It’s time to get visible.

There will always be times when you feel uncomfortable about sharing your whole truth or all of your story.

For COO Liv Chapman, this happened when she was pregnant with her now 4 year old son, Knox.

Her biz partner, CEO Katie DePaola questioned Liv about not sharing her story.

“You’re a life coach, why aren’t you talking about your life?”

Liv wasn’t sharing the whole truth about what was going on with her because she wasn’t feeling confident in herself. She didn’t like the way she looked.

She hid her pregnancy from the world because of it for a while. Then she finally shared.

I had my first confidence and visibility breakthrough after I found out that I was pregnant with my first son. When I finally had the courage to share it with everyone, I realized that no one was actually judging me, but everyone was cheering for me.

COO Liv Chapman

Years have gone by since then and Liv now has two children and actively shares her experience as a single parent online.

A few weeks ago she made a post just about how she was feeling in the moment and it got a ton of attention including over 40 comments.

The point is, you don’t have to create a whole content plan in order to get visible.

Liv didn’t even have any makeup on in the photo she included in her post, she just showed up and started talking about what was going on in her life at that very moment.

And it got so much attention!

The message for you in this?

If you don’t know what to talk about, literally just talk about what’s going on in your life and talk about what you’re afraid of.

Talk about what you’re experiencing, talk about your circumstances, talk about your wins or your challenges.

Literally look at your life in this moment and whatever that is, it becomes your content.

You have to stop overthinking it and just get visible.

When you’re vulnerable, you’re most relatable.

Everything you’re looking for is outside your comfort zone.

You want to be loved, accepted and honored for telling your truth. You want it to be easy to jump online, share something brilliant and get a TON of engagement. But you’re scared. 

After Liv had her visibility breakthrough and decided to get visible online, she:

  • Won a publishing deal with Hay House for her first book, Old Soul, New Money (coming fall 2020)
  • Started dating again, splurged on hair extensions, and started to really love her body
  • Evolved in her role as COO
  • + so much more

You can evolve and do the same!

Your message and your life has the power to change lives (including your own!)

Are you ready to get visible?