Lauren Devera

Location: Alexandria, VA

IGC Certified Coach and Level II Leaders Rising Graduate


Instagram: @thelaurendevera @thelionsdendmv @thriveandthread

Lauren DeVera is a graduate of both IGC’s Coach Training and Level II Leaders Rising Programs. She is the founder of The Lion’s Den (dance & wellness community), host of the Thrive + Thread Podcast, and a certified life coach and choreographer.

Lauren’s mission is to empower, educate and equip humans to flourish through mindfulness, movement and mentorship. As a 360° wellness advocate, choreographer and performance artist in the DC metropolitan area, Lauren empowers people through various modalities including coaching, dance, yoga, barre & meditation. It is Lauren’s mission to make wellness, self-care and self-love more inclusive, accessible and impactful. You can also learn more about Lauren by listening to her guest episode, “Shoot Your Shot” on The Six Figure Certified Coach Podcast.

1.   What advice would you have for someone going into Coach Training and/or Leaders Rising?

Trust the timing of your journey. Don’t compare your speed to anyone else’s – yours is happening at the exact time it needs to. All it takes if a shift in your belief.

2.  How has IGC continued to support you as a Graduate Student?

Ongoing support and communications from the family! They are there at any moment you have a question or need a little support and encouragement.

3.  How have Coach Training and Leaders Rising benefited your business?

Being around inspired and courageous women who are working towards similar goals! It held me accountable and reinvigorated my desire to take my business seriously.

4.  What is something you loved about Coach Training and Leaders Rising?

RETREAT. It will change your mindset, bring your joy and compel you to take aligned action, NOW!

5.  Share something you are currently working on personally or professionally:

I recently sold out my first group coaching program and am rethinking and strategizing how to make the second round better! I’m also in the midst of working on my first short dance film as part of an Artist Residency with the University of Maryland. And cutting out things from my schedule that no longer align with who I am today and where I want to go. I’ve also picked up my love and habit for reading and diving deeper and more intimately in my faith life and spiritual practice.

6.  What is something you wish more people knew about you?

How much I care about others.

7. What strategies have you taken to create visibility for yourself and your business?

I recently dabbled in TikTok but have shifted how I approach my podcast – bringing value and vulnerability into all the spaces is the key!