Want to know what the number one mistake that life coaches make is so that you can avoid it? Read more to find out.

The biggest mistake coaches make is that…. THAT DON’T ACTUALLY COACH!

That’s exactly right, coaches sometimes usually coach, instead they give advice and tell their clients to do what THEY would do. In this training, we also talk about how to create breakthroughs with your clients and how to help them move through limiting beliefs, resistance, fear, and learned helplessness.

Watch our youtube video on The Number One Mistake Life Coaches Make to get a fuller insight on how to create breakthroughs with your clients. You will also learn how to help them move through limiting beliefs, resistance, fear, and learned helplessness.

The Number One Mistake Is…

Coaches don’t actually coach. They are just giving you advice and that is not coaching. Giving advice can be seen as consulting and guidance. When you’re coaching, you are asking powerful questions and actively listening. Just because you’re great at giving advice doesn’t translate to being an awesome coach.

What does being based coaching mean? Being based coaching is the exploration of how you’re being. Our Coach Training Certification Course will teach you the exact steps on how to incorporate being based coaching into your business.

As a coach, you need to guide your client create a breakthrough for themselves. You can’t do it for them. Instead, get clear on what you’re client wants.

Limiting beliefs, resistance, and learned helplessness are all areas that you will need to coach your clients through. As their coach, you are going to help them identify what each are. Ask them if this something that they would like to change. Then, you get help them get from point A to point B.

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