should you get a life coach certification or be an uncertified coach?

Deciding whether to get certified as a coach or to start a coaching business on your own is a difficult one. Here’s what you need to know about getting a coaching certification vs. coaching as an uncertified coach.

Know Your Options

You can choose from multiple training pathways to prepare yourself to have a successful coaching business. Some aspiring coaches enroll in general life coach certification programs, like Inner Glow Circle Coach Training. Others choose niche-based coaching certification programs, like a health coaching school. Others choose a third option, trying to launch their businesses on their own, without in-depth training, certification or credential.

Choosing between getting certified or trying to start your coaching business on your own can be challenging for many prospective coaches. You are not legally required to have a life coach certification to operate as a “life coach,” “business coach,” “health coach,” “mindset coach” or any other title you choose. However, all businesses owners must operate ethical businesses. This can be a challenge for uncertified coaches trying to teach themselves how to coach and get clients.

Understand the Industry

The International Coach Federation (ICF) was founded in 1995 to create a space for all coaches to support one another and help grow the profession. The challenge is that some coaches and coaching-related organizations choose not to join the International Coach Federation. Instead, they operate independently, without support or regulation. This hurts the industry. The International Coach Federation’s mission is to standardize the coaching industry and protect against unethical coaching practices.

You may come across coaching business courses that teach the business of coaching, but do not teach the technique of coaching. The only way to prepare yourself to serve clients and get paying clients is to attend a program that covers the business of coaching, as well as coaching techniques. 

The six-month Coach Training Certification by Inner Glow Circle teaches students how to be effective coaches, making money through their coaching businesses. While enrolled, nine out of 10 of our students get paying coaching clients. Many of our students go on to build six-figure businesses and we share their stories weekly on our podcast, Six Figure Certified Coach.

Make the Right Choice for You

The key to your success is choosing a comprehensive life coach certification program. Look for a program that teaches the business of coaching. This includes marketing, sales, referrals and lead generation, as well as the technique of coaching.

The Inner Glow Circle life coach certification program is a very unique kind of coach training program. It combines both the business of coaching with coaching techniques. Students learn how to “coach anyone around anything”.

By graduation, they’ve started building their businesses, launching websites, social media marketing and getting hired by clients.

Is Inner Glow Circle Coach Training for you? Book a call with one of our Admissions Advisors to learn more! Our Admissions Advisors are all previous students. They’ve built their own coaching business and now mentor incoming students to help them make the best decision for themselves.