The power of visibility saves lives.

When CEO Katie DePaola first started Inner Glow Circle, she had a lot of challenging things happen.

She was struggling with Lyme disease, her brother passed away and she went through a really big break up.

Naturally, she wanted to hide from the world.

But instead, she got vulnerable and she shared her truth. Katie shared what was going on in her life and ultimately how she was turning her pain into her purpose.

One of the biggest things that she learned through telling the truth, or what IGC refers to as #thetruthtruth, is that people actually fall even more in love with you when you openly share what’s going on.

As people start to see parts of themselves in you, they want to learn more about you. The more real you can be, the more other people relate to you and want to work with you. They want to be in your space and energy.

Katie learned that first hand.

The more she shared her truth, the bigger Inner Glow Circle became. More and more women wanted to share their own truths and help others to do the same.

Sharing your truth has the power to completely transform your life, business and bank account.

Ask yourself this: What are all the great things about your visibility? Why do you need to be visible? Why do you need to tell your story?

You have to realize the power of your visibility.

How To Make Money Doing What You Love Free Training

Your visibility will give women the permission they need to leave unhealthy marriages, to find better relationships or to recreate the inside of the relationships that they’re already in.

Your visibility will help women be better moms. Sharing your truth will inspire women to follow their own passions. Becoming visible will inspire other women to get visible and speak up.

Inner Glow Circle is doing something its never done before.

We’re launching our first digital course, Visibility Vixen.

It’s a totally new project and it’s a bit outside the box. We can’t wait to get this into the hands of the women who need it!


Tell us in the comments,

how has sharing your truth changed your life? How powerful do you believe your visibility is?