Glowing Reviews

“I went from having three businesses to having one, my time management consulting for mompreneurs. And I became crystal clear about what kind of business I wanted it to be as well as what I wanted out of it. It was incredible! Rebecca Rubin is extremely talented, helpful, and motivating.”

Laureen Oliphant

“Katie DePaola and her team in Inner Glow Circle aim to transform women. During my membership with IGC, I have not only morphed my personal being, but I have had the opportunity to develop a business as a life coach. In short: IGC enabled a 100% transformation.

Goddess Circle provides me a safe place among other women to share my vulnerabilities and transmute them into strengths. Moreover, IGC’s Coach Training unleashed an astonishing bolt of confidence with regards to my inner businesswoman. IGC’s Coach Training not only develops an inner sense of confidence, it also gives me practical skills to create my own successful coaching business.

I am thrilled to have joined IGC. I, now, possess an empowering mindset, crucial personal and professional skillsets, and unflappable confidence of being to attain my goals.”


“I’ve been a part of Katie’s DC Goddess Circle. Her circles are truly a sacred place of sisterhood and sharing, where there is no hierarchy and all sisters are one. She created a very safe space for us to explore big topics that people don’t address in daily conversation. The accepting and compassionate energy she brings to the room is infectious and allowed me to open up more and others too, like a chain reaction. It’s really something remarkable to experience. Women are pretty incredible, but even more so when we join together. Every woman needs a Goddess Circle in her life.”

Sasha Tozzi

“IGC was such a breath of fresh air in one of the most confusing and dark times of my life. Being a highly sensitive person (HSP), and not knowing it, has been (and always will be) my greatest pain point. But with pain, comes growth, and the sisters of IGC supported me all the way. For the first time in my life, I was supported, not just as an HSP, but with female empowerment; two things very near and dear to my heart. I finally understand there is NOTHING wrong with me, I am loved, and I am perfect as I am. This was all done by women who haven’t even met me, with hearts as large as the universe. I am blessed with such compassionate digital soul sisters that will forever
be in my heart.”

Justine Luzzi

“Since joining IGC and hiring my coach, I have established a fully functioning career development coaching business with an LLC. I designed and manage my own business website, printed super official business cards, built 4 different business social media pages, one with over 1,000 followers. I have a thriving roster of individual clients, have hosted a group coaching call and developed 3 different coaching packages (including group trainings). All of which is just laying the groundwork for the growth of my ShaynaLee empire that I will ultimately expand through speaking tours, book writing and talk show hosting! Did I mention that my resignation to that dead-end droney job has been submitted and my last day is in one week’s time? No fear, no resistance, no what ifs, no back-up plan. Only faith, excitement, eagerness, freedom, liberation and a self-assurance I have never known in my life before now.

The IGC network, their extraordinary coaches and leaders and their inspiring members have been the catalyst for the massive overhaul of my life that has transpired over the last 8 months. I am so grateful that it can bring me to tears when I think about it. Before IGC, I had buried my power, possibility, greatness and genius under layers and layers of fear, resistance, self-doubt and conformity. Had it not been for IGC, I never would have peeled back those layers to unveil the badass, bosslady, who inspires everyone around her to live their dreams and change the world!

Shayna Lee

“The community of women is like nothing I have experienced before. The level of support, openness and vulnerability in the group is so powerful and connected. We celebrate each other’s wins and we support each other in times of need. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Lisa Frumin

“I think the variety and sort of a la carte ability to choose what’s best for you is extremely valuable and important to know. It really is what you make of it when you need it.”

Alicia Robinson

“Katie DePaola gave me the courage to raise my rates and realize how much value my time and services were worth. It boosted my self-esteem to see myself make important changes I was afraid to make and see my business grow as a direct result.”

Karma Shanti

“I attended the IGC IGNITE event. As I sat in the audience, I was amazed at each of the talks given by each of the leaders. I could feel the connections being made in the audience. I could feel the flames in each of the audience members hearts being ignited, to include my own.”

Jenn Bradshaw Almond

“Inner Glow Circle programs are welcoming and inclusive of all women. When I first joined I was sure that a mid-thirties divorced mom to one was not going to fit or have a voice with the women in the group. I could not have been more incorrect! We’ve all been able to learn from, grow, challenge and support each other in ways that previously seemed unfathomable to me.”

Angela Travers

“Working with Katie DePaola and the IGC team was an awesome experience! Not only did I sharpen my coaching skills, but I received so much inspiration and motivation from being amongst a group of powerful women. As a solopreneur, it was extremely empowering to join a team of like-minded women who wanted to see me succeed in both my business and personal goals. I left IGC as a better coach, with a much larger network and a group of self-help savvy girlfriends.”

Lindsay Hunt

“I’ve loved my experience in both the IGC Mastermind and the Coach Training program. The support I’ve received in both communities has been phenomenal, and I’ve grown tremendously as a coach and as a woman by becoming involved with Inner Glow Circle.

IGC is a phenomenal self-investment with a
priceless return.”

Jennifer Granzin

“I had been working with clients in the nutrition counseling field for over 4 years, but something was missing. My training and education never touched on the coaching and connection piece. I knew there was something I was lacking in relationship with my clients, but also myself. Inner Glow Circle, the programs it has to offer and the incredible women it attracts, continues to amaze me. I’ve grown into a better person, professional, friend, sister and girlfriend. Without IGC’s Coach Training, I would not have found the confidence, commitment, passion, and determination to finally start my own online nutrition counseling business (a dream I have been considering for over 3 years)!! Thank you, Inner Glow Circle! You are my rock!

Inner Glow Circle programs offer an undeniable bond, structure and place to learn and grow in a sacred space with your peers. There are no judgments. No wrong opinions. There is always support where support is needed. Inner Glow Circle was the first time I ever truly decided to invest in myself, and I have never looked back.”

Ali Boone

“I didn’t realize how many amazing resources there were inside the IGC Mastermind before I joined!

In a week, you can hop on a call to connect with your body, work on your marketing and get your financial mindset in check. The online Facebook community is one of the most active ones I’ve ever seen, and I am consistently impressed with the amazing, deep conversations I see women having. I love that they are able to bridge oceans and make us all feel like a collective.

IGC Training is one of the best investments I have made! Coming from a celebrity styling background, I knew from my time involved in the personal development space I had the opportunity to go deeper with my clients. Due to the support I’ve received on calls and within the IGC coach training program, my business feels more aligned than ever. I hadn’t expected it to have such a monumental shift in my life and business. I would invest in this training (even for a lot more than I paid) in a heartbeat!”

Crystal Cave

“IGC is the community that I’ve been missing for so long. When I left my church community, I had no idea how to find a place where I could share sisterhood, business and entrepreneurship and a spiritual conversation that was all-inclusive. I’m so glad I found you! Yes, being in Europe means I sometimes am confused by the cultural differences, but despite this, I’ve found a band of women I know I can reach out to with pretty much anything. Such a privilege and honour to know so many women who are committed to changing their lives and the world for good.”

Claire Meredith

“I’ve been a member of Goddess Circle, IGC’s Coach Training and IGC for almost a year now! The experience has been nothing short of amazing. I went from scared, disempowered and uncertain about my life to deciding to become a coach (with the support of all the ladies in IGC) and then launching my business, quitting my day job, and taking my biz on a journey around the world. My life has absolutely been transformed by IGC, not only from the perspective of starting a business that I love, but also from the personal and profound confidence I have found through the support of such an amazing sisterhood.”

“The Mastermind was amazing at the leadership level. Not only did I grow my skills as a coach to be able to hold space for a group of women, but I learned how to make it safe and sacred for each woman that was on the call. Often, there were breakthroughs and ease that were reported after our calls. I must say that as a leader, it was one of the highlights of my week to be able to lead other women toward the light of their desire.”

“Powerful. Fulfilling. Motivational. Soulful. One of the most powerful experiences I have ever witnessed was being surrounded by a group of women who opened their hearts to share their stories with the purpose of healing others. IGC’s leaders are women who beautifully humble themselves before others in order to provide strength for discouraged hearts. In order to encourage and develop women to find their best path in life. They are real, raw and soulful.
There is so much power in a community that empowers women to live a life worth celebrating. To finally find the courage to live with purpose! To glow from the inside out!”

Caroline Birgmann

“Full disclosure: I originally joined Inner Glow Circle because I thought it would support my coaching business. While it has helped me grow my professional coaching skills and my practice, I’ve received so much more than I ever could have imagined. I had no idea how much IGC would help me on a personal level. IGC gave me a safe space to be supported. It fills me up and supports me so I can go out into the world and support others. IGC has given me the confidence and strength to step up as a leader, business owner and woman. By being constantly surrounded by such a high vibe, it’s hard not to want to bring the best! Also, I’ve made some amazing friends in the group, and I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without the women I’ve met through IGC!

IGC’s Coach Training has been an incredible experience for me. I was already a full time coach when I started the program but I am all about learning more and improving my skills, so when the opportunity for more training opened up, I jumped on it. I wasn’t sure if I’d learn much since I was already running my own coaching practice, but that’s the great thing about coaching, there’s always more you can learn! Not only have I learned coaching tools and business building strategies that I haven’t thought of before, I’ve also strengthened my confidence in my skills and found an amazing group of women to bounce ideas off of and grow as entrepreneurs together.

IGC programs are a safe space. There’s no competition. There’s no judgment. It’s just a place to be. Be honest, be real, be raw, be vulnerable. That’s hard to find in this day and age, especially among women. I really struggled with feeling connected to a lot of my friends when I started my personal development journey and my business because so few understood it. But with IGC, I’m completely understood and supported and having that space has been amazing.”

Maura Hughes

“Ready. Set. Glow! When I first joined a LIVE Q+A to learn about IGC, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I saw an ad on Facebook and was immediately drawn to the group because of the mission and vibe. I loved the way the women on the call continuously built each other up, acknowledged each other and learned from each other. I didn’t know how I could get involved but I knew I had to figure it out. When I learned more about the Mastermind I was hooked! I saw all the calls available and I wanted to dive in and connect, and the goddesses in this group made that so possible! I now look forward to my calls each day, I even make them a part of my schedule and over the weekends, I think about Monday because I can jump on not one but TWO calls! I joined the IGC Mastermind in May 2016 and have already learned so much about myself. I have laughed, cried and connected. I have made friends in Honduras and England. Being a part of a group of supportive and like-minded women has opened up the opportunity for abundance and joy. Since I loved the digital vibe, I decided to plan a trip and go meet the amazing women in this group, and I participated in my very first Goddess Circle (completely worth the six hour drive). Katie DePaola was so welcoming, all the women were real and it was refreshing. I left the meeting with enlightenment and a couple more friends. IGC is the bizness! If you want a community of supportive women who really care, this is the place to glow!”

Victoria Cartagena

“Goddess Circle was my first experience with IGC, and it marked the beginning of a year of exponential growth for me (though I didn’t know that at the time). The first Goddess Circle I attended was in the Bahamas, and I’ve never felt such a sense of open-hearted sisterhood and support (and this was in a notoriously cliquey community). I then decided to work with a coach one-on-one and join IGC. My work has been life-changing, as has IGC. From the online community to the group coaching calls, you never feel disconnected or alone. I was skeptical of a community of women that claimed to be a fully supportive and judgment-free zone, but that’s 100% been my experience with IGC.

There’s something for everyone – whether you’re just looking for a place to go when you need genuine compassion and support, or a more in-depth personal development or training experience, you’ll find a home within IGC. I’ve made such wonderful friends, many of whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person, even though we live in different cities, and even different countries!”

Tess Rafferty

“My experience in IGC has been radiant. For me, participating in the activities in the GlowBook and the Facebook group created a subtle positive shift. Then, I started listening to some of the calls. They struck chords. These calls have helped me learn to become more confident, strategic and positive about myself and my business. The solidarity and positive encouragement that IGC provides is inspiring and deeply moving. I see transformations, growth, reconnection to intuition happening in this group and it has helped me become more focused, creative and kind.

Drink the goddess kool-aid if you’ve read this far! The most valuable takeaway from IGC is divine sovereignty. Like the rich layered blues and flecks of gold in lapis lazuli, IGC reminds you of your ability to step faithfully into your highest self, and to connect to that passion that sets you ablaze. I feel it. There’s care here, and a ferociously dedicated belief that everyone is whole and there’s abundance for everyone.”

Tiffany Hammer

“The idea of going to a Goddess Circle terrified me, initially. As a comedian and a writer, I’m very invested in female empowerment, female voice and female strength, but the idea of sharing my space with multiple women at once kind of gave me hives.

It just brought me back to the days of sorority rush (where after a headache of a day full of cheering and fake smiles, all of the six sororities rejected me after day one) and even further back into the days of my sports teams (where I never quite fit in).

As such, my idea of female empowerment was very individualized. I had rejected the idea of team, of ensemble, of support. To my own surprise, I found all of those things at Goddess Circle.

I have laughed so hard that I’ve fallen over. I have cried with such force that I held onto my friend Caroline for dear life. I have seen truths about myself. I have meditated and felt grounded and energized. I have made a Christmas ornament for my sister. I then brought my sister into Katie’s apartment. I have also led one of IGC’s DC Goddess Circles where I got vulnerable, encouraged others to do the same and made it comedic.

Goddess Circle is one time of the month where a group of women value my journey, my individuality and my love and return it twenty fold. So, joining IGC has allowed me to experience that love, that compassion, that support and that strength every day. I am very different than who I was in November 2014 when I walked into my first Goddess Circle. I am more myself than I’ve ever been. I am more open. Thank goodness for that.”

Valerie Paschall

“I believe the DC Goddess Circle was quite literally goddess-sent. I found it through Katie DePaola, with whom I had a few really inspiring (and uncomfortable — in a good way) conversations. I was in a really tough place in my life professionally and personally, and meeting a group of such kind, funny, brilliant, supportive women from all kinds of industries and life stages was incredibly empowering. The courage and kindness exhibited in that room was indescribably contagious.

I actually credit my experience with Katie and the Goddess Circle for lighting the fire underneath me that enabled me to stop letting fear of failure paralyze me, and go after what I realized I wanted. I took the leap to move to New York and start my own business less than a year afterwards and have never looked back! It’s hard to describe the magic of this community of women helping each other and sharing challenges and advice exactly — but I’d highly encourage feeling it for yourself. You deserve it.”

Jaime Rosenzweig

“As a mother and healer, finding a beautiful tribe of like-minded women who support my personal and spiritual growth has propelled my journey in ways words cannot express. As a former banking executive, I understand leadership and the importance of walking a journey of transformation and growth with your team members. With the IGC Coach Training program, my gifted trainer, Olivia, created a space to hear my needs without the social and personal judgment that often stunts one’s necessary growth. I am beyond blessed to become an IGC Certified Coach and apply the wealth of introspective work to creating space for my Reiki, meditation and end of life doula coaching practice in the time that serves my career aspirations and family needs.”

Maggie Griffin

goddess. Rebel. Trailblazer. Coach. Catalyst.
Leader. Teacher. Priestess. Queen. Initiator. TRENDSETTER.
Sorceress. Activist. visionary. Healer.