IGC Leaders Rising

A leveled-up leadership training and cooperative for graduates of IGC’s Coach Training

Graduated from another coach training course or have extensive coaching experience? Click here to apply.


NOVEMBER 1, 2021 – OCTOBER 31, 2022

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You’re invited to join us for IGC’s graduate program, Leaders Rising.

Rise into your power.
Find your resilience.
Reinvest your resources.
Realize the truth of who YOU are.

2021 is about finding your next level, going for it in every area of your life and truly becoming the BEST coach you can be.

That means adding an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential to your already powerful portfolio.

Leaders Rising is also your next step if you’re considering joining our training team and becoming a Trainer for IGC Coach Training!

Let’s talk about it!

Leaders Rising is approved for up to 125 ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours!

The Plan

  •  12 Months
  •  12 Monthly Virtual Trainings
  •  12 Monthly Virtual Small Group Sessions
  •  12 Student-Led Coaching Calls
  •  2 Retreats!
  •  Additional business training with IGC’s digital course Glow CEO!

(For up to 125 ACSTH hours)


This year-long experience is for IGC Coach Training graduates who want to continue to grow as coaches and leaders alongside their IGC colleagues.

To enroll, you must have an IGC Certification or pending certification.

The coursework focuses on a reinforcement of ICF Core Competencies through a lens of mindset proficiency. What mindset changes are needed as you rise to your next level?

Business development is included with IGC’s signature program, Glow CEO. Everyone in Leaders Rising receives the 8-part digital course and live trainings to supplement each business module.

There is power in surrounding yourself with the teachers, classmates and colleagues who have supported you on your journey. It takes courage to allow yourself to be seen and to be vulnerable as you grow.

This is why we say, #GlowTogether.

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The Curriculum

The Structure

All group trainings take place once a month

  • (Training time TBD after enrollment, based on everyone’s availability)

All small groups meet once a month

  • (groups TBD after enrollment, based on everyone’s availability)

Monthly coaching calls are scheduled based on each Leader’s availability

All additional virtual trainings and calls will be scheduled on a monthly basis

Note: Currently, class and content are only delivered in English.

The Program

  • Monthly trainings for the entire Leaders Rising group taught by a PCC credentialed coach
  • Monthly small group coaching calls led by Leaders who are PCC credentialed
  • A written review of 5 coaching calls by your Trainer, based the ICF’s PCC markers
  • Retreat in winter 2021 (either in-person or digital, depending on Covid restrictions)
  • Retreat in summer 2022 (either in-person or digital, depending on Covid restrictions)
  • Certification for up to 125 ACSTH hours (upon graduation)
  • Access to the Leaders Rising membership site with various lessons and resources to support your growth
  • Lifetime access to the IGC Community
  • BONUS: Glow CEO (a $2997 value!) In this business development digital course, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to move from Solopreneur to CEO. With 8 modules of training videos and exercises covering the most essential aspects of running a coaching business, you will walk away with a clear path to excel in your business and taking your impact to the next level! Glow CEO modules cover: branding, email marketing, content creation, course creation, social media, client tracking systems, website, & finances and legal.
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: Let’s Glow (a $597 value!) Anyone who pays in full for Leaders Rising will receive Let’s Glow, a digital course designed for the female entrepreneur who deeply desires to be in the career of their dreams. Let’s Glow will teach about the 4 key aspects to find your purpose, live it, and get paid. With 4 training videos and exercises covering mindset, confidence, sales and money, you’ll walk away with the know-how to run a skillful business both inside and out! There is also a BONUS module all about your Team so you can cultivate teamwork, whether in person or with a virtual team.

The Retreats

(Dates and location of 2021 retreats may be changed due to Covid-19)

Winter at the Beach

Join us in LA in January 2022! Spend three days soaking up the sun, as we vibe and deep dive into our coaching technique and level up as Leaders.

The themes for the winter retreat are Effective Coaching and Results.

Dates TBD: January 2022

Summer in the City

Join us in summer 2022 in Tampa, FL. Spend three days immersed in coaching and connection with Liv, your Trainers and fellow Leaders.

The themes for our summer retreat are Trust, Communication and Branding.

Dates TBD: June 2022

The Investment


Leaders Rising will begin Nov 1st, 2021

For more information, contact [email protected]



Option 1: $599 deposit + 11 monthly payments of $599 ($7188 total)

Option 2: Single payment of $6669 ($519 in savings)


Book a call with a Leaders Rising trainer for more info.

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Enrolling in Leaders Rising is a one-year commitment and Students understand that there is not a way to withdrawal or receive a refund from the program outside of IGC’s 14-Day Guarantee policy.

For more information on our terms and conditions please go here.

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