We get this question A TON from both potential clients and potential new coaches…

“Does it matter if a coach is certified?”

Whether you are considering hiring a coach or becoming one, this is such an important question to ask. Does certification matter?

We take a strong stand that it absolutely makes a difference when considering hiring a coach or becoming one!

Here’s why: over the past 15 years, the coaching industry has grown into nearly a billion dollar industry. This is huge for personal development, executive development, leadership development and quite frankly, the world. More people than ever are interested in living more fully, with more purpose and with more joy. More corporations and organizations are interested in investing in their employees efficiency, effectiveness and leadership. And, more individuals are becoming coaches to live out their own purpose as well as create soulful and aligned businesses. And more than ever, having a certification matters.

With the rise in popularity of coaching and the fact this the coaching industry at this point is left unregulated, a couple of things come up: the bad apples of course, but also choice.

Consumers now have endless choices when it comes to who they hire as a coach. Having a certification absolutely makes you stand out as a professional and can also bring you in more potential opportunities. Specifically if you’re looking to coach within organizations, do executive coaching or workshops (which can be great funnels to 1:1 clients!). Credentials matter and having a certification, especially an ICF Certification absolutely makes you stand out. In fact, most corporations and organizations with budgeting for coaching/leadership development require an ICF Credentialed coach.

When it comes to hiring your own personal coach, too, credentials are important. Now, of course having a certification does NOT equal excellence, but studies do show that coaches with training see longer-lasting results with clients and are also more confident in the coaching work that they do. We’ve all seen the horror stories of coaching gone wrong sprinkled in Facebook group conversations and complaint boards. We’ve heard of the coaches who take the money and run, coaches who disrespect their client’s, coaches operating outside of the ethical and professional ground of what coaching actually is. Yikes!

All of this to say, there is infinite value in certification as both coach and consumer. You wouldn’t hire a therapist with no training, right? Or a hairstylist? Or Goddess-forbid a doctor? So don’t hire a coach who hasn’t had proper training, either! Sure, someone may know a bit about coaching from the loads of self-help books they read or coaches they have had, but the expertise that comes with training and experience far outweighs a couple glossy testimonials and a gorgeous website.

Considering coaching as a career? We always advise coaches to just start coaching! Start showing up as coach in the world and embodying that energy. Start coaching friends, colleagues, practice clients even (with permission of course!) and make sure that this is the path for you. Then, choose certification! It’s a big commitment financially, energetically and entrepreneurially to take this step, but for the natural coaches who are born to make a difference in the world, it’s the best next step. Not only will you have the tools to support clients in actually making lasting change, but you’ll gain the confidence and stand out in the marketplace.

If you’re interested in chatting with one of our certified coaches or learning about certification, click here.