Location: Houston, TX

IGC Certified Coach, Spiritual Mentor, & Intuitive Counselor

Website: https://www.lindsay-leigh.com/

Instagram: @lindsayleighofficial

1. Tell us about the type of work you do in your business, and what you’re working on now!

I am an IGC Certified Coach, Advanced Intuitive Reader, BQH Hypnosis Practitioner, and Source Energy Practitioner.

My journey from a terrified child with gifts I did not understand to becoming an empowered adult after navigating an intense spiritual awakening in 2017, led me on a journey where I worked and learned from master teachers and mentors including shamans, psychic mediums, channelers, and Akashic Records teachers.

As I learned more about my gifts, I realized I still had SO much inner work to do and so much shadow work to integrate after a lifetime of repeating unhelpful patterns and programs denying my true, authentic self. I found something that would forever change my life in a truly profound way – hypnosis.

Now I offer several powerful methods of custom coaching packages, courses, and regression hypnosis that also integrate energy work + intuition. It has created accelerated healing and growth for my clients.

This work has shown time and time again to release their limitations while alchemizing their ability to step into the life and business of their wildest dreams.

I am passionate about helping my clients find a path to activate their highest potential while honoring their deep innate wisdom.

2. How has being in the IGC community & going through coach training benefited you?

Going through coach training was a pivotal shift in my life. The experience itself was life-changing with my other classmates who have become dear friends of mine. It became the foundation for the leadership work I did in corporate America and continues as I run my own spiritual business coaching and consulting practice.

3. What was your life like before you got into coaching?

In 2018 I became an ICF Certified coach and took on private coaching clients off and on over the years. I leveraged this credential in my professional space as well leading teams. However, I knew in my heart that I wanted to go off on my own and really see what kind of business I could create using my own gifts in this space.

By the end of 2022, I was severely burned out and experiencing my own health problems. To me, that was the sign that something needed to change if my life was going to change. I left corporate America with a plan and an idea. When you self-finance your own dreams, there’s a lot on the line – like paying bills and supporting loved ones.

It felt like jumping off a cliff into the unknown. We are so deeply programmed to be happy with what we have and to earn money in a specific way. So pushing against the only way of life you know is incredibly scary.

Over the next 6 months working with clients, hosting workshops, and offering free events, I learned more and more how to lean into my business. The entrepreneurial journey has been a ride, to say the least, but experiencing life in this way has been more rewarding than any experience I’ve had thus far. I’ve met incredible people and supported myriad businesses and clients to help them grow and scale using a heart-centered approach. I’ve loved taking my background in business and helping others find greater balance in their careers as well as in the businesses they are building.

My ultimate goal is to elevate consciousness in the professional world by teaching higher principles of business strategy and helping those who feel empathic or spiritual find a deeply authentic way to navigate their own way in this world.

4. What advice would you have for someone going into Coach Training?

Trust yourself and the greater vision you have for your life. If taking this step feels a little scary but also expansive, then take the leap! Moving towards your next level isn’t done because it’s easy, but knowing that you’re meant for something beyond the space where you are currently sitting and where you’re at in this moment.