Sooo back in March, Brianne joined Inner Glow Circle’s ICF Accredited coach training. She didn’t know exactly what she planned to do with her new superpower (and certification), but she trusted she was being guided towards something bigger. TRUST IS EVERYTHING.

After last Tuesday’s class, Brianne posted about her experience. I mean…I feel allll the feels, but her writing really moved me. So I felt called to share her words with you…

“Every Tuesday night I surround myself with like-minded humans in a safe space dubbed as a virtual classroom. We chat about deep stuff and light stuff all the same. We lift eachother up and ground each other at the same time. We focus on desire and what’s possible. We give each other permission to show up in our own mess. We do all of this with the end goal of personal growth and development ANNND an Inner Glow Circle Coach Training Certificate.

Every Tuesday night I sleep like a baby. Every Wednesday morning I spring out of bed. Energized and filled up. THIS is what sisterhood does. THIS is what TRIBE does. It feeds my soul and offers acceptance and support.

Last night was no different. One thing stood out though. The notion that, at the end of the day, we are just walking each other home. None of us NEED permission. We don’t need permission to start something new. We don’t need permission to disconnect from what no longer serves us. We don’t need permission to share our story. And we certainly do not need permission to love. But sometimes we FEEL like we do. Fear stops us in our tracks and without permission to move forward, we don’t. Our dreams stay dreams or are even forgotten. We fail to start something new for fear of failing at something new. We stay in disconnected relationships for fear of hurting someone else (all the while we are hurting). We fail to share our stories for fear of unacceptance (all the while, by sharing our story, we could help someone…while healing ourselves). And sometimes we even fail to love for fear of no love in return (all the while…LOVE is all there really is).

So the idea of walking each other home rang loud and clear to me. We are not here to give permission…or offer advice…or on the flipside, we are not here to judge or instill fear. We are simply, here to support. To give love. To be love. Unconditionally. We are here for a purpose. Each and every one of us. We are here, not to live in fear, but to live love. And sometimes, lots of times likely, a walk home is all the security we need to embrace our inner self and confidently pursue whatever it is that lights us up. Or, on the flipside, a walk home is all the security we need to let go of whatever is no longer serving us.

Every day (especially Tuesdays) I am eternally grateful for the sisterhoods that I have found. For the humans that walk me home. That hear me out. That hold space for me when I need them. That give me space to be there for myself when I need to be. Sometimes even a silent walk home in the presence of another is the catalyst we need to step out…step up…and embody our true north.

Do you have a sisterhood or tribe that walks you home? I’d love to know your experience.

Until next time, I give myself permission to be compassionate…intentional…mindful and creative. I give myself permission to be love.”

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve shared about our fall coach training program. This course is about changing your life, often in ways you’d never expect.

Want to spring out of bed on your Wednesday mornings? Email me at katie (at) innerglowcircle (dot) com and tell me about it. I’m down to chat about anything…except the weather. 🙂