Location: St. Louis, MO

  IGC Certified Coach

Website:  https://www.coachingbysammybea.com/


1. What’s one lesson that you’ve learned in Leaders Rising that you’ve already applied?

One lesson I’ve learned in Coach Training that I’ve already applied is the power of creating a safe and supportive environment for growth. By facilitating a space where clients feel empowered to explore their desires and challenges, I’ve seen tremendous breakthroughs. This approach also relieves the pressure of needing to solve all their issues, as the client is the expert on their own life. My role is to support them in a reflective environment where they can grow and find the solutions that truly work for them.

2. What advice would you have for someone going into Coach Training?

If you’re on the fence about enrolling in IGC certification training, I say go for it! It’s an investment in yourself and your future. Stay open-minded, don’t let negative thoughts hold you back, and keep taking steps forward. Lean on your partner coach for support and actively engage with the IGC community. The tools and techniques you gain will transform not only your clients’ lives but your own as well.

3. How has Coach Training/Leaders Rising benefited your business?

Coach Training has significantly benefited my business by equipping me with practical tools and techniques that facilitate real transformation. The training emphasized the value of being curious and always asking questions, which has helped me partner with my clients more effectively. The connections I’ve made within the IGC community have also provided invaluable support and collaboration opportunities.

4.  What is something you loved about Coach Training/Leaders Rising?

I absolutely loved the sense of community and connection within the program. The relationships I’ve built with fellow coaches have been incredibly supportive and inspiring. In addition to class, the weekly calls are a highlight, offering continuous learning and a space to share experiences and challenges. This community has become an essential part of my professional journey, providing both guidance and camaraderie.

5. How have you grown on a personal level as a Graduate Student from Inner Glow Circle?

As a Graduate Student from Inner Glow Circle, I’ve experienced significant personal growth. The program has taught me to always remain curious and to ask questions rather than making assumptions. This mindset has not only improved my coaching skills but also enriched my personal relationships. I’ve become more self-aware and better at navigating my own journey, which in turn helps me support my clients more effectively.

6. How has IGC continued to support you as a Graduate Student?

IGC has continued to support me through its vibrant FB community and the availability of weekly calls. These resources provide ongoing learning opportunities and a platform to connect with other coaches. This network of support helps me stay motivated and inspired, ensuring that I always have access to advice and encouragement when needed.

7.  Share something that you are currently working on personally or professionally…

Currently, I am working on a coaching program that focuses on the subconscious mind to create true transformation. This program is designed to help clients reprogram their subconscious beliefs, enabling them to achieve their goals and live their desired lives. It’s an exciting project that combines my passion for subconscious reprogramming with practical, impactful coaching techniques.

8.  What is something you wish more people knew about you?

I wish more people knew how passionate I am about helping others unlock their full potential through subconscious reprogramming. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness my clients’ transformations as they realize their power to create the reality they desire.

9. What strategies have you taken to create visibility for yourself and your business?

To create visibility for myself and my business, I’ve leveraged social media platforms like Instagram, where I share valuable content, tools, and techniques related to subconscious reprogramming.

10. What strategies have you taken to create visibility for yourself and your business?

Next for me is the launch of my signature 12-week coaching program, which is designed to deeply engage with and reprogram the subconscious mind for lasting transformation. This program will provide clients with the tools and techniques needed to create true change in their lives. Inside the program, they will learn how to reprogram their subconscious using tools like affirmations, EFT tapping, hypnosis, and visualization techniques. I am excited to focus all my efforts on delivering this transformative experience and supporting my clients on their journey to achieving their desired outcomes. This program represents the culmination of my work and passion for helping individuals unlock their full potential through the power of subconscious reprogramming.