Do you dream of helping people reach their potential? Life coaches do just that, and many work as entrepreneurs, assisting people in succeeding in several areas of life. People can fulfill their potential with the support of life coaches who will cheer them up, hold them accountable and change their lives. If you have compassion for others, are always willing to listen, have creative problem-solving skills, and find genuine joy in seeing successful people, this might be your career. You can become a life coach and learn how to change people’s lives.

If this sounds like something you can do, you may want to know how to become a certified life coach. It’s easier than ever with online life coaching courses available in multiple formats. Whether you’re already working in a related field like counseling or coming from a completely different point of view – business, health, weight management, or another specialization – ICF coaching certification is a great way to use the skills you already have and fully use them in a Career.

Counseling has some overlap with life coaching. Mental Health Counselors have specialized training and often work in the health field, while Life Coaches work mostly independently and in various areas. Some people who start as mental health counselors can add life coach training, but many people from other fields will pursue online life coach certification to start their careers. A Life Coach can help businesses, groups, or individuals. Some best online life coaching courses are concise with only a few hours of training, while other life coach training programs will earn you a full bachelor’s or master’s degree with life coaching courses as a major.

With your life experience, passion, and training, your dream of becoming a life coach can come true sooner than you think.

How to be a life coach? 

  1. Discover your life coaching skills: How do you know if you are fit for life coaching? Perhaps people often come to you for advice. Maybe you are willing to help others overcome obstacles you have worked so hard to overcome. 
  2. Determine the best life coach education and certification for you: You will need to research the best life coach certification that fits your lifestyle, philosophy, and budget. There is a variety of life coach training available, from face-to-face, mixed to online. In addition, there are accredited and unaccredited life coaching course centers. Interview each training center to see if it meets your needs.
  3. Learn what a life coach needs to be in business: In addition to the coaching skills you learn in training, there are several areas in which you need to become proficient. Most require your daily attention, such as Advertising, Billing, and Planning. 
  4. Develop your unique Coaching vision: What is a coaching vision? This is a comprehensive and inspiring view of your business, clearly stating the types of people you will serve and how. You don’t need to have a specific vision for your niche immediately. As you progress through ICF coaching certification and practice your training skills, this may change for the better. 
  5. Find out what life coaching clients want: It’s nice to know that customers want one thing above all: solutions to pressing problems. They don’t need answers that they cannot find on their own. As a coach, you make it easy for them to solve their problems. This provides the perfect opportunity to discover your ideal customer and offer them a market share. 
  6. Plan your transition to your life coaching career wisely: Anyone who wants to be a life coach needs to know how (and how not to) get into this business, especially regarding income. Your income expectations can exceed or derail your plans. If you don’t check it, your life coaching business may end before it has a chance to succeed.

Cost of becoming a certified life coach

Your overall cost of becoming a certified life coach depends on the specific life coaching courses you are pursuing. Certification programs can cost anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. For example, many NWC and ICF coaching certification programs cost several thousand dollars. In addition to certification course fees, ICF examination and application fees can range from $175 to $900 depending on the level of certification, and the NBHWC exam and registration fees total $450.


Start your career as a life coach today.

With so many different best life coach certifications, many opportunities exist to make a difference in people’s lives while enjoying a fulfilling career. Since the requirements are in the eye of the beholder, you can quickly enter this profession and establish yourself with some training and talent.