Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” — Anais Nin 

Your Guide to Glowing this Week


Last call for coach training! Plus a surprise scholarship, have you heard?! If you’ve been on the fence, book a call with one of our admissions coaches to talk through everything! We want you in! We’re also extremely honored to announce a special scholarship, The Bo DePaola Scholarship, in honor of the late Bo DePaola. This scholarship is for individuals whose vision is to use coaching to further their mission of supporting people and communities around issues related to mental health. Applicants should be have experience in mental health advocacy, awareness, guidance or support. Winners will be announced this Friday 9/27.


Ever wondered what a life coaching session is really like? Now you can be a fly on the wall! We recorded a sample coaching session with our very own Coach Training graduate Thea Sobers Charles.  Now you can get an inside look of what it’s like to be both a coach and a client! What is the conversation like? What questions are asked? Is it serious? Emotional? Empowering? Find out now!

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New podcast alert!! Ever wondered what life would be like if failure simply wasn’t an option? Katie DePaola, Founder and CEO, was just interviewed by Sarah Orde, host of Her Best F****ing Life podcast. During the interview, Katie talked about the power of persistence and not giving up on your dreams. If you want to live your best f****ing life, you have to decide that giving up is not an option. Need a motivational boost this week? Then listen to the full interview now! and be sure to leave a review telling us how much you love it!


Video posts are the new black. But really, did you know that videos are getting way more engagement than photos? Not only are people more likely to watch your video than read a long photo caption,  the latest Instagram algorithm is actually boosting video posts more than images! We know that posting a video of yourself is a growth edge for a lot of people. But if it’s going to score you more engagement, visibility and ultimately more clients, why the hell wouldn’t you try it out?! It can be as short as 30 seconds! This week, we challenge you to post a video of yourself on Instagram. Tag us @innerglowcircle so we can watch and support you!


Want to become a more powerful sales woman? Find a mentor or a coach you trust and that you really feel excels when it comes to sales and book a session with them where they listen to one of your sales calls! They can give you immediate feedback on how to improve your skills! We know it can be scary opening yourself up for feedback, but you need to know where there’s room for improvement on anything that you want to get better at! This is what a coach is for!

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Hello, Libra season and hello, Autumn Equinox! Libra season is here to bring excitement and wonder to your life. This is some serious celebration energy! Libra season kicked off yesterday and we are already feeling all sorts of rejuvenated and inspired. Yesterday was also the Autumn Equinox which is here to remind you that it is time to acknowledge all the hard work you’ve been putting in. Prepare to celebrate the fruits of your labor. This is a time of abundance. Want to learn about the “woo” side of the Autumn Equinox? Our resident astrologer breaks down its spiritual meaning for you and how to celebrate in this article.


Are mushrooms the new matcha? It seems like every wellness influencer is sipping on a hot mug of Four Sigmatic’s mushroom tea. We checked it out with our wellness expert, and turns out this stuff is legit! Mushrooms like reishi and chaga are insanely nutrient dense. Remember last week when we told you 50% of people are deficient in magnesium? Well these mushrooms are a great source of magnesium! Plus, they have all kinds of super powers like anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and more! If only they were also anti-f*** boy…

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