Location: Washington, DC

IGC Certified Coach 

Website: https://glowinlifestyle.com/

Instagram: @g.l.o.win_lifestyle

Birthed with an innate desire to defy cultural & generational odds, as life progressed, those odds fought back and the desire became more distant. Finding her identity in other’s expectations; believing perfection was the only standard but continually falling short; while fear, complaints, anxiety and unhealed spaces became her norm–no matter what was accomplished externally.

On her personal Jesus + therapy journey, God revealed that the generation of women He called her to, was just like the woman He was healing in her. Starting with the woman in the mirror, she found her light and G.L.O.WIN Lifestyle was born.

This brand was birthed from the burden of women embracing their world-given identity versus walking in their God-given Original design. Through education and coaching, God entrusted her with the mantle of encouragement and igniting gratitude, while spreading the love of Christ.

Her life is to empower purposeful living shining from the inside out!!

1.   What advice would you have for someone going into Coach Training and/or Leaders Rising?

Lean all the way in! Bring your fullest self into the space; ask the hard questions; and most importantly, believe if you are in the program, it is to change your life as you learn to impact other lives. Allow yourself to grow—A LOT, actually look for it! Be more curious about your healing and growth; less on the technique (that’s the easy-ish part). When you operate from a healed heart, you will help and impact more than you can imagine. Believe in your future self before you get there and when you do, you’ll see her show up! That belief will carry you to and keep you in the places you desire most; the money will be bonus as you journey. Lastly, how you receive your ROI can come in many forms, but it’s up to you to decide which return will provide your life with the greatest value!

2. How have you grown on a personal level as a Graduate Student from Inner Glow Circle?

Since graduating from IGC, I’ve grown more comfortable in my unique and tailored identity. When I first joined, I was so consumed with building my business the “right” way based on what I saw around me instead of crafting what was already in my hand & heart. Coach Training encouraged me to pour from my overflow instead of trying to accommodate everyone, leaving me empty. I’ve had to remember that I am not made for everyone and even in that reality, I am more than enough for the somebodies that I am called to. Not because I have all the right answers but because I am leading by example in walking confidently in who I am made to be.

3. Share something that you are currently working on personally or professionally…

Since graduating Coach Training in March ’22, I’ve launched G.L.O.WIN Lifestyle LLC, a Christian faith-founded brand where our mission is to serve individuals in their pursuit of living in purpose and to encourage a life of Gratitude + Love in their Original design through coaching and education. There are currently two operating entities under this brand, G.L.O.WIN Lifestyle Coaching and The Me Too Sis, Podcast. G.L.O.WIN Lifestyle Coaching is a faith-based service dedicated to women seeking mental and life breakthroughs via discovery of their God-given identity and purpose. We offer individual and group coaching focused on clients reaching and living in their Original design. The Me Too, Sis Podcast bridges conversation about faith + adulting (mentally, spiritually, relationally) and season two launches late March. In addition, we host workshops and have some other goodies in the cue for 2023–so while a full plate, it is a purposeFULL plate and I’m grateful!

4.  What is something you loved about Coach Training and Leaders Rising?

The community! Going through Coach Training was an amazing opportunity to learn techniques and curriculum, but the best part was being a part of a beautiful community of women! We laughed, cried, and learned so much together, which truly made the experience and investment so much more worth it. Coach Training was indeed a blessing and an experience I will forever cherish!
5. What strategies have you taken to create visibility for yourself and your business?
Visibility was something that I was quite concerned with upon graduation. Shortly after, I mostly focused on building via socials and word of mouth. I then realized how much of a full time job social media visibility was/is, so I began seeking elsewhere. While searching for other routes, an unforeseen idea was dropped to me and that was starting my podcast, May of ’22. I was more interested in joining others as a guest, and by no means believed I could/would start my own. However, I took the leap of faith and that was the game changer–for my confidence, visibility and reach! My business and confidence as coach has strengthened immensely since then.
6. What’s next for you?
Hiring a team! Currently looking for an administrative assistant and creative designer. Applications & JDs are all on my website! If you know of anyone that fits the bill, send them my way!