Location: Knightdale, NC

IGC Certified Coach

Website: www.yoliray.com

Instagram: @therealyoliray

Tik Tok: @heyitsyoli

1.  What advice would you have for someone going into Coach Training and/or Leaders Rising?

I would say set your intention determine what you want to get out of the experience so when you start to feel challenged, afraid or unmotivated you can quickly refocus on why you are here and what you are working toward. The other piece I would say is implement as you go. You don’t have to have it all figured out to begin taking clients. You can start taking on clients as soon as you are ready. Even if they aren’t paid clients, look for opportunities to coach as soon as possible so that you can begin collecting your hours and build your coaching confidence. So coach, coach, coach!!

2. How have you grown personally as a Graduate Student from Inner Glow Circle?

I have learned so much more about myself and that has challenged me to grow in almost every aspect of my life. I have learned to lean into my intuition a lot more and not just around major decisions but in everything I do.

3. Share something that you are currently working on personally or professionally…

I am currently working on 3 new incredible programs my group coaching program-The Whole Woman that begins in November of this year, my teen program Full Wattage that launches in January 2024 and my online summit Whole Woman Day that will be held on International Woman’s day which is March 8, 2024. I have some great speakers that I am collaborating with and I am really excited about it. It’s going to be amazing!

4. What is something you loved about Coach Training and/or Leaders Rising?

I was blessed to meet some incredible women in coach training that have continued to be a source of support and inspiration even after graduation. I love how supportive everyone on the IGC team is of their students and so willing to help.

5. What’s one lesson that you’ve learned in Leaders Rising that you’ve already applied?

I learned that I can redefine the perceptions I have adopted from societal conditioning. I wanted to create an authentically aligned business not recreate the corporate structure that I am trying to get out of. So when the lesson on what is professional came up, it gave me the opportunity to redefine the image of what that looks like for me. And that was in lesson 1!

6. What strategies have you taken to create visibility for yourself and your business?

Getting guest spots on podcasts, in person networking and choosing one social media platform to focus on. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to be everywhere online but very difficult to keep up with. So I started getting out in public and meeting people face to face and building my local network which has helped me get comfortable with presenting my message, building my contact list and clarify my message. Then I began putting myself out there for podcast opportunities. I have been fortunate enough to be interviewed by a local magazine and just recently got invited to interview with another magazine. I have even landed a couple of speaking engagements in the coming months.

7. What’s next for you?

Growing my podcast -The Self-love SuperPower, that can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon!