Liv Chapman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Inner Glow Circle (IGC), an online training company designed to accelerate women coaches and entrepreneurs — and one of the fastest-growing businesses in the coaching space. Liv joined IGC in 2015, after a chance meeting with founder Katie DePaola a few years prior.

As a Washington, DC public school teacher overwhelmed with her students’ needs, her own student loans and the constraints of public education, Liv went searching for a deeper life purpose. She realized she had run her life on what other people said she “should” do, but had completely ignored what she wanted to do.

One day, she drove to the beach, and on the way, broke up with her boyfriend and quit her teaching job. What did she really want? And what could she do that she loved, but also paid the bills? She was determined to get to the bottom of those questions.

In the pursuit of purpose and profit, Liv found coaching. Within a few years of starting her private practice, Liv was asked to bring her education and training background to Inner Glow Circle.

Today, Liv manages and guides our entire IGC Team and vision— of course, with healthy profit margins and plenty of room for fun. She teaches women how to shift their “shoulds” into true desire and use their life challenges as a platform to make money and do work they love. She trains thousands of women across the world on how to find their purpose, live it and actually get paid.

Liv’s first book Old Soul, New Money is set to be published in by Hay House in the coming year. In it, Liv shares her most real (and often humorous) reflections on how to deal with the chaos of life and business — and her best advice for women who want to find their purpose, live it and get paid.

From Liv

My post-teaching career has been a wild ride. I may be the Co-Founder and COO of Inner Glow Circle (and the driving force behind our company’s programs, curriculums and business development). And as you’ve probably heard, I’m known for helping our students create a massive return on their investments with IGC.

But that’s just one piece of who I am…

I’m a single mom of two with a Bachelor’s in Education, Masters in Education, Educational Leadership and Administration and a PCC ICF Credential. Before coaching, I was a highly-awarded elementary school teacher. I’m the how to our students’ why, and I feel most alive when I’m helping world changers build purposeful and profitable businesses. In 2018, I even got a book deal with Hay House (Old Soul, New Money is coming spring 2020!).

As you can see, I know what it’s like to have dreams and glow after them.

But I also know what it’s like to have my heart broken. I left my boys’ father at the end of 2018, when I learned he was living a secret life I knew nothing about, a life that was very much out of alignment with who I am as a leader and teacher.

The day I found out about his secret life was the same day I heard back from Hay House that they had accepted my book deal. That’s the thing about life: it’s a mixed bag. You win some, and if you’re really living big, you’ll definitely lose some along the way.

Now my mission is stepping into my Glow Zone (the area of my work that lights me up the most) and teaching our students how to do the same. I adore my two sons (they are wild and amazing), and I love building curriculums, teaching students and kicking ass in business.

At the end of the day, I’m a romantic and my whole mission is about teaching women that they actually can have everything they want. Of course, I’m no exception. I’m focused and driven, but I can get down with some Real Housewives and rosé too.

It’s been a wild ride since we started this mission in 2015, and I’m here for all of it. I can’t wait to see what’s next.