You want to share your truth but you’re scared of criticism.

When you allow yourself to be seen in your work, you open up the gateway to be seen everywhere.

The beauty in allowing yourself to be seen in your work is that you gain more recognition, trust and business from people all over (they will pop up out of the most random places!)

So let’s address that fear of Aunt Martha getting upset that you shared a childhood memory she doesn’t approve of…

You may feel afraid to be seen. You may feel afraid people will judge certain stories, viewpoints or opinions. You may be afraid people close to you will take offense to what you share.

Here’s the thing- everything you’re looking for is outside your comfort zone. You want to be loved, accepted and honored for telling your truth. (Duh!)

And also maybe….

  • You’re scared people will judge what you have to say online
  • You’re scared to show up online because you feel like you don’t “know enough,” aren’t “professional enough” or don’t look “good enough” yet
  • You have a certain someone in your head who you worry would disapprove of the stories you have to share
  • You fear your message isn’t as powerful as others so why even bother
  • You don’t believe you can get paid wild amounts of money to be yourself
  • You worry that you don’t have anything bold, different or provocative to say
  • You have an idea, but you’re afraid to put it out there and be bold
  • ETC

It’s time to let go of the fear of criticism.

Your fear of criticism is holding you back from being you.

How long will you hold yourself back due to the criticism of others?

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Have you ever held back due to fear of being criticized?

Tell us about it in the comments! And start getting visible, Glow Getter.

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