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The Circle Open Group Coaching Calls (ALL MEMBERS: GREEN): Each month, IGC features face-to-face group coaching/mentoring calls and co-working sessions with the IGC team. This community provides our members and students with the opportunity to learn from seasoned coaches, see examples of how to build a coaching business and receive coaching from women who have taken the IGC curriculum and made it theirs, owning their own style, voice and business model.

IGC Coach Training Classes (MEMBERS ENROLLED IN COACH TRAINING: BLUE): These weekly 105-minute trainings are for women currently enrolled in IGC’s ICF Accredited coach training program. 

IGC Level II Leaders Rising (MEMBERS ENROLLED IN LEADERS RISING: PURPLE): These calls are for Leaders Rising Monthly Trainings, Leaders Rising Small group sessions, Glow CEO Live Training and retreats/events.

IGC FREE Community Events (OPEN TO ANYONE: RED): The IGC FREE Community events are open to anyone in who is interested in learning more about IGC. Please click on the event you are interested in to join. All free events have the location posted in the description.

IGC Affiliates (ALL IGC AFFILIATES AND BRAND PARTNERS: ORANGE): These monthly trainings are for anyone registered as an IGC Affiliate or Brand Partner. To register as an affiliate, go here. For more information on brand partnerships, email