Here are your October 2023 Glowscopes, glow-getters!


Spooky season has officially commenced! Bring on the fall. As much as I love summer, fall is also a great time of year. I love Halloween, dressing up, and eating too much candy! During this time you can find me watching Hocus Pocus on repeat, drinking pumpkin spice lattes, breaking out dark nail polish and lipsticks, flannels, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin picking. The weather–at least for us here in NY–is a gradual shift from warm/hot to cool. We still get warm weather through the end of October these days. Let’s get into these spooky Glowscopes and see what kind of mystical energy is in store for us this month!

It’s that wonderful time of the year again with eclipse season. We have a Solar Eclipse and Full Moon in Libra on Oct 14, and a Lunar Eclipse and New Moon in Taurus on Oct 28, just in time for Hallow’s Eve! Lots of powerful energy to harness. 


Read ahead for the full forecast of what to expect this October, then look for your sun sign below to see what you may expect for your sign this month. This is your go-to guide for ALL things happening in the cosmos this month!!


Libra Season Happening Now

Libra season is in full swing and will be enchanting us for a bit. Known for their diplomacy, charm, and love for harmony, Libras are a breath of fresh air to the zodiac calendar. Libra, you’re all about balance and fairness, making you great for maintaining neutrality in situations. During this time, the energy around us will be all about finding the balance in our lives. It’s a perfect opportunity to assess our relationships, both personal and professional, and seek harmony within them. (And no, I am not telling you to leave your job or break up with your boyfriend cause you’re bored. You can make your own informed decisions). Libra season encourages us to embrace our inner diplomat and find common ground, even in the most challenging situations. The cosmos will also inspire us to beautify our surroundings, as Libras have a keen eye for aesthetics. It’s an ideal time to revamp our living spaces, explore new fashion trends, or indulge in artistic endeavors. Remember, Libra season is all about finding balance and harmony, so let’s embrace the energy and strive for equilibrium in our lives. Happy Libra season, everyone!


Solar Eclipse on Oct 14

Mark your calendars, as we are about to witness a SUPER COOL celestial event – a solar eclipse. Happening on the same day as our New Moon in Libra, get ready to witness the moon gracefully passing in front of the sun, casting a shadow on our planet and creating a mesmerizing display of cosmic beauty. With both energies occurring on this date, it’s a good time to set a new intention. Set some powerful plans, goals, and commitments, and with both of these celestial events happening around us, get ready and watch your manifestation come to life. Join our New Moon circle!


Lunar Eclipse on Oct 28

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. With both the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon bringing the energy of manifesting, now it’s time to release and end a particular thing in your life that doesn’t serve you. As the moon slips into the Earth’s shadow, a magical transformation takes place. The usually radiant full moon dims, casting an ethereal glow across the night sky. This lunar eclipse in Taurus invites us to reflect on our relationship with the material world and our deepest desires. Taurus, known for its grounded nature and appreciation for the finer things in life, encourages us to find stability and security in our pursuits. We are called to examine our values and reassess what truly brings us joy and fulfillment. It is a time to release any stagnant energy and make room for new beginnings, for us to manifest our dreams. So, as the moon gracefully traverses the Earth’s shadow, let us embrace the transformative power of this lunar eclipse. Let us trust in the process of letting go, knowing that by doing so, we are creating room for some new opportunities.


New Moon in Libra, Oct 14

Libra, you’re ruled by Venus, encourages us to find equilibrium in our relationships, both with others and ourselves. Some new beginnings are on the agenda for your relationships. Think boundaries, strong communications, and letting go of bad habits and situations that need to be revised or changed. Under this New Moon, it’s a perfect time to reassess the dynamics within our partnerships and friendships. Libra’s influence urges us to communicate openly, seeking compromise and understanding. The New Moon invites us to reflect on our sense of self and how we can find inner harmony. Taking time for self-care will be key.


Full Moon in Taurus, Oct 28

The Full Moon in Taurus will be super grounding for us. Taurus, an earth sign ruled by Venus, encourages us to indulge in the simple things in life. Under this Full Moon, we are reminded to slow down, savor each experience, and connect with the beauty that surrounds us. This Full Moon urges us to find a balance between our material desires and our spiritual growth. It invites us to reflect on our relationship with money, possessions, and the value we place on them. This lunation encourages us to find contentment in simplicity and appreciate the abundance that already exists in our lives. It’s a time to release what no longer serves us and make room for new beginnings. The grounding energy of Taurus helps us find stability and security within ourselves, allowing us to manifest our desires and build a solid foundation for the future. Host your own circle to celebrate the festivities for the Full Moon!


Scorpio Season On the Way! Oct 23-Nov 23

I always find it interesting how the Zodiac signs and their themes fall perfectly in alignment with the seasons and the time of year. Scorpios, you’re deep, secretive, mysterious, and spooky AF, making this time of year perfect to have the attention on you! Halloween happens during your sign for a reason, whether you like it or not. LOL. We are invited to dive deep into the depths of our emotions and embrace the transformative power that Scorpio brings. It’s a time for self-reflection, introspection, and taking a closer look at our desires, fears, and secrets. The intensity of Scorpio’s influence might be unsettling at times, but it also offers us an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. As the leaves change colors and the nights are longer, Scorpio Season reminds us to embrace our inner strength and resilience. It’s a time to shed old layers, release what no longer serves us, and rise from the ashes like a phoenix. So, light your candles, embrace the darkness, and let Scorpio Season guide you on a transformative journey. Get ready to uncover hidden truths, embrace your passions, and emerge stronger than ever before. For further support around this during Scorpio season, it might be best for you to work with a 1:1 coach.



October Glowscope for Aries: Manifestations and abundance will come to you effortlessly this month, Aries. With your hard-working nature, your efforts won’t go unnoticed. The cash money is coming your way! Expect the unexpected. If you’re an entrepreneur, signing up for a certain course will certainly impact and boost the abundance of what you’re calling in. Is it financial freedom? Money within your business? Whatever it is, you are assertive enough to work hard and get what you want! PS: two good days to manifest? The 26th and 27th!


October Glowscope for Taurus: Admire the beauty of fall. Taurus, you are the down-to-earth type. Enjoy the colors of the leaves, pumpkin-picking, and all that autumn has to offer. Get some apple cider and enjoy yourselves. With the Full Moon in your sign on the 28th, it’s time to host a Women’s Circle of your own and see the beauty within a community! Release and let go of what no longer serves you with this Full Moon…(see above for details). 

October Glowscope for Gemini: Change is in the air for you this fall, Gemini. You are going to want to lean on a friend for this change. Whether that’s a new life transition, starting a business, leaving a job, stepping into your role as a leader, or leaving a relationship that isn’t healthy, it’s important for you to call in support. Talk about it with a friend, coach, therapist, or journal about your feelings that you have around this change. Between the 3rd and the 5th lean on your support team.



October Glowscope for Cancer: Decorate your home this month. You, Cancer the Crab, and yes I’m calling you out, LOVE to be at home. And the autumn season was just the excuse you were looking for. Put up decor for Halloween, fall, (think pumpkins, skeletons, candy bowls, witchy cauldrons and anything you love). Use a Pinterest board for inspo. You’ll feel so cozy in your home with great comfort food that some of your loved ones may not see you for a while.



October Glowscope for Leo: Exciting things are coming your way. Time to celebrate you! Did you just hit a particular milestone in business? Ready to level up into that badass CEO you always dreamed of? It looks good for any of that to manifest the way you want it to! Celebrate the week of Oct 6th! Time to GLOW, CEO!


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October Glowscope for Virgo: What feels out of alignment in your life? If you need to re-evaluate certain things, that’s ok. It’s time to take a closer look at this. You’re all about the details, Virgo. Check your schedule twice, (we’re not in Mercury Retrograde for a while so we can’t blame this anymore), make a plan for Q4, and uplevel your life or business. Go over goals, action steps, and plans over and over. Get Visible in the last part of this year, and shine!



October Glowscope for Libra: The themes for you, Libra, during your time in the Sun (til Oct 22), is to represent harmony, balance, what is good and fair, and making sure things line up. For Oct, there could be some worries or fears that may be coming up for you with future plans. Relax, everything will work out! It’s normal to freak TF out! To prepare for your future plans as an entrepreneur, this bundle will ease your mind!


april glowscopes
april glowscopes


October Glowscope for Scorpio: An unexpected turn of events may happen for you, Scorp. It’s normal for you to keep this ultra-private and close to your heart, but here is your opportunity to slow down. Use this chance to pause and reflect. It could be what you need to gain a new perspective. If you want to keep this private but are in need of some help, have someone match you with your very own coach based on your needs.



October Glowscope for Sagittarius: Attention, Sagittarius! Brace yourself as this month could bring forth a plethora of exciting and highly lucrative opportunities. This is your time to shine, dear Sag, so be prepared to seize each adventure that comes your way with unwavering determination and enthusiasm. During your travels, adventures, outings, or networking opportunities, you never know who you’ll meet! Embrace these remarkable prospects with open arms, for they hold the potential to transform your life in extraordinary ways. Stay focused, remain optimistic, and let your adventurous spirit guide you toward the path of abundance.


april glowscopes
april glowscopes


October Glowscope for Capricorn: Cap, this month holds an exhilarating journey for you, one filled with hard work and perseverance. You were made for this! It’s time to set your sights on new goals and go after them with unwavering determination. However, remember to strike a balance between optimism and common sense. While it’s important to dream big and have faith in your abilities, it’s equally crucial to approach things with a practical mindset. This month offers you the opportunity to make significant progress, but it won’t come without putting in the necessary effort. So, roll up your sleeves, stay focused, and embrace the challenges that come your way. Success is within reach, and with your tenacity, you’re bound to achieve great things.



October Glowscope for Aquarius: Some interesting challenges and obstacles may lay ahead for you, Aquarius. But fear not, for your unconventional nature will come in handy. However, it’s important to note that delays may be a recurring theme during this period. Don’t let frustration get to you! I know it’s normal to freak the F out. Instead, channel your energy into finding creative solutions. Think outside the box and explore alternative paths. Trust your intuition, as it will guide you in the right direction. Remember, you don’t have to face these challenges alone. Reach out to your support system and ask for help when needed.


april glowscopes
april glowscopes


October Glowscope for Pisces: With Halloween this month, and we’re transitioning from Libra szn to Scorpio szn, for you the focus will be on different rituals. What can you do to cultivate more of a spiritual connection with yourself and others? What are some other things you can learn more about yourself? If you want to know more about your spiritual connection and what energy could be in store for the next year, book a 1:1 astrology solar return reading!


Stay tuned for the November 2023 Glowscopes!