Happy September, Glow Getters!

Can you believe Fall is here?! This month, in addition to the New and Full Moon, it’s also the Autumn Equinox (hint: this is big!)

Read Septembers full cosmic forecast below for all the deets. Then, find your zodiac sign and take notes! It has everything you NEED TO KNOW to navigate your September horoscope.

Hello, Virgo season!

Feeling a little guilty about your Leo season splurges? *cue Ariana Grande hair flip* Virgo season will definitely help you recover.

Here’s what you NEED to know:

Virgo season = Glow Getter season.

The seasons lasts until the 22nd and productivity should be at an all time high during this time. Virgos are goal oriented and super efficient. They want it, they get it.

Set goals around health, work and finances this month. The energy of Virgo encourages you to map out all your goals in writing and check back in with them every few days. 

Manifesting powers are at a high. It’s time to call in your desires, Glow Getter.

Full Moon in Pisces:

There’s a Full Moon in magical Pisces on September 13. Friday the 13th, mind you. Those witchy Pisces…

Pisces is ruled by the twelfth house, which is the house of spirituality. She represents dreams, intuition, and mysticism. As a water sign, Pisces is here to remind us that life is a flow. Everything is energy.

Full moon in Pisces is a great opportunity for reflection. Survey the summer you just had. What were your personal highs? Lows? Think of both your personal life and your business.

This Full Moon raises psychic awareness in particular (we weren’t kidding when we said it was witchy!). Reflect on things that you have become much more aware of lately. These are the things you need to focus on manifesting around this moon!

Autumn Equinox:

Also known as Mabon, the Autumn Equinox occurs on September 23rd.

This is a time to celebrate the fruits of your labor.

The seeds (your goals and dreams) that you planted during the Spring Equinox (March 20) are ready to be harvested. Finally, #amiright? Now is a beautiful time of abundance and reflection.

You know how hard you’ve worked these last few months and how much has happened for you during this time span. Sit back and give yourself some credit. Enjoy where you’re currently at. This is a huge time of celebration.

Libra Season is coming!

Parties, fashion, romance and beauty…oh, hello, Libra season.

Falling on the same day as the Autumn Equinox, Libra season is here to bring excitement and wonder to your life. This is some serious celebration energy!

While similar to Leo season, the energy of Libra remains more balanced and stable. You will find that it is easier to make wise social decisions in honor of  your mind, body and wallet. Phew.

Now is definitely the time to get dressed up and have a fancy date night with your significant other. If you’re single, expect to meet someone special over the next few weeks. Libra season has a strong tendency to bring out romance.

This season will feel very “laddy da” in all the best ways. Think long lunches and casual strolls just because. Libra season will have everyone glowing from the inside out.

New Moon in Libra:

Finally, on September 28th there is a New Moon in Libra! 

The New Moon in Libra asks you to examine where you can find balance and harmony within yourself. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, so take time this New Moon to write out where you’d like to find more peace within your body, mind and spirit. 

Focus on the beauty you see in the world during this New Moon. Spend time thinking (or writing a list!) of all the things that make you glow from the inside out and ask for more of those things to show up for you. 

Balance and harmony are available to you, you just have to make it a point to truly harness those feelings. This New Moon is the perfect time for just that!

Find your sign below to get even more guidance from your September GlowScope!

September horoscope Aries: This will be a very productive month in work and biz for you, Aries. You know those tiny detailed tasks you typically push off? Yes, those. This month you’ll surprise yourself by actually enjoying them! Thanks, Virgo season. It’s important to allow yourself to seek and receive help from others this month. This might mean calling a friend if you’re feeling lonely on a random Wednesday evening. It’s okay to let others support you! Later this year you will have a surge of strong personal independence. Seek support in the meantime. Keep an eye out for love on the 23rd and onward! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, the Autumn Equinox and season of Libra are bringing lots of love into your life. Get excited…and maybe a new panty set, too.


September horoscope Taurus: Let that sh** go, Taurus. Let it alllll go. Now is not the time to stress or worry, even if it seems that way. This month you are meant to live free and let your creative juices flow. Spend time outside. Observe the changing of seasons. Seek inspiration. Meditate! Allow your inner child to come out and play…hell, maybe even bring her to work! Stop worrying about finances. Your financial planet has been moving slower than usual but is finally picking back up. Be patient and instead focus on your health (which is excellent this month!) Get out and exercise. You will have a very new perspective by the end of the month. Circle the 26th in your calendar, it should be a very good day for you.

September horoscope Gemini: Cupid has you in his crosshairs this month, Gemini. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, things have likely felt a little busy and just “off” in the romantic department lately. Love will pick back up this month and then Libra season will lighten things up! The 20th will be a particularly good day for romance. In other good news, finances will stay steady this month. It is highly recommended that you spend more time investing in things like massages or clean juices this month rather than bar tabs and indulgent meals. Your body will thank you!


September horoscope Cancer: It is crucial to take care of yourself this month, Cancer. As long as you make a point to take care of your health, this will be a very good month for you. Get your ass in bed early and get plenty of rest on the 15th and 16th. And pay close attention to your dreams as they will give you clues to what’s going on around you during the days. Make home and family life your main focus this month. There has been a shift in home life and now is the time to investigate, reassess, and work things out. You should get more clarity around romance matters once we move into the season of Libra on the 23rd. Good things are coming, be patient!

September horoscope Leo: Business travel continues this month, Leo. This is good news! You’re reaching a financial peak in your year and any business related trips are going to enhance that. Venus (the planet of love) is in your money house this month. Your finances are glowing this month. Focus on work and abundance! Definitely try something new this month. What is your current daily routine? What’s something new you could throw in to shake things up? The 24th should be a particularly good day for you.


September horoscope Virgo: You are in your GLOWZone this month, Virgo! Your manifesting powers are strong and your productivity is next level. Circle the 14th on your calendar! Venus moves into your money house that day which means you are entering a peak financial timeline. Though money and work are great this month, consider spending some extra time nurturing relationships. Your strong Glow Getter attitude may intimidate others so they feel like they aren’t doing enough or have lost direction. Be sure to support the ones around you and motivate them in a loving way.

September horoscope Libra: Spend as much time alone as you can up until the 23rd, Libra. Solitude will bring you lots of insight around biz and creativity. You are likely to have breakthroughs around personal relationships and your relationship to spirituality. Love is great for you this month, especially the 23rd and onward. Take time to meditate and reflect on everything that has happened in your year so far. Libra season begins the 23rd and you will be in your GLOWZone. On the 28th, spend time in nature and honor your inner glow.


September horoscope Scorpio: This is a fantastic month for you, Scorpio. Your health is great and your personal independence is growing and glowing more every day. The energy of Virgo is encouraging you to knock out your to-do list. You generally feel overwhelmed by your list of things to do but this month you will surprise yourself when you put in the work and see how quickly you actually manage to get things done. Have a little more faith in yourself! Be sure to circle the 20th in your calendar as this should be an extra special day for you.

September horoscope Sagittarius: Business and finances are great for you this month, Sagittarius. But don’t let the success from that give you permission to overly splurge and not take care of yourself! Practice self control and self love. Spend your free time relaxing at home and taking the time to catch up on projects. This will ultimately feel great and inspire you to set new goals. Aim for short term career goals during the beginning of this month and watch how momentum builds! Longer term ones will come later. The 6th is a particularly good day to get sh*t done.


September horoscope Capricorn: It’s time to glow as CEO this month, Capricorn. You’re the one calling the shots! This month brings leadership energy and you will have a very level headed, optimistic view on all work related things. Trust yourself with your managing skills. You’ve got this! Don’t get discouraged if financial gain doesn’t appear as quickly as you would like it to this month. Your financial planet has been in retrograde but will go direct next month. Your hard work will pay off, just keep moving. Personal matters and relationships will run smoothly this month, focus on work!

September horoscope Aquarius: This month is very refreshing for you, Aquarius! Things are picking up and your enlightened take on the world will lead to productivity and creativity. Your mind and body will be regenerating itself this month which will lead to a full month of glowing from the inside out! Finances may seem stressful this month but don’t sweat it, they will regulate soon. Love and romance are heating up for you this month whether you’re single or in a relationship. You will likely find yourself more open to learning about your love interests’ views on spirituality and philosophy. This is an opportunity for deep talks with those you’re attracted to and learning more about them and in return, yourself! Don’t feel shy about bringing up personal topics!


September horoscope Pisces: This month is filled with romanticism and social opportunities for you, Pisces. You will be thriving and glowing from the inside out. The season of Virgo will have you feeling more productive than usual and this will feel great! Take time to write down all the upsides you experience from being more productive. You’ll want this to carry with you throughout the year as things get busier as a positive reminder. Be mindful of your health this month and be sure to take extra good care of yourself! Romance will be wonderful as long as you keep in mind that love is magic, not work. The 26th through the 29th will be particularly magic love days for you, sweet Pisces.

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