Should I Become a Life Coach or Therapist?

If you’re thinking, “Should I become a life coach or therapist?” we have something for you. We’re going to break down some of the main differences between becoming a life coach and a therapist. We have a blog post that goes over the differences between a coaching request and a therapeutic request. You can click HERE to read the blog!

Coaching is a dynamic partnership designed to guide the client to discover, clarify and achieve their goals in business, life, or pretty much any other area in their life. Throughout the coaching process, the goal is to break up any negative scripts the client may have that is hindering them from reaching their goals and becoming the best possible version of themselves. The coach and client walk together through thought-provoking tools and powerful questioning to activate the process of self-discovery and keep the client on track with their goals and progress. If you’re a life coach, we have a MUST read blog on how to ask powerful questions for you to check out. 

Therapy mainly focuses on identifying and offering treatment plans, typically based on a patient’s medical conditions, dysfunctions, past issues and traumas with the ultimate goal of healing and growth. Here, there is often a diagnosis and a plan to heal that is outlined by the therapist and implemented by the patient.

In contrast to coaching, a therapist requires a license or advanced degree and focuses on healing the patient with a treatment plan.

To learn about whether you should get a life coach or therapist, read here.

Should I Become a Certified Life Coach?

Life coach certification programs prepare students to work as a certified life coach, helping clients find clarity and direction in their lives. The certification programs teach skills such as effective communication, problem-solving, and how to work with clients in different settings. Anyone can call themselves a life coach, but how unfair is that? In order to use the title of certified life coach you must complete a life coach certification program.

There are many different types of coach training programs available. However,  the best programs to consider are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Also, they allow you to apply for ICF credentials upon completion. Top coach training programs cover all areas of life coaching, teach students valuable skills, and provide time to practice their skills.

Did you know that Inner Glow Circle is the ONLY all women, all virtual accredited life coach training company. How cool is that??!!

Why You Should Get Your Life Coach Certification

Simply put: you should get your life coach certification because that’s the right and ethical thing to do.

I wouldn’t want to get coached by someone who has been given the proper coaching techniques. There are people who are coaches who say that they have a lot of experience in that area and while that maybe true – it still doesn’t mean that it’s ethical.

A life coach that doesn’t have proper training doesn’t have any accountability or higher authority to look over them. As the client, this could be scary because they can easily end your contract if they feel like it.

As a life coach who is certified, you automatically become more trustworthy and credible. And, as a new coach, you can start charging $150/hr!

Believe us when we say you want to get your life coach certification because it’s so worth it in the long run.

Inner Glow Circle’s ONLINE Life Coach Training Program

Our 6-month coach training program is a live course that provides high touch and interactive training for women-identifying leaders. Our life coach training program is a personal and professional development program for women and those who identify as women.  If you’re looking for FREEDOM, MONEY, PASSION, or STABILITY. Then, our online life coaching program might be the perfect fit for you!

IGC Coach Training offers 62 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) from the International Coach Federation (ICF). Additionally, we also offer the option to add on 10 ICF Mentor Coaching hours with a PCC Credentialed Coach.

The experience goes beyond a coach training program. It’s a life-changing adventure and that is one of the reasons why we love what we do. We want to change lives that change other lives. Most importantly, you will get the support of an entire community of coaches, mentors, graduates and fellow entrepreneurs. With the being said, we want you to finish the coach training program as the best version of yourself.

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