If you’re wondering how to ask powerful coaching questions that get results each and every time, keep reading!

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1. Ask MOSTLY open-ended questions ⁣

You can start asking questions that start with What, How, Where⁣. You can also ask open ended questions allow for more reflection and responses that go beyond typical yes/no answers⁣. This is how clients begin to get in touch with what they want and where actions and ideas come from.

 2. Ask forward-moving questions⁣ ⁣

Don’t focus on what the client doesn’t want and why, instead focus them on what they DO want and how they are going to get it⁣. So, when a client can identify what they don’t want, acknowledge that and then ask a forward-moving question⁣. For example, “I hear you that you do not want to stay in your current job and you aren’t sure what’s next. What do you know you want in a future career?”⁣

⁣ 3. Be BOLD and patient⁣

Ask questions that are bold and edgy. Treading lightly is what friends do. Being bold and asking challenging questions is what coaches do. For example, you have a client who is clinging to an unhealthy relationship with a partner and is constantly complaining/contemplating breaking up with him. A bold question would look like something like this: How much longer are you willing to live with the way things are right now? ⁣ ⁣

When you ask challenging questions, clients will often pause. Allow the awkward silence! People need space to process and get clarity so don’t be tempted to fill the space by layering on another question or panicking and commenting quickly!⁣

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