It was the spring of 2010.

My roommate and I bought tickets to an event called, Find Your Balance and were excited to spend the evening jumping on mini trampolines and talking about how to live better lives.

Obviously, I was totally down.

There was something inside me that KNEW I needed to attend the event.

What didn’t I know?

I didn’t know I would fall in girl-crush-love with spiritual life coach and (now) New York Times best-selling author, Gabby Bernstein.

I didn’t know she would become so damn popular (this was 7 years ago!).

And I definitely didn’t know meeting her would change my life forever and eventually lead me to become a coach myself.

So why are millennial women, like myself, SO obsessed with Gabby?

We “get” Gabby because she “gets” us.

She’s like us — straightforward, sarcastic and…spiritual?!

When did spirituality become cool? Yesterday? Last year? Is it even cool?!

With the hustle and bustle of this crazy life, most of us are more tapped out than we are tapped in.

And that has to freaking change. NOW.

This is a bold statement, but it couldn’t be more true:

This exact minute, I would abso-freaking-lutely click this link and sign up for the WAITLIST for our Fall Coach Training program.

This program has the ability to completely change your life, the way meeting Gabby changed mine.

Once you’re on the waitlist, there’s no commitment to join (we only want ya if you want us anyways!), just early access (and over $2,500 in bonuses and savings) if you decide it’s a fit.

Plus, BIG NEWS: Our coach training program is *officially* International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited!

Early bird discounts and SUPER EARLY ACCESS details will be sent to waitlist names ONLY on this Monday, 7/17/17. So get on the waitlist, glow girl!

P.S. You can also read tons and tons about the program on our website, but really it’s best to GET ON THE WAITLIST and then go back and do your research.

You #glowgetter, you.