May Glowscopes 2020

Your May Glowscopes are here, Glow Getters!

This May there is a Full Moon in Scorpio, a New Moon in Gemini and we enter Gemini season on the 21st.

Read May’s full cosmic forecast below for all the deets. Then, find your zodiac sign and take notes! It has everything you NEED TO KNOW to navigate your May horoscope!

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Hello, Taurus season.

Taurus season started on the 19th of April and lasts until the 21st of May. This is a lovely time to get grounded and come back to yourself. Put your needs before the needs of others. Taurus season encourages you to find the beauty in life. This is undoubtedly a hard time for society but you are encouraged to find any silver lining you can at this time. Connect with nature. Cook home cooked meals. Connect with the ones you’re sitting at home with (even if it’s just you or a pet!) Take time to put your phone away, turn the tv off and tune into you. Try creating a creative outlet for yourself during this time. Remember that right now, in this moment, you are already doing enough. You are already whole. Seek gratitude in every moment this season. 

Full Moon in Scorpio:

There is a Full Moon in watery Scorpio on May 7th. Emotions will run deep this Full Moon but it will be positive and healing. While emotions may be heightened, so will be understanding and compassion for others. This Full Moon will bring a sense of calmness to humanity. It’s a time to allow any fear, grief or anger surface and resolve itself. This Full Moon is a very “let go and let god” vibe. Whether you need to journal, cry, get angry, whatever it is, allow yourself to release and prepare to feel a wave of peace and clarity afterwards. This Full Moon will help us purge and bring hope to all. Amidst all the chaos, the Universe still has your back.

Gemini season is coming!:

Gemini season arrives on May 21st. Wait.. but how is it May already? Whether you’re still quarantined or are finally free to leave the house, Gemini season will have you lit up with inspiration and energy. The season of Gemini brings determination, focus and resilience. Basically, you’re going to be unstoppable. Put this energy into business! Times have been tough for most and now more than ever is the time to pivot. For some of you this may mean creating something brand new and launching it asap! (Seriously, stop waiting.) For others, you may have had the outline of a new course or offer (or entire business idea) for some time but haven’t gone fully in on it. Now is the time! Create and press send or publish without looking back. That’s what Gemini season is all about.

New Moon in Gemini:

After just one day into Gemini season is the New Moon in Gemini (May 22nd!). This New Moon is asking you to speed things up and make.shit.happen. Which will not be hard to do with the ripe energy of Gemini season around you. New Moons= new beginnings. What are you ready to begin? What do you feel called to create? Gemini is known for its powerful communication skills. Who can you talk to at this time to help manifest your vision of the future? Don’t hold back from talking about your dreams with others this New Moon. And definitely do not hold back from taking action. Now is the time! 

Find your sign below to get even more guidance from your May GlowScope!

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May Glowscope Aries: The month ahead looks good for you, Aries. However, prepare for your main focus to shift from career to home life. Work and money is good for you the first half of this month but then it will be time to chill on those things for a bit. If there is anything you want to invest in, now is the time to do it. After the 16th of the month (when Venus goes retrograde) it will be time to conserve your finances and pay less attention to your career. Things are shifting in those areas and you need time to step away and get more grounded with yourself. Return to everyday activities outside of work that light you up! The 11th-13th will be great career days for you. The 27th and 28th are strong days to spend with family and friends.


May Glowscope Taurus: You are glowing this month, Taurus! (Of course you are, it’s Taurus season.) This month your soul will be craving fresh air and movement. Get outside and move your body. Go on a walk or run or even a nice drive with your windows down. Spring is here and you are meant to soak up the springtime energy! Expect money to come to you from untraditional places this month Allow yourself to think outside the box when it comes to finances. Work and nature are the two themes for you this month and if you can find a way to intertwine the two, magic will happen. The 20th-29th will be a particularly magical time frame for you this month! Get glowing!

May Glowscope Gemini: Things are slowing down this month for you, Gemini. Specifically your career and love life. That is okay and not necessarily a bad thing. Life ebbs and flows. If you’re single, you’re likely to remain single. If you’re in a relationship, things are likely to just mellow out. Go with it. Keep working on your career but do not expect major advancement at this time. As long as you keep working, big things will happen later this year for you. Finances, however, will be excellent for you this month. The 7th and 23rd will be particularly strong finance days for you. Your sense of independence will be stronger this month than the whole rest of the year. Now is really a great time to explore more of yourself. There are so many pleasant things to find there! You have a big month of self discovery ahead.


May Glowscope Cancer: Your relationship with friends and family will seem a little out of place this month. It’s important to have patience and remember that everyone is dealing with this time differently. This month it is important to focus on yourself and your spiritual beliefs. There is a lot for you to dig deeper into when it comes to your spirituality and now is a great time to do so. Finances will be good this month and it is advised that you learn a new “technological skill.” Explore what that means to you but know that it will lead to more income down the road if you take the time to explore this. Knowledge is power (and income). Check in on family after the 13th. This is when Venus will go retrograde and affect family members most. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad, in fact it could mean something really good. Be sure to be in touch with family so you can find out! The 21st and 22nd will be particularly good days for you.

May Glowscope Leo: Rest is huge for you this month, Leo, and it’s super important for your health. This can be a great month for your health and energy levels but only as long as you make it a point to make that top priority. Don’t forget, health is wealth! So come up with a plan to make sure you super self care this May! Work and money will be good this month. You will discover a new approach to finances that has a more spiritual, intuitive twist. This is good! Expect a pay raise or bonus this month. Good surprises in work and money are right around the corner. Take care of yourself and prepare to succeed! Don’t overthink things. The 21st-24th will be particularly great career and money days for you.

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May Glowscope Virgo: It’s a strange time right now, Virgo, yet this month will be one of the greatest personal success months for you this year. This doesn’t have to do with work, family, or money. It has everything to do with you for who you are when work, money and outside relationships disappear. (Those things aren’t going anywhere, don’t worry, but that’s not the point this month!) This month is a time for you to basically wine and dine yourself all month long. Don’t worry about the “real world” or day to day routine. Get creative and really enjoy your own company this month. There’s great potential for you to have so much fun and massive breakthroughs. Tune out of social media, tap into you and you will be glowing all month long. The 13th-16th will be particularly amazing days for you!

May Glowscope Libra: Mindset is everything for you this month, Libra. It’s so important that you really tend to your thoughts and feelings more so than usual.  Things will likely feel a little off this month and that’s okay! As long as you work to keep a positive and calm mind, everything else around you will feel harmonious (and harmony is what you thrive off of!) Make it a point to practice meditating this month and do things that make you feel good. Allow yourself to explore new things. Hold off on any big investments this month. Find joy in what’s available around you now, you’ll learn a lot about yourself in doing so.  The 23rd-26th will be particularly great days for you.

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May Glowscope Scorpio: Do you ever fill up your online shopping cart with clothes you think you might want to buy but then close the tab before buying? That’s what you’re asked to do this month, but with lifestyle and career. Lately you’ve been feeling called to explore new territories in your life. You’ve been questioning how you really want to live and what you really want to do, and that is incredible, Scorpio. This indicates massive growth for you. But here’s the thing– don’t make an impulse decision. Explore your options, take your time. Compare your online shopping cart to the bank of all your wishes and desires. Take time to explore new ways of life this month and add the ideas that jump out to you into your “idea bank.” This can be a lot of fun for you! There’s no pressure to take action right now, just explore what you’re being called to. There is a reason for this that will reveal itself to you later this year. The 1st-3rd of this month are particularly good days to explore new options.

May Glowscope Sagittarius: It’s time to get crafty this month, Sagittarius. This month is a great time for you to focus on decorating your home or starting new projects. The people around you will be a little more on edge than usual and that is not for you to engage with this month. Keep yourself busy with productive tasks that make you feel accomplished. Dive deep into a new project (or a few) and enjoy the time with yourself. Make sure you take on tasks that are pleasurable for you! You work hard on anything you are given, this month it is important that you work solely on the things that bring you joy. Finances are slowing down but you still will prosper. Be patient. The 12th-14th will be particularly good days for you!

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May Glowscope Capricorn: You will be glowing from the inside out all month long, Capricorn. Despite everything going on, this will be one of the best months of 2020 for you. Your energy levels will be up and you will find ways to seek joy and pleasure in your day to day life. Your health is actually influenced by your mood this month (in a really good way!) so don’t hold yourself back from having fun. There should be no guilt or shame in enjoying yourself at this time. Forget about the mundane tasks for a while When Gemini season kicks off on the 21st, you will actually be excited to get to work on the more mundane things. But this is only if you truly allow yourself to have fun up until then. Get glowing, Capricorn. The 10th-14 will be particularly amazing days for you.

May Glowscope Aquarius: Despite everything going on in the world right now, this is a great career month for you, Aquarius. Your GLOWZone this month is sales and marketing so don’t hold back. People need what you have to offer to the world. Step up your social media game and share what you’re up to. Money should flow easily to you this month as long as you show up and put your offers out there. You and your biz are whole and perfect as they are right now. You don’t need to read another book or hire another mentor right now, you are ready. So put yourself out there! Love is also fun for you this month. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you will find that you’re enjoying yourself, your significant other or the potential of one and that is enough for you. Nothing needs to be serious this month, everything should feel light. This is a very good month for you. The 23rd and 24th should be particularly great days!

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May Glowscope Pisces: You are glowing right now, Pisces, and will continue to do so all month long. This will be another great month for finances and you will find that money seeks you versus you working hard for the money (of course you still have to work, but you will find this month is different). Due to the positioning of the planets this month, you will be much more productive during the evening and at night rather than in the day. So allow yourself to sleep in and do things that make you feel good during the day whether that is laying out in the sun or snuggled up in bed with a book or a good TV show. You are deep on your path of personal transformation and should prepare to see huge shifts this month. This is very exciting. The 15th and 16th will be particularly good days for you.

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