Location: Covington, Louisiana

  IGC Certified Coach

Website: www.Jennygremillion.com


1. What advice would you have for someone going into Coach Training?

You don’t have to have it all figured out in the beginning to get started! Start coaching in a niche you think you want to coach in, and you can always pivot down the road as you grow and change! The path will reveal itself as you go.

2.  How has Coach Training/Leaders Rising benefited your business?

Coach training was very thorough and gave me the confidence to get started and serve my clients at the highest level. After finishing Coach training, I felt fully equipped to coach clients on any topic or issue they may be having.

3. What is something you loved about Coach Training/Leaders Rising?

The community. Having other coaches alongside you in the journey that you could talk to and keep in touch with is invaluable. I still keep in touch with those in my training class!

4.  How have you grown on a personal level as a Graduate Student from Inner Glow Circle?

A deeper understanding of listening skills in Coach training has helped me be a better wife, parent and friend.

5.  How has IGC continued to support you as a Graduate Student?

I feel confident that if I ever have any snags in my business or coaching, IGC is always there to support me. The service that they provide after you’re finished with training has been impressive and much appreciated. Kendell is always just an email or phone call away and has always been eager to help me.

6. What is something you wish more people knew about you?

As a form of self care (which is extremely important for women), I paint colorful abstracts! I love the challenge of abstract art. To paint “like a toddler “ takes lots of letting go of perfectionism. It has not on,y been a stress reliever but it has grown me in so many ways. I encourage all women to pick up a creative hobby.

7. What strategies have you taken to create visibility for yourself and your business?

Utilizing Facebook and Instagram, specifically through reels and live video, has been the catalyst to filling my practice thus far.

8.  Share something that you are currently working on personally or professionally…

I’ve been married for almost 18 years and have recently come across some skills that have really increased the intimacy in my marriage. I am working on showing up as the best version of myself in my marriage and it’s really paying off.

9.  What’s next for you? 

After 3 years of life and money coaching, I am shifting marriage coaching. I have found that my relationships are the most precious thing to me in my life – if those aren’t rock solid, then nothing else matters. No woman should have to suffer in her marriage! I’m excited to help other high achieving women discover the tools that I have, to have a more fulfilling marriage.