Tech hands, Instagram reach, sales trainings and more! Here’s what you need to know this week.

Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.” — Judy Garland

Your Guide to Glowing this Week


Got tech hands? From phone to computer, business asks a lot of your fingers and wrists! A recent study of college students found that those who used their mobile devices for 5 hours a day or more had symptoms of carpal tunnel! That’s a legit strain injury from tech use! So lame! Give your fingers, hands and wrists some love this week by following these 10 simple stretches.


What if you could sit face to face with a successful woman CEO and ask her all your burning business questions? It’s time to get answers straight from the source. Starting Thursday at 10am EST, Katie DePaola will host GlowCEO, a brand new weekly show in the Inner Glow Circle Free Community! This week she’s breaking down her 5 steps to manifesting (and the #1 mistake you’re making). 

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Have you ever been so caught up in what everyone else says you “should” do that you’ve completely lost sight of what YOU actually want the most? ”What do you REALLY want?” That’s the question COO Liv Chapman spent decades avoiding. Hear how Liv got clear on her dreams…and went after them.

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Oh shit! Mercury has gone retrograde. You’ve heard people BLAMING the planet for their tech, travel and communication problems, right?! Is Mercury Retrograde even real? Can it affect you?! Check out our latest blog on this cosmic phenomena, so you can prepare your life and business for what’s to come!


If you want to sell your offerings, you can’t just post on social and walk away! Sales is service, so talk about how you help people through your work every damn day. Social media algorithms prevent any single post from reaching your entire audience, so don’t worry about people getting tired of your message! This week, post daily about what you’re offering right now. That’s 7 posts this week!


Building a following doesn’t happen overnight. If you’ve been listening to our weekly social media tips, you’re going all out with posting selfies , using hashtags and engaging with other accounts. The final piece of the puzzle? How often you post. The “once every few days” plan just isn’t enough. Your followers need to see you show up consistently! Aim to post at least 5 times a week. Bonus tip: you can always plan your posts for the week ahead with apps like Buffer.

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