Your March 2020 horoscopes (aka Glowscopes!) are here, glow getters!

This March there is a Full Moon in Virgo, a New Moon in Aries, Mercury Retrograde ENDS (preach) and we enter Aries season on the 21st.

Read March’s full cosmic forecast below for all the deets. Then, find your zodiac sign and take notes! It has everything you NEED TO KNOW to navigate your March 2020 horoscope!

Hello, Pisces season!

Pisces season started on the 19th of February and lasts until the 20th of March. It’s the season of mysticism, deep healing, heightened intuition and beauty. Now is the time to really connect with your spirituality and beliefs about yourself, your biz and the world around you. Have fun with Pisces season! There is truly magic in the air and it’s ready for you to tap into. Get “woo woo” with all things you do this season. Set intentions for your days, step into nature, and allow yourself to daydream about all the great things you want. Remember, it’s not about focusing on how you’ll achieve what you want, it’s about focusing on the fact that you will achieve it– someway, somehow. Believe it! Let your daydreams take control this season, it’s what Pisces season is all about. 

Full Moon in Virgo

On March 9th, there’s a Full Moon in Virgo. This calls for interesting Full Moon vibes since it occurs during Pisces season and the signs of Virgo and Pisces are in opposition. Virgo energy is all about being structured and organized while the energy of Pisces is very go with the flow and day-dreamy. Therefore this Full Moon may cause conflicting feelings. Allow yourself to feel what you feel! If you’re a Water or Earth sign you will likely feel called to escape into a dream world of creativity and visioning of the future. If you’re a fire or air sign, you will likely be ready to put all your thoughts and ideas into action. Either way, the energy surrounding you is strong and abundant! Spend the Full Moon the way you please, major results will follow!

Mercury Retrograde is ending! 

Have you been feeling in a funk? Let’s just take a moment to celebrate… goodbye weird vibes! Mercury Retrograde is officially over on March 10th. Whew. That was a weird one. Time to get glowing! Get excited.

Aries season is coming!:

Aries season arrives on March 21st. This is a major season of productivity. All those dreams and visions you had during Pisces season? Time to put them into motion. The Aries energy is supporting you! Get down with your business ass self. More on this next month, but put yourself out there! Get visible! Share your vision with the world. Take your ideas seriously, they are yours for a reason.

New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries on March 24th will be refreshing and motivating. Prepare to feel a fire lit under your you-know-what. Mercury Retrograde is over and it’s time to make shit happen. Aries season + Aries New Moon= a whole new list of goals and ambitions. Go to bed early, wake up early and seize every day, babe. This high vibe energy will be super strong March 22nd- March 26th. Now is the time to start something new! Don’t hold back. 

Find your sign below to get even more guidance from your March GlowScope!

March 2020 horoscope Aries: Aries, you are always making your next plans and your energy is contagious, but allow the season of Pisces to calm you down for a bit and reflect on what fire you’re ready to start next. Relax and retreat. Don’t let your ego make you feel like you have to carry out projects that no longer serve you. Take time to really think about what it is you want to do next. You hold your own power and there is much to do with it. Sit back and reflect. When Aries season starts on the 21st, shoot your arrow and go! But in the meantime, relax and take care of yourself!


March 2020 horoscope Taurus: You’ve had a busy last few months and it’s time to focus on you, Taurus. This can be tough for you to do as you value catering to the people around you. Challenge yourself to take all the time you need to focus on your own needs. Of course distractions will show up and when they do look inwards and reflect on how you can still give yourself the personal time you need. Stay calm this season! The season of Taurus is right around the corner and you will be back in the grounding energy then. For now allow external things to be as is and focus on the internal.

March 2020 horoscope Gemini:  Let go of your logic for a bit, Gemini, and lose yourself in the essence of Pisces season. You are a very practical person and you help others to keep in check, but right now you are being asked to dive deep into your imagination and be your own visionary. You can make your dreams feel more “practical” later on but for now let your imagination run wild in the best way. Allow yourself to escape to the deep visions in your mind and stay there a while. Dream of what you would do with ten million dollars or what it would be like to be in love with your dream partner. Just let your mind get creative, Gemini! Your manifesting powers are strong, you need to let your imagination soar.


March 2020 horoscope Cancer: As a fellow Water sign, this month feels great for you. Allow the creative energies to flow and let yourself step out of your shell! You’ve been feeling your greater purpose lately but have been hesitant to act on it in fear that you might not be able to go back to your current comfort zone or that people will begin to think differently of you. Do it anyways, Cancer. There is great energy supporting you and the illusion of others’ opinions is all in your head. You are in control. You’re more supported than you believe. It’s time to glow up.

March 2020 horoscope Leo: Leo, allow yourself to seek outer guidance right now. You love to show up as leader but there are times where you must give in and accept the help of others. This is a time for you to thrive if you will just let in the calming, nurturing energy of Pisces season and let others step in for you. Drop your ego for just a day (or a few) and listen to what your higher self (and others!) are telling you you need. Doing that alone will ignite your fire just in time for Aries season and inspire you in new, exciting ways.

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March 2020 horoscope Virgo: This is an interesting time for you Virgo, as you oppose Pisces in the sky and the opposition may cause friction for you. You prefer structure and detail, while Pisces cares about the greater picture. Allow yourself to let go of details for a bit and dream of your greater vision. The details can come later. Focus on what it is you truly want and let the Universe start its work. The Full Moon on the 9th will be especially powerful for you. Focus on work your passionate about that day! 

March 2020 horoscope Libra: It’s time to take a breather, Libra. You always want things to be right and of course that is admirable, but you need to let certain things go and just take care of yourself right now. Take a break from always checking up on others. It’s in your nature to always be thinking of the wellbeing of those you care for but this month is all about being at the aid of your own self. Take time to reflect on what it is YOU need, and give that to yourself. Do all the things that make Libra feel happy and centered. Take baths, take long walks, go to a yoga class, buy yourself flowers, whatever it is that sparks your inner glow!

march 2020 horoscopes
march 2020 horoscopes

March 2020 horoscope Scorpio: It’s glow time, Scorpio! It’s time to really get visible and start sharing more of your thoughts! You tend to harbor so much emotion and energy and the mixture of Pisces and Aries season are encouraging you to speak from a place of passion and show people what really goes on behind the scenes.  Speak out on change and transformation you’re ready to see (within you and others!) The people who are truly behind you will believe in what you have to say. And that’s because it’s the truth. Are you ready?

March 2020 horoscope Sagittarius: Draw back your arrow and rest, Sagittarius. You are a true glow-getter, always looking at the next thing coming into your life and ready to conquer it. Relax! Set things aside and just have some you time. Stop listening to what the world tries to tell you you should want and listen to what YOU actually want. Once you are clear on what exactly that is, you are unstoppable. Don’t guilt yourself for taking time to slow down and rest. When you take time for self care, your inner glow is reignited and no one can slow you down. Once Aries season begins, you will be feeling electrified. 

march 2020 horoscopes
march 2020 horoscopes

March 2020 horoscope Capricorn: It’s time to start a new passion project, Capricorn. You’ve had a bunch of different ideas brewing for a while and now is the time to act on one. Consider asking a friend to help you out with your vision! You work very well in partnerships. Challenge yourself to share an unexpected passion of yours with the world and pursue it. Big changes are on the horizon for you, it’s time to take a leap!

March 2020 horoscope Aquarius: You are ready to take the next step, Aquarius. Pay close attention to your dreams, waking AND sleeping. There are many messages coming to you at this time and your job right now is to start planning out how to integrate the vision. When Aries season begins, it will give you the motivation to really start acting on your vision.  Think about what that looks like to you? Get dreaming, Aquarius.

march 2020 horoscopes
march 2020 horoscopes

March 2020 horoscope Pisces: Welcome home, Pisces. This season feels like magic, and it is! You’re in your prime. You fully understand what the people around you are experiencing and you are so quick to be at their side and guide them through it. Just don’t forget about yourself. There is so much magic happening right now, you need to allow yourself time to experience your own awakenings (seriously!) You hold insane power and it’s important that you remember to use some of that magnificent power on yourself. You can handle bigger projects than you may think you can and this month is a great time to show yourself just how capable you are of these big things. It’s time for your glow up!

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