Everyone in the personal growth and business space is talking about mindset work. Positive psychology is actually what coaching grew out of. Thoughts become things.

So here’s the mother of all mindset shifts:

  • I love working hard.
  • I get off from working hard.
  • There’s a part of me that gets turned on because I work so hard.
  • I think it’s hot, I think it’s cool, I think it’s sexy.
  • I want to be a powerful woman, and to me a powerful woman works hard.

It’s not the hard work that’s bad.

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What’s negative or harmful and slows you down are the stories about the hard work.

So here’s an example from my life, in my relationship. I’ve had a lot of drama over the years. There’s a push and a pull, back and forth. I realized recently, “Oh my God, this is in my life like this because I like it. This is like a movie.”

Then I actually told my boyfriend, “You know, I like all this.”

And since I owned my part in it, a lot of the drama and the back and forth has sort of gone away. The emotion around it has dissolved.

So it’s not so much that you have to change that you work hard. It’s that you have to change the story that hard work is bad or is negative.

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You have to shift your mindset.

And of course there are strategies:

  • You’ve got to take breaks when you need to.
  • Batch your work tasks.
  • Eliminate distractions that slows you down

But the biggest thing here, from a coaching perspective, is realizing that working hard actually is your choice. And feeling empowered around that.

Tell us in the comments

what do you actually like about hard work? How can you shift your mindset to embrace this?