Your January 2020 Glowscopes are here, glow getters!

Welcome to 2020! (Can you believe it?!) There is so much fresh energy in the air.

Wondering how the cosmos are starting off this new decade?

This January there is a Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Cancer, a New Moon in Aquarius and we enter Aquarius season on the 21st.

Read January’s full cosmic forecast below for all the deets. Then, find your zodiac sign and take notes! It has everything you NEED TO KNOW to navigate your January horoscope!

Hello, Capricorn season!

It’s time to get to work! Capricorn season started on the 22nd of December and lasts until the 20th of January. The grounding energy of Capricorn season encourages you to slow down and set strong goals for the year ahead. Take a break from the holiday celebrations and get clear on what you want. Cover all your bases. What do you want for your career in 2020? Your relationships? Your personal growth? Your health? The energy of Capricorn season will inspire you to get creative with your vision. It’s so important that you take the time to sit down and write it all out! That’s your first step towards manifesting. Plan to sit down with a glass of wine or cup of tea this week and start planning your greatest year yet! 

Full Moon in Cancer:

On January 10th, there’s a Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Cancer. Leadership is the theme of this Full Moon. Think about how you have shown up as leader and where there are areas for improvement. Are you just in your leadership or could you lead with more compassion? Emotions will run deep this Full Moon and it may cause certain people to lash out. Think before you speak and reflect on where your emotions stem from. Now is the time to integrate compassion in your work. What parts of your business are you ready to see grow? Who do you need to be in order for that to happen? There’s so much potential to tap into your true inner glow this Full Moon.

Aquarius season is coming!:

It’s time to let loose and let your weird side come out this season. Aquarius season starts on January 22nd and will feel like a breath of fresh air. Capricorn season was a much needed time to get serious and set your goals and now it’s time to have a little fun. Creative energies will be flowing this season and you’ll find yourself wanting to work in an unconventional way. Explore what that means to you. Do what you feel called to do! More on this next month!

New Moon in Aquarius:

The New Moon on January 24th arrives to bring you closer to a new way of being. This is a big time to detox yourself of any lingering negative energies and open yourself up to the possibilities that lie ahead. Now is the time to say yes to any opportunities that are presented to you. Aquarius encourages you to embrace your true self and find creative ways to share it with the world. Have the courage to share your new ideas and the response you receive will have you glowing from the inside out. Expect yourself to discover new, exciting business ideas this New Moon.

Find your sign below to get even more guidance from your January GlowScope!

January horoscope Aries: This will be a wonderful career month for you, Aries. You are starting off 2020 with an all time career high which is very exciting! Just be sure to nurture your relationships amongst all the excitement. The lunar eclipse on the 10th will cause heightened emotions for you and the people around you. Take a loving approach and slow down outside of work. You’re encouraged to rest and spend quality time with family or close friends. Take care of your health this month! Next month more social opportunities will arise for you but this month you need to keep a strict focus on work, close relationships and yourself! The 20th-22nd will be particularly great days for you this month. 


January horoscope Taurus: You’re kicking off the year with an amazing career and financial high, Taurus. You have achieved quite an impressive status in the workplace and should prepare to be rewarded for it. Remember to share  your success and excitement with others. Your family will be particularly excited about what you have going for you. Aquarius season encourages you to approach your finances from an unconventional way. You may be very pleased about what you discover when you mix up the social norm. The 20th of this month will be particularly magical! Your glow up is here!

January horoscope Gemini: Your people need you this month, Gemini. It’s time to step away from your independence (temporarily!) in order to support the people around you. Lots of shifts are happening this month and it is your job to witness the changes and be there for those who may struggle with new transitions. You may surprise yourself with how fulfilling that will feel for you. This is also a great month for you to study up on finance. Get super clear on where you’re at financially and set financial goals. The 22nd-25th should be particularly good money days for you.


January horoscope Cancer: It’s very important that you take care of yourself this month, Cancer. The Full Moon and lunar eclipse that occurs in your own sign on the 10th will really shake things up. This isn’t worth overstressing about, it’s just good to keep in mind that you should be a little more mindful of your emotions during that time. It is important that you stay grounded and give yourself plenty of time to rest. It is also highly recommended that you give yourself a detox the first half of this month. This will give you energy to prosper once things smooth out after the 20th. This year will be incredibly social and fun for you, but only if you take time to nurture yourself this month first. Take extra good care of yourself on the 7th-10th. After this month, you will enter your ultimate GLOWZone. 

January horoscope Leo: This will be a pleasant month for you, Leo! Things are picking up and you’re happy with where things are going both personally and in business. You will find yourself focused on health this month which is great for you. Expect the Full Moon and lunar eclipse on the 10th to shake up some spiritual beliefs. Now is a great time to get clear on the spiritual path you wish to take. Towards the end of this month you will be feeling more social than usual, roll with it. Finances are in your favor this month and you are encouraged to enjoy yourself. The final few days of the month should be particularly special for you. Be on the lookout!

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January horoscope Virgo: This will be a very smooth month for you, Virgo. You will feel at the top of your game in work and finance. The Full Moon and lunar eclipse on the 10th will bring some extra excitement into your life. However, prepare for certain relationships to get tested during this period. Everything will work itself out as its supposed to, you’ll find you won’t be over stressing over it. Money will begin to show up for you in unexpected ways after the 20th. Start calling in unexpected abundance now! Pay close attention to your dreams at the end of the month, especially on the 27th! There is an important message there for you.

January horoscope Libra: It’s very important that you take extra good care of yourself this month, Libra. There’s a lot going on in both family life and business and nothing will get resolved if you don’t take care of yourself! Do only what you absolutely have to do this month. Extra details can wait until later. The Full Moon and lunar eclipse occurs in your career house, so approach work delicately over the period of the Full Moon. Observe and take notes. Don’t take any immediate action. Schedule a massage or reiki session and hold off on the ‘doing’ of things. This month is a great month for introspection and observance. Next month will be the time to take action.

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January horoscope Scorpio: This will be a powerful month for you, Scorpio. The beginning of this month encourages you to implement personal changes within. If you have been struggling with self image or matters with personal growth, the energy to implement the changes you’ve been wanting is supporting you. It’s very important you tend to those issues now because your social life will pick up at the end of the month and you will either feel great about the personal work you’ve done or you will find yourself beating yourself up for not making changes. You have all the power to make the changes you want, Scorpio. Get on it! The 9th and 10th are particularly good days for working on yourself. Your mantra of the month? “I hold the power to do and be anything I want.”

January horoscope Sagittarius: This should be a great month for you, Sagittarius. You will be feeling happy-go-lucky and super independent all month long, especially the first few days of the month. This is wonderful, but stay mindful. Remind yourself to keep having fun and don’t take things so seriously all the time! It is important to take extra care of yourself around the 10th when the Full Moon and lunar eclipse occur. It is advised that you stay home and chill out during this time frame. Detox and lay low. If you can do that, you’ll be glowing the rest of the month ahead. Expect a financial surprise too. (In a good way!)

january 2020 horoscope
january 2020 horoscope

January horoscope Capricorn: It’s time to look to others for inspiration and guidance, Capricorn. You have been on a personal independence streak which is great, but it’s time to reconnect with your people. Your people need your attention and grounding energy and you need the creative inspiration they give you. Slow things down this month and spend quality time with those you really look up to. There is a lot to be learned this month that will inspire you in both life and biz in the months ahead. The 22nd and 23rd should be particularly good days for you. 

January horoscope Aquarius: This is a big month for you, Aquarius. Expect to find yourself getting extra curious around spiritual matters. It is time to really dive deep into your beliefs and spiritual practices. Do all the things that bring you joy this month. Your main focus should be making sure everything you do feels right and fulfilling to you. There is likely to be some conflict at work which is why you need to personally support your emotions as much as possible. Don’t let work bring you down this month, you are learning important lessons in order to significantly grow in business this year. It’s all a part of the plan! 

january 2020 horoscope
january 2020 horoscope

January horoscope Pisces: This will be a fantastic month for you, Pisces. Career and finances are looking better than ever and you are feeling rejuvenated and social. The Full Moon and lunar eclipse on the 10th may shake things up a little, but you will enjoy the excitement. You’re ready for a fun challenge. Spirituality is a big theme this month for you. You may have taken a break from spiritual practices towards the latter half of last year but this month you are getting back in routine with a refreshed perspective. Expect to be growing and glowing all month long! Challenge yourself to study something new. The 18th and 19th will be particularly good days for you.

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