the kids back in school, we’re back to that grind. Now is a great time to take on a project around the house or within your life and business. With Mercury Retrograde also in the air, clean out those junk drawers or that storage closet, and clear out the sh*t you don’t need. Organize your finances, figure out what subscriptions you don’t need, and clear out the clutter. Get to it! Looking for accountability around these projects? Hire a coach!


Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, Aug 23-Sept 14

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is back again…to invade our lives. I kid, I kid. Mercury retrograde occurs when the planet Mercury appears to be moving backward from Earth. This can lead to various effects and interpretations within astrology, particularly in terms of communication, technology, and decision-making. That means don’t send texts that you’ll regret later, and don’t make impulsive decisions that require a big investment. What you SHOULD DO, however…is lean on your resident astrologer here for a natal chart reading, and find out how Mercury retrograde can affect you!


New Moon in Virgo, September 15

With this New Moon in Virgo, it may be important for you to set really specific intentions and get grounded and rooted. Figure out what you want to manifest for the last few months of the year. There may be a focus on organization, being efficient, and getting things done. Virgo is an earth sign known for being practical, detail-oriented (so much so that it makes us crazy lol), and looking at the analytics. This is a nice way of saying Virgos are type-A nuts. This New Moon may be a good time to manifest changes for self-improvement and self-care, set health and wellness goals, dedicate more time to cultivating a deeper spiritual connection, or get specific with your income or career goals. It is also a great time to get matched with a 1:1 coach who can help you with these new intentions!


Full Moon in Aries, September 29

You know the drill by now from your astrology teacher, ME, that Full Moons are associated with endings and releasing things/people/situations/jobs/relationships/garbage that no longer serves us. With the Aries component here, the collective energy surrounding this Full Moon may feel assertive, ready to take action and be filled with lots of fire and energy. You may want to keep a tissue box nearby, as some unexpected emotions may come up. Taking initiative on what you want to let go of in your life may be the main theme here with this Full Moon in Aries. Take bold steps toward your goals and desires. It’s time to be a Leader!


Libra Season Is On the Way!

We could be feeling like we want to socialize more and have some Halloween parties by the time we enter Libra season! Get your friends together, watch Hocus Pocus, make pumpkin-themed desserts, plan a spooky Halloween party, or do whatever you like. Buy some fall decor, the Libra energy will support that. Libra is a social and relationship-oriented sign of all the zodiac signs. Find new connections, enjoy the company of others, and surround yourself with people. Go to art museums or shop for new furniture that looks super pretty! Spoil yourself with some pretty merch, too!



September Glowscope for Aries: Aries…you are assertive AF by nature, but this month take a stand for yourself. Protect your boundaries, and your energy, and ask for what you need from friends, your partner, family, coworkers, and other associates. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Articulate your feelings and ask for what you need. If possible, get clear on your needs this month. The energy may be a little wonky but don’t fear it. Allow the feelings to come up for you during the full moon around the 29th. Journal, go out in nature while the weather is still warm (if the case where you live), find a comfy sweatshirt, and protect yourself.




September Glowscope for Taurus: This month is a great time for you to reconnect with friends and family. Get back in touch with your soul tribe, the people who make you happy. Taurus, you’re known to be stubborn and stuck in your ways, so surrender and have fun! It doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Go out and have fun. Go for a hike, go do something super grounding and wonderful with your friend. A good time to do these things will be around the 4th or the 5th of the month. Also, you can create your own community of like-minded people if you’re craving those soul connections.



September Glowscope for Gemini: While you’re known for being a chatterbox, this month the cosmos is challenging you to switch things up. Gemini, you ADORE projects, and now is a great time to get back to it! Help your kids with their school projects. Or set up a new fun creative project: make a podcast, write a blog, create jewelry, do some painting or artwork, take up knitting or sewing. A great time to look into any of these things will be around the beginning of the month, the 6th and 7th. You can also put yourself on a waitlist for an upcoming course if you want to learn more about the mind. Gemini, you enjoy learning new things and using your mind in an intellectual way!




September Glowscope for Cancer: Embrace your weirdness this month, Cancer. That is all. LOL. At work or at home, you may have a way of doing things or staying organized that may confuse people. Wherever your sacred space is, it may make sense to you, and only you and that’s okay. Whatever career or path you choose, not anyone else has to understand it. Take the weekend of Sept 8-10th to contemplate what it is you want. Sort through your feelings. If you want to enroll in life coach training, and the people in your life can’t understand that, you’ll find people who will get you! Come find your soul family here.



September Glowscope for Leo: You like being the life of the party, Leo, and this summer was probably a great time for you! Now that we’re collectively slowing down and heading into the fall, it’s an exceptional time for you to be more gentle with yourself. It might be good to do some inner child healing and figure out how you can step up and be a leader. What is calling to you? What’s your next chapter? Take your time, Leo. It doesn’t always have to be this fiery energy and go, go, go. Slow down, collect your thoughts, and go from there. Take the time to do this between the 11th and 12th, you never know what will come up on that day.


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September Glowscope for Virgo: The sun is in your sign until the 22nd, and everyone will be feeling the Virgo energy of getting things done, looking for new projects, and staying busy. This month, how can you nurture yourself? What makes sense for you to do so you can slow down and enjoy the quiet? You’re a detailed person by nature, but sometimes it may make you nuts, LOL. Slow down by listening to an inspiring and innovative podcast, have a wine night with the other moms from your kids’ school, or take on a new project within your community.



September Glowscope for Libra: How can you create good balance and harmony between the relationship you have with yourself, and the ones around you? Libra, you love all relationships, that’s your jam. You have probably had many loves in your life…looking at you, Kim K. Now is a good time to reflect on what you have learned from your relationships; romantic, platonic, and from your family. What do you want to create more of? What do you NOT want? Take this time to reflect. Also, don’t forget to have fun, too, and see the people around you who you love, but cherish the time with yourself. A great opportunity to do this is with your 1:1 coach. 


april glowscopes
april glowscopes


September Glowscope for Scorpio: You may see more abundance pop up in your life than usual. And you may want to keep this private, keep it with you, or with your close group of friends..for now. You may see abundance with finances, opportunities within work or business, fun events to attend with your loved ones, adventures, or just seeing how abundant you are in your everyday life. A good idea to incorporate into your daily life is to make an evidence of abundance list each morning and see what you’re grateful for. It will elevate your vibration, and put you in a great mood. And you can keep that private. Start this new routine around the 18th, you may have some luck with it. You can also deepen your abundance and receive wealth in your business even more by going on the waitlist for this course, coming back soon!



September Glowscope for Sagittarius: You enjoy being adventurous, and you don’t stay in one place for long. Go and take advantage of the fall activities. Plan a Halloween party, go apple or pumpkin picking with your family, go on hayrides, get some Pumpkin Spice Lattes, go on a mini fall getaway, and see how gorgeous the scenery is in other places. Either go on these excursions solo or bring your crew with you. A good time to do these things will be around the 20th to the 22nd. Have fun!


april glowscopes
april glowscopes


September Glowscope for Capricorn: For you, it’s possible you’ve just completed a project or important work, or maybe you’ve just achieved a significant goal or milestone. Celebrate! You’ve worked hard. While your natural instinct is to be an overachiever and go on to the next thing (yes, I’m calling you out on that), take some time to celebrate yourself. This is a big thing for you, and slowly plan what your next steps are. To celebrate your success, a good time to do so will be the weekend of Sept 23-24th. Once you’re ready to get to work toward your next goal, try out this course!



September Glowscope for Aquarius: You’re on the verge of manifesting or calling in something into your life that is HUGE. That would bring you lots of happiness, freedom, and without restrictions. What you’re inviting into your life may seem weird to other people, but it makes sense to you. And this is the only thing that matters! Write down what it is that you want…and be specific (aka the key to manifesting). Act as if you already have it. Manifest your desires around the 25th, luck may be on your side and you could see your manifestation come to fruition sooner than you realize. If you want to know more info on best practices to manifest or connect spiritually, book a 1:1 birth chart reading with me!


april glowscopes
april glowscopes


September Glowscope for Pisces: Great transformation is on the horizon for you, Pisces! It’s the end of one chapter for you, and the beginning of another. You’re the most mystical and spiritual of the signs, so now is the time for you to shine. Rise up. Which path will you take? Now the ball is in your court…do you want to build your side hustle the way you’ve always dreamed of? Go back to school for an MBA? Well, look no further than this course! A good time to think this through will be around the 27th and 28th.


Stay tuned for the October 2023 Glowscopes! Almost time for spooky season!