Your December Glowscopes are here, glow getters!

This December there is a Full Moon in Cancer, a New Moon in Capricorn and we enter Capricorn season on the 21st!

Read December’s full cosmic forecast below for all the deets. Then, find your zodiac sign and take notes! It has everything you NEED TO KNOW to navigate your December horoscope!

Hello, Sagittarius season!

Sagittarius season began on November 22 and lasts until the 21st of this month. This season represents travel, truth and adventure. Sagittarius season asks you to view your relationships, beliefs, and desires from different encouraging you to get out and explore! Be willing to look at things differently than you are accustomed to. It’s a season of curiosity. Also very truth seeking, the season of Sagittarius asks you to take a hard look at yourself and choose what could use improvement. The intention is not to bring yourself down, but to inspire yourself to make simple lifestyle shifts that will lead you to a happier place overall. Get glowing!

Full Moon in Cancer:

This is going to be an extraordinarily powerful Full Moon as the Moon rules the sign of Cancer herself and this Full Moon occurs at exactly 12:12AM EST on December 12 (12/12)! Whew. Can you feel its energy already? A Full Moon in Cancer is deeply emotional (and healing). It’s very important you welcome all your feelings this Full Moon and allow them to intuitively guide you towards where you are headed. As 2019 is coming to a close, you may find yourself feeling very nostalgic this Full Moon. Consider spending time going through pictures from the past year and reminiscing. Journal on where you feel 2020 will lead you. Cancer is represented by the crab, so consider what shell you are outgrowing and what new phase of life you are moving into. Angel number 1212 symbolizes your spiritual growth and shows up to remind you that the possibilities in life are infinite. This number shows up as a reminder to stay positive and focus on your goals and desires and trust that your guides are close by.

Capricorn season is coming!:

Capricorn season begins on December 21. Capricorn’s motherly energy shows up to lead you towards the path of success. A very independent sign, the energy of Capricorn season will have you seeking some solo time, which for most is much needed after all the holiday get togethers. It’s time to slow down and get serious before the New Year’s festivities. Retreat and take time to care for yourself and start setting serious goals for the year ahead. More on this next month!

New Moon in Capricorn:

There’s a New Moon in Capricorn on December 26. The New Moon in Capricorn brings in a grounding energy and is here to remind you that time is of the essence. Rather than focusing on things that bring you instant gratification or ‘five minutes of fame,’ Capricorn invests her energy in the long term vision and suggests you do the same this moon. This New Moon is the perfect time to set long term goals for 2020. Take time to sit alone and journal or meditate and really feel into what you are meant to achieve in the year ahead.

Partial Solar Eclipse Capricorn conjunct Jupiter:

There is also a partial solar eclipse on December 26. This is a very exciting and serendipitous eclipse. Jupiter is the planet of luck, growth and prosperity. This will be a fabulous time to travel, invest in something new or start a new venture. This eclipse brings lots of positive potential and abundance to all who choose to tap into their creative energy and focus on their future goals. 

Find your sign below to get even more guidance from your December GlowScope!

December Glowscope Aries: Your focus this month should be on career, Aries. It’s time to slow down and get clear on what exactly it is you’re chasing. You have a burning fire within you that is always up for a new challenge, but it is time to reflect on what the fire within you burns for exactly. What’s your GLOW?! Get clear on what that is and you will be very successful this month. When you’re not working, take extra good care of yourself. Detox, get a massage, go to bed early, do whatever you need to do to feel clear headed and energized while working! The 22nd of this month should be a particularly great career day. Prepare for celebration! After the 26th, spend quality time with yourself and family. Work will pick back up in the new year.


December Glowscope Taurus:   Your beliefs will be challenged this month, Taurus, but in a good way! The eclipse on the 26th will specifically challenge your current beliefs around spirituality and self. Allow yourself to explore this! You are stepping into a leadership role in work but leave room to explore other possibilities in the work realm. Once you are comfortable it can be easy to stay where you are, but you have the power and the brains to transition into any role you please. Outside of work, be sure to spend time with friends who you can have powerful conversations with. You will be craving this kind of time! The 27th should be a particularly good day for you.

December Glowscope Gemini: Love is fantastic for you this month, Gemini. In fact this whole month will be smooth sailing overall. Live it up as much as you can, as once you enter the New Year you will find work and finances will need lots of attention (in a good way though!) Your wittiness and charm have taken you far this year and this month is a time to celebrate all your hard work. Finances will remain steady. The 12th should be a particularly good money day for you! Take extra care of yourself the first half of this month and make it a point to get some exercise! After the 22nd you will be feeling much more refreshed and rejuvenated.


December Glowscope Cancer: Things are looking bright this month, Cancer. You’ve had a busy year and it hasn’t been the easiest. It’s important to understand that the personal growth you’ve endured this year is being brought to light this month. Give yourself permission to lighten up. Things are starting to feel good. Expect to find yourself dreaming BIG this month. Your creativity will be at an all time high and it’s important to start formulating a plan to actually act on these ideas! You are more powerful than you believe, Cancer.

December Glowscope Leo: It’s time to show off to the world how much you have grown and evolved this year, Leo. This month will be happy for you and job opportunities will rise if you show off your personal yearly progress. You need to keep yourself busy this month! But don’t travel if you can avoid it. Explore how you can love yourself and others more. This is your agenda this month! Your true key to success is feeling confident in yourself, even when others may not approve.

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December Glowscope Virgo: You are already very comfortable with yourself, Virgo. This season is asking you to dive even deeper and uncover more about yourself and your greater purpose. You like structure in your life and review your options carefully, much like fellow Earth sign Capricorn. Take time this month to ground deeper within yourself and make a plan for the future. Where are you going? Who are you going with? What projects are you working on? You know yourself well enough to answer these questions, but you may surprise yourself with some answers as you dive deeper within, and will find yourself making plans that light you up for the months to come. Just make sure you begin taking action,. You hold the power to do it.

December Glowscope Libra: You are the queen of balance, Libra. This season is giving you permission to tip the scale a bit and give more attention to yourself than anything else! It’s time to check in and recenter in order to keep glowing day to day.. You must recharge your batteries in order to not burn yourself out. The world will be okay while you retreat for a bit. Once you are charged up you will have all the energy to act on your visions.

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December Glowscope Scorpio: You love to explore the spiritual side of life, Scorpio, but this month is asking you to come down from the clouds and ground yourself for a few days. Focus on the physical things in your life. This is a good time to focus on health goals. This is also a great time to think about where you want to go career-wise next year. You hold so much power, but you tend to overanalyze things. Spend some time alone and really get clear on what you want and commit to getting it. There is no need to overthink so much, love.

December Glowscope Sagittarius: The most adventurous of the signs, you love to explore new places and meet new people. This season is asking you to be more adventurous within yourself. Reflect on all the places you traveled, people you met, and activities you did this last year. What do these all say about you? Where are you going next? How does this relate to your life mission? Your ticket to success is to truly know yourself and understand why you take yourself to the places you do. You already know it.

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december glowscopes

December Glowscope Capricorn: You find home this season, Capricorn. Now is a time to realign with yourself and think about what you want to do with this next year. Figure out what areas of your life are in need of some discipline and sort out a list of your top priorities. Now is a great time for you to get organized. Dream big and know that nothing is off limits. You sometimes feel like there is not enough to go around, Capricorn, and that is simply not true. Lean into the limitless energy available to you and make a plan to make your dreams come true.

December Glowscope Aquarius: Your people need you right now, Aquarius. You have a grounding energy that makes people feel calm in your presence but at times you can lash out at the people around you. This month provides an opportunity to reflect on those actions and learn to choose differently. Check in with your integrity and reflect on how you can honor the voices of those around you. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover when you give someone new the time of day to share their ideas with you. Tune in and listen carefully!

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December Glowscope Pisces: This season doesn’t particularly land with you, Pisces. It’s all about planning your long term vision and you are a very go with the flow and see what happens kind of person. You don’t necessarily integrate structure and order into your everyday life. Tap into the energy of this season, especially the New Moon and experiment with it. Try creating a detailed plan or schedule around a goal of yours and follow through! You may learn that Capricorn season is trying to show you a greater part of yourself you are capable of tapping into. Put your deep visionary side to work and take time to write out what you want to achieve.

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