Your April Glowscopes are here, glow getters!

This April there is a Full Moon in Libra, a New Moon in Taurus and we enter Taurus season on the 21st.

Read April’s full cosmic forecast below for all the deets. Then, find your zodiac sign and take notes! It has everything you NEED TO KNOW to navigate your April horoscope!

Hello, Aries season!

Aries season started on the 20th of March and lasts until the 19th of April. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel, so we have just begun a new astrological year! Fresh beginnings are here. Aries season perfectly reflects the energy of springtime– bursting with energy and new life. The energy of Aries will have you glowing from the inside out and ready to seek out new possibilities in life. Of course, it may not feel like that at a time like this (thanks, COVID-19) but challenge yourself to see things from a new perspective. The world has hit the reset button. Explore what this can mean for you.

Full Moon in Libra:

On April 8th, there’s a Full Moon in Libra. The energy of this Full Moon is so needed right now! Libra is known for finding balance and harmony amongst the craziness of her surroundings.This Full Moon asks you to take a deep breath, look within and examine where you can find balance and harmony within yourself and in your surroundings. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, so take time this Full Moon to explore where you’d like to find more calmness within your body, mind, spirit and surroundings. Where can you find more balance within yourself when the chaos of life is surrounding you? Focus on the beauty you see in the world during this Full Moon and prepare to see where more of that beauty starts showing up for you as you shift your focus. Spend time thinking (or writing a list!) of all the things that make you feel peaceful and happy, and ask for more of those things to show up for you. Balance and harmony is available to you, you just have to make it a point to truly harness those feelings. Now is the perfect time to do so! 

Taurus season is coming!:

Welcome, Taurus season. We need your grounding energy more than ever! Taurus season arrives on April 20th and shows up to let us know it’s okay to be lazy and just chill when needed. As an earth sign, the energy of Taurus invites you to slow down and be present. Sit on your porch or in your backyard and listen to the sounds of nature around you. Give yourself space to just be. This will help you get ahead in the long run, but more on this next month!

New Moon in Taurus:

The New Moon in Taurus on April 23rd is a time to dive into love and pleasure. What lights you up? Whether you’re quarantine-ing alone or with a friend or significant other, find a way to make things magical! Take a bath, cook a delicious dinner with some fine wine, play some music that gets you in your feels, get sexy, do whatever it is you need to do to get you into your GLOWZone. Allow yourself to lighten up. Good things are coming! 

Find your sign below to get even more guidance from your April GlowScope!

April Glowscope Aries: This will be a great month for you, Aries. Aries season has you feeling on top of the world, as you should! Work has the potential to be amazing this month but it’s time to think outside the box. The definition of work is changing for you and this is a really good time to begin a passion project. If you’ve been considering taking out a loan for business purposes, now is a great time to do so. As long as you allow yourself to get creative and begin doing things differently, you will thrive. Be sure to workout as often as you can this month as that will help you think up some new creative ideas! (And of course just feel better.) Particularly good days for you this month will be the 3rd and the 20th-22nd.


April Glowscope Taurus:   You will be glowing all month long, Taurus. This is going to be an excellent month for you. Specifically financially and sexually. Give your body all that it has been desiring! This can mean a lot of things– great workouts, hot sex, soothing baths, a massage, whatever it is! When we enter Taurus season on the 20th, your finances will take a turn for the better. Expect some financial surprises or career advancement. This is also a great month for you to seek spiritual advising. Consider seeking out a psychic, intuitive, whatever spiritual guidance feels right for you. There are messages there for you. The 15th-17th will be particularly good days for you.

April Glowscope Gemini: This is a great month for you to dive into spiritual practices, Gemini. You will find that your perspective on the material world is shifting. It is time to gain inner strength and formulate your beliefs around money and spirituality. This is a great month of personal independence for you. Your energy levels will be high! With all the time you have at home, focus on breaking bad habits and create new practices in your life that benefit you. It’s very important you do this in order to prepare for things later on this year. No major changes will happen with career this month, this is really a month to focus solely on yourself! The 28th and 29th should be particularly good days for you!


April Glowscope Cancer: This month is all about career and finances for you, Cancer. There is great potential for you to make quite a bit of money this month but it will require you to stay dedicated to work. It’s time to take a hard look at your finances and see what you can pay off early, what subscriptions you can cancel to save more and how you can show up in the workplace as a leader. When you take time to go over your finances and hold yourself accountable, you align yourself with the money frequency. By taking charge, you’re letting the Universe know you are ready to handle more money! With everything going on right now, this month is the perfect time to lay low, save, stack and plan out your finances for the rest of the year. The New Moon on the 23rd will be a particularly strong money day for you.

April Glowscope Leo: Health is wealth, Leo, and that’s what you need to focus on this month. Lately it feels as though a lot of things have been weighing you down and affecting your personal life. This is taking a toll on your overall wellbeing. Slow down this month. Focus on work and health. Remember you have the power to turn any situation around. Focus on reigniting your inner glow! Swap out the gym for massages or other spa treatments this month. Feed your body lots of fruits and veggies. Give it some love, especially during the Taurus New Moon on the 23rd. Allow the pace of things to slow down this month and catch your breath. You (and your body) will be so glad you did.

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April Glowscope Virgo: Messaging is everything this month, Virgo! Double check how you word things before speaking or hitting send on that email. You have a powerful way with words but can come across a little harsh at times. All this time being cooped up has you feeling a little more aggressive than usual, so take a step back and a deep breath before reacting to anything. Love matters will feel extra mystical this month as Mercury moves with your love planet, Neptune! If you’re single, expect to come across new romance this month. If you’re in a relationship, expect to feel an extra special connection with your partner over these next few weeks. The 3rd and 4th should be particularly good love days for you!

April Glowscope Libra: Love, money and personal transformation are the themes of this month for you, Libra. Between the fiery energy that Aries season sparks within you and the grounding, loving energy that you transition into as Taurus season begins is the perfect recipe for success in all of those categories this month. Just be sure to take care of your health! Sometimes you move at what feels like a million miles an hour and you have to give your body a chance to catch up. Consider getting a massage or acupuncture this month. If that’s not currently available to you, talk to a spiritual healer or get some long distance reiki! On the 3rd of this month a major shift happens in your chart, bringing about new ways you approach your daily routine. This is a good thing. You will be glowing from the inside out all month!

april glowscopes
april glowscopes

April Glowscope Scorpio: This is a big career month for you, Scorpio! A lot is happening in the career sector of your chart. There is a lot of professional development happening for you as well as lots of change within your current career. You may find yourself researching new career paths and/or reaching out to professionals you generally would not reach out to. You are opening both your social and professional circle to new kinds of people. This is very good for you professionally and financially. And it shows how much personal growth you have gone through the last few months as well! Allow yourself to explore new possibilities. This will be an inspiring and eye opening month for you. The 12th should be a particularly good career day for you. 

April Glowscope Sagittarius: This month is a great time to expand your job options, Sagittarius. You are a very hard worker but sometimes let yourself fall into a boring routine. Now is the time to spice things up! Consider building a side hustle or approaching your current work in a different way. It’s a great month for you to create. As far as home life goes, be patient! Things may feel a little tense right now, understandably so. Keep yourself preoccupied with things like reading, cooking or working out at home. Practice meditating to keep calm. After the 11th of this month things will loosen up!

april glowscopes
april glowscopes

April Glowscope Capricorn: Friends and family are the ongoing theme of this month for you, Capricorn. You’ll find yourself connecting with new people and starting to have deeper conversations with current friends. You and your family will be closer than usual this month. They are a strong support unit for you as you are for them. Don’t spend money on anything you don’t absolutely need to this month. Your yearly financial peak will happen later on this year but in the meantime it’s important to be smart with your money! You hold great social influence right now. Make it a point to show up strongly online this month! Facebook lives or hosting virtual circles is your GLOWZone this month. Take advantage!

April Glowscope Aquarius: You will find you are more independent and ambitious than usual this month, Aquarius. This is great for you! You will be glowing all month long. This month is less about career for you and more about spirituality and home life. You will find yourself taking a great interest in philosophical matters as well. Just be sure when you are speaking to others on these topics that you don’t become overly argumentative or intense. Have fun with these conversations! You will also find yourself putting a strong emphasis on community this month. You are ready and willing to help those in need. Explore the different creative ways you can do this!

april glowscopes
april glowscopes

April Glowscope Pisces: This is a great month to focus on personal growth, Pisces. You have been rising in your career and in order to continue rising, you must check in and get right with you! The focus now should shift to your personal and physical needs. What do you need to feel confident and whole? Do what you need to achieve that. You are naturally aligned with some serious money energy this month. Expect for money to come from unexpected places (the best kind!) Family or your significant other is cheering you on from the sidelines this month as you step into your personal spotlight. Particularly good days will be the 18th and 19th this month.

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