Here are your July 2023 Glowscopes, glow-getters! 

Happy Summer!! We are finally at the start of one of my favorite times of the year. Lots of good food, good company, beach days, BBQs, and great fun in the sun. This month in the cosmos has got some chill vibes until we enter Leo season on July 22, where the sun and the universal energy will feel brighter and on display for all of us to see. (I’m thinking… RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga’s horrible song “On Display”? If you know, you know). Things will feel exciting and extravagant from that point forward. Feel like going to an all-white party? Do it! Party like Gatsby! Going live about your new business? Go for it! We have our usual New Moon and Full Moon this month, complete with a Venus Retrograde in Leo, which happens every 18 months or so. More on that below! 


Read ahead for the full forecast of what to expect this July, then look for your sun sign below to see what you may expect for your sign this month. This is your go-to guide for ALL things happening in the cosmos this month!!


Venus Retrograde, July 22-Sept 3

Retrogrades are a good time to review and reflect on things from the past. With Venus retrogrades, which happens every 18 months (not as often as Mercury), it’s about taking a closer look at Venusian themes (artwork, beauty, abundance, physical appearance, what is aesthetically pleasing to you, and your romantic relationships) especially while in Leo, which is the sign of being the center of attention. It may also mean holding off on certain beauty appointments until the retrograde is complete. Don’t dye your hair a crazy color if you’ve never done it before! Going for root touch-ups, your usual facials, and getting your nails done? Fine. It is advised by your cosmic consultant here to take caution if you want to make any drastic changes or make extravagant purchases. This is also a good time to re-evaluate your personal relationship. If there’s something you would like to work out with your romantic partner, now would be the time to do that. Iron out the kinks. It’s also not uncommon for people to break up during this time. Do what is best for you. Leo is the sign of self, so you should consider decisions that benefit you most of all and will lead to greater things in the future. Don’t jump the gun and be impulsive with decisions. Give yourself ample time to think things over, and once the “rose-colored glasses” view of the world lifts (aka after Venus goes direct in September), then go ahead and do what it is that your heart desires.

Full Moon in Capricorn, July 3

This full moon, albeit that it can be emotional and a releasing time for some, can also be a catalyst for you to take action on what it is that you TRULY want. We all know that full moons are a great opportunity to release what no longer serves us (Full Moon Circle, anyone?), to make room for the new thing to come in. Perhaps it’s time to release that draining 9-5 and start the business of your dreams, or get rid of toxic friendships. Whatever it is, this is your sign to GET ON IT. The energy of this full moon may be unexplainable and feel like you are READY to take action. Go with it. Capricorns are glow-getters, and they don’t slack. People with this sign (or other Capricorn placements, find out here) JUMP onto opportunities.

New Moon in Cancer, July 17

Your emotions may be all over the place (hello, Cancer season). However, this new moon is an invitation for you to start again, and look at what makes a home secure for you. Or people who FEEL like home to you. Is it a warm blanket? Cozy sweats? Date night with your sweetie? You can also start a new home routine. Good time to start gardening, a new cleaning technique, or connect with your family by doing movie and game nights. Whatever feels good to you and makes your home a happy and secure place, go for it! 

Cancer Season Happening Now

Do you know the song “Summertime Sadness” by Lana del Rey? I think she got that idea from Cancer season in June and July. We’re feeling all of our feelings from here on out until the 22nd. No wonder graduation season is during this time of year. It’s the end of one chapter and the beginning of another for a lot of our kids, friends, and family members, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have fun. Cancer season looks like having your friends over for a cozy BBQ or a gathering around your firepit while indulging in your homemade mac and cheese (I DO THIS!), and having real talks about life. It also can involve retreating at the end of a busy day and taking time for yourself. Cancer is a sign of the importance of having a secure home, feeling the feels, and spending time with yourself. That doesn’t mean in summer you can’t have the best of both worlds. As a personal Cancer sun, I am an introvert by nature, but in summer, I come alive and enjoy being with my loved ones much more than usual. It’s a happy time, why not? 

Leo Season Is On the Way!

I’m sorry I will stop with the song references… last one, promise. I can’t help but think of “Bejeweled by Taylor Swift” when I think of Leo season. A true Leo is someone who loves to be the center of attention, all eyes on them, and feeling like a million bucks. It’s true. But Leos are fiercely loyal, kind, and generous, and they are great friends to have in your corner. Speaking from experience! From July 22nd to August 23, the sun will be front and center for us. It’s a good time to step forward into your power, finally, make that bold move in your life or business, and take the leap! And enjoy the summer, too. DUH!


July Glowscope for Aries: This month you are being called by the universe to journey to the depths of your soul. This could be an actual voyage, vacation, or trip for the summer months ahead. It is suggested that you plan out this trip yourself, and find what it is you’re looking for. If physical travel isn’t possible, perhaps find a local area–hiking trail, park, beach, cliff, whatever speaks to you–and journal out what is on your heart and mind. You could be led to find what it is you’re passionate about deep within your soul. It will be super healing for you, since Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid, is still hanging out in your sign! Do it. Finding a new job, career, business, new life purpose, or whatever you’re searching for, this is your time to rise up and go! The 8th may be a great day for you to figure this out. It’s a Saturday! Go all in!


July Glowscope for Taurus: Slow changes are coming up for you this month. Time to lead and cross the threshold of who you’re meant to be. It’s apparent you could be in a slow transition phase for the month of July. Since your sign is an Earth sign, try to remain grounded and connected to yourself during this time. Don’t overthink the transition that is happening. Are you moving, graduating from school, quitting your job, or relationship, or finally stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming a circle leader? Go for it. Now is your time! With Uranus in your sign all month long, this is very fitting for you to do something out of your comfort zone, but take baby steps.


July Glowscope for Gemini: Summer, summer, summertime! GET OUT THERE. Go to networking events, BBQs, family dinners, and picnics, and BE SOCIAL! Talk about what you do. Follow some new people on social media. It is not selfish to promote yourself. You’ve got something exciting coming up? Share with everyone! This month looks so positive for you to share your message, whether that is in a blog post, a video, or in person with others. Get creative, and think outside the box. The 13th-15th would be a great weekend to make these fun plans!



July Glowscope for Cancer: The Sun is on you this month…and you may not like it. LOL! Just kidding. You want to hide behind all those feelings and emotions, but it’s safe to come out of your shell a bit, HAHA. With Mercury and the Sun in your sign for most of this month, it may be beneficial for you to get in touch with your sensitive side but don’t be afraid to show others who you really are. I should really take my own advice, lol. Talk with people who feel safe and like home to you, and that way you can rise into your power. The new moon is in your sign on the 17th, and that will indicate a new beginning for you. Maybe that could be the start of a new venture?


July Glowscope for Leo: From the 22nd until late August, it’s all about you, baby. Leo is literally ruled by the Sun, and the sun loves to be front and center! You, Leo, will shine your light no matter what, and not dim your brightness regardless of who or what the situation may be. You’ve got a few different planets hanging out in your sign at the beginning of the month (Venus and Mars) and then Mercury comes to join the party on July 11th. Venus and Mars coming together could make you feel more romantic and want to plan more date nights outdoors in the warm weather with your honey. Personally, you may also be inspired with a creative idea around that time. Let those ideas come to fruition. You and you alone are the best inspiration for whatever it is you create. It may be time to embark on a new adventure where your creative skills can be used, go all in!

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July Glowscope for Virgo: A couple of interesting things are going on with you, Virgo. After doing a romantic dance with Venus in Leo, Mars will leave Leo and stop chasing Venus for a bit, and come to your place for a little while. Since the devil’s in the details for you, Mars will have you becoming more motivated and driven to get your tasks done. Watering the plants? Check. Enrolling for fall courses and working out a payment plan? Check. At the end of the month, on the 28th, Mercury will be at home in your sign. Mercury is all about talk, talk, talk. It may be a good time for you to plan out how you would love for the rest of your year to look. If you want to write a business plan for your business, go for it. Start thinking about what you want to create on the 21st. Manifest that shit and go after your goals, you glow-getter!

July Glowscope for Libra: You are most likely going to experience a new chapter in your life coming up this month. The seeds have been planted. Since your sign is all about partnerships, relationships, and finding that balance or harmony, it could be the end of a romantic, platonic, or business relationship. Now is your time to go within and have patience. Around the 23rd of the month it may be the right point for you to figure out how to balance your emotions. Make a pros and cons list of letting go whatever partnership is meant to exit from your life. When you’re ready for the next steps, see if our 1:1 coach matchmaker can match you to the right person who can support you and your needs.

april glowscopes
april glowscopes

July Glowscope for Scorpio: Embrace your weirdness this month, Scorpio.You are a unique, sensitive, and often private individual. Let down your guard a bit. Don’t be afraid to do things your way. Embrace your mysticism and spiritual side. You may be curious about that part of you. Dive into your cosmic blueprint to go all in!

July Glowscope for Sagittarius: For you this month, I challenge you to go on a new adventure. You’re used to traveling and moving around. Do something out of the box, Sag. Visit an art museum or exhibit. Perhaps one that is significant to you, or that you want to learn more about. Visit a historical landmark in your area or an old-looking church. Do something WEIRD and out of character for you. You never know what you will learn and become captivated by. Or stay home and enroll in a new course. You don’t know what will come of it!

april glowscopes
april glowscopes

July Glowscope for Capricorn: The full moon is in your sign on July 3rd. What are you releasing? I can almost bet that those of you who are Caps, the theme for you this month may be working toward letting go more, surrendering, and changing up your work ethic. You love to be useful to those around you, but now is your time. If you’ve been working too hard, now is your time to play. Enjoy the summer, Cap. You’ve earned it. Treat yourself to some cozy sweats or a neat new mug.

July Glowscope for Aquarius: Now is a good time for you to get involved in a new community. The humanitarian in you will love this. Find groups of people who will like the unique version of you. Don’t hold back, be yourself. Look up events on Eventbrite or on social media to see if there are any meetups related to your hobbies and interests. The weirder the better; ghost-hunting, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or those who enjoy murder mysteries. Your soul needs this connection this month. Join a community of like-minded people.

april glowscopes
april glowscopes

July Glowscope for Pisces: Saturn is in retrograde in your sign until October. Saturn is the planet of karma, discipline, and learning lessons. Anything you learned about in the past is coming back around for you to learn something new. Or opportunities that you passed up before may make a return. There is also a spiritual reason for these lessons. That way you can elevate into your highest self. An aligned job offer, position, or the experience to try something new could be coming your way. Even getting on a waitlist for a program that interests you may be beneficial. Think before accepting anything that comes up, but it may be worth your while.

Stay tuned for the August 2023 Glowscopes!