Inner Glow Circle a Pyramid Scheme

Is Inner Glow Circle a coach training certification school or a pyramid scheme?! Let’s discuss the differences and decide!

When Katie DePaola founded our company in 2015, she made an important decision: to pay women well for their referrals. Inner Glow Circle was getting so many referrals! Katie wanted to find a way to thank current students, graduates and industry friends for the new students they sent our way.

Katie’s belief led the Inner Glow Circle (IGC) team to create the referral program we have today, known as our affiliate program. Through the affiliate program, graduates and friends of IGC who are registered as affiliates, receive a referral gift when they refer a friend to Inner Glow Circle’s coach training certification course.

So, what is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is an investment scam that pays members at the top with funds from new members. Sometimes, multilevel marketing companies—also known as MLMs or network marketing companies—get mislabeled as “pyramid schemes,” but you can’t be a legally legitimate business and be a scheme of any kind.

Multilevel marketing (or network marketing) is totally different from a pyramid scheme! Network marketing is a type of direct sales that involves building a network of independent representatives to sell a product or service.

IGC isn’t a multilevel marketing or network marketing company, but there are many reputable network marketing companies that have helped women build financial freedom and do work they love, including doTERRA and Beautycounter. You can read more about what multilevel marketing is (and isn’t) on Investopedia.

If it’s not a pyramid scheme or a network, what is IGC?

Inner Glow Circle is just a company! Legally, right now, we are an LLC and we don’t use any multi-level marketing in our sales strategy. We have over 200 registered affiliates, though! So if you’re hearing about us out in the world, that’s why. Our affiliates love to show the love. Learn more about our affiliate program here!

Why are we writing this blog?!

We’ve had people ask about our company setup and what our referral program really is, so we wanted to answer! It’s just a referral program, and IGC is just a regular business on a mission to change the world!

Learn more about our signature Coach Training course right here.