Location: Westport, CT

  IGC Certified Coach

Website: https://www.melissabyczek.com


1. What advice would you have for someone going into Coach Training?

As you head into coach training, be completely openminded to the journey ahead. Your evolution over the next six months could shift your desires for your specialty or business path as a coach in a bountiful way. Get excited to encounter and bond with incredible individuals with who will shape the way your business unfolds. The more flexible you are with your end goal, the more aligned you will leave coach training with your true authentic desires and capabilities to offer your clients.

2.  How has Coach Training/Leaders Rising benefited your business?

Where to even begin?! Coach training taught me the true power of genuine curiosity and detaching from the outcome of your clients. These two key elements will help you coach your clients in the most beneficial and valuable ways. Training also gives you the confidence and tools to meet each unique client where they are rather than trying to bring clients to where you are comfortable coaching. There is a marked difference between a coach who is credentialed with IGC and a coach who has not been through this training.

3. What is something you loved about Coach Training/Leaders Rising?

What I loved about coach training was the community of women I grew to know, respect and love. We supported each other, learned from each other and continue to champion each other beyond coach training. It’s truly a unique setting that allows you to connect with like-minded women working towards a similar goal. It was an incredible, life changing experience that radiated to all areas of my life.

4. Share something that you are currently working on personally or professionally…

Through my coaching business I offer individual coaching, group coaching and speaking engagements. What I love about group coaching is the ability for women to connect in a setting where everyone learns from each other, receives support and validation, and is motivated to level up. This has been an avenue I didn’t necessarily see myself taking and yet seems to be so well received and requested. I have also really enjoyed speaking engagements and one-time events that bring me deeper into my community and inspire those I would normally not encounter in a coaching session. My next event is a prompted free writing session with the Westport Writers Workshop on 2/8/24.

5. What is something you wish more people knew about you?

I’m constantly working on myself and struggling with the same things every other mother and businesswoman struggles with. There’s no “finish line” in this area and that’s sort of the beauty of being a coach. I go through ups and downs and try to learn, grow and evolve through them, remembering that those experiences help me coach my clients better. If you’re not meeting obstacles in your life then you aren’t being called to grow and level up.

6. What strategies have you taken to create visibility for yourself and your business?

Networking in my community has been the best way to create visibility. This can be going to events that other entrepreneurs are hosting and collaborating/co-hosting events with other women. It’s mainly about getting out in my community (not online) and talking to people about what I do and how I can help them personally or with their business. There’s nothing better than genuine, in-person conversation where you can share your passion for your business.

10.  What’s next for you? 

Great question! I try to stay open and flexible with my offerings and business trajectory as I’m continually growing and evolving as a person and coach. The more I allow my business to unfold naturally, the more aligned opportunities come my way. My real goal is just to help others and be an active member in my community so as long as those things are being met, I feel good about my business. I could also see myself getting a few more credentials under my belt to help my clients with more specified tools. The opportunities are really endless!