Morning routine with…

Katie DePaola

Work gets me out of bed in the morning.

I typically wake up to some sort of message from Olivia, either a good thing or bad thing. Sometimes its a personal thing. Then I just start. That’s sort of what gets me out of bed in the morning. There’s shit to do. There’s people to respond to. Life is happening around me. I got to get on the train.

I’m not a morning person.

Olivia is a morning person for sure, but I’m not. I’ve never been one. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a morning person that you can say can change this. I don’t know if I believe that.

I just wake up when I wake up. I do set alarms. I try not to have early morning meetings because its not my jam.

You have to roll with how you roll.

I always thought that it was wrong that I didn’t have this 90 minute morning routine. And for me, I like to get up, get a few things done and be in the loop and be responsive to people. Especially since we work remotely. Then I can make whatever I’m drinking at the time and go through some journaling if I want. I try to check in with what I need and then do that thing.

Morning routine with…

Liv Chapman, co-founder and COO

I get up to put out a fire…or create one.

Some people say like “no cell phones before you meditate.” I wouldn’t get up if I knew I just had to meditate. I get up because there’s projects to launch, team members who need me, a world for the taking.

The days that I have my kids, my oldest wakes up and does his own thing while I ask him to let me sleep more. Then I get ready, get them dressed and we go to school. Then I typically hit an early workout class around 7:45am and I’m back at home sitting down to start my work day by 9am.

You get to pick what “hard” you want.

I thought it was hard when I worked as a teacher even though I could mentally check out after. I just didn’t want to do that version of hard. My personal life is hard. Raising children is hard. Doing business is not hard.

Our lives aren’t perfect.

We’re selling a lifestyle, which is real, but we’re working on it every single day. When you’re in a self-help or personal development type business, there’s a lot of pressure to have your own life perfect. Here’s the deal, life is never perfect. This is how we roll and we wouldn’t really want to operate any other way.

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This is why we say the future belongs to the female entrepreneur. It has to. We don’t really have a choice. In Inner Glow Circle, we think that if we wait for things to change at the corporate level, we’ll be waiting a really fucking long time. When you’re an entrepreneur, you can speed up the timeline.

Tell us in the comments, what kind of morning routine do you want to build into your business?