You don’t need an MBA, you need Glow CEO.

Glow CEO is a comprehensive, 8-module digital business course for people who have a skill or an idea that they want to scale into an actual business.

Inner Glow Circle CEO

It’s time to go from skill to CEO…

You’ve got experience, certifications, licenses and the drive for entrepreneurship, but how do you turn your gifts into a legit business?

You’ve had a few clients here and there, but you know you need support to go from the feast-famine cycle to consistently profitable business. 

You literally know that your idea will change peoples’ lives, but how do you execute it? Where do you start?

GlowCEO will give you everything you need to make money doing what you love.

This is a THE business course for service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to turn their skills into a legit business.

Ally Bradley

You’ve gone through trainings, you’ve taken all the classes and you know you’re an amazing…

  • Aesthetician
  • Makeup Artist
  • Lash Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Consultant
  • Life Coach
  • Nutritionist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Astrologer
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Massage Therapist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Interior Designer
  • … the list goes on and on!

You’ve mastered your GLOW and now it’s time to become CEO.

We cover everything you need to actually START:

  • 8 video training modules
  • 8 comprehensive, downloadable workbooks
  • 200+ pages of content, resources, templates, question sets, scripts, tips and tools to get started today
  • 20+ bonuses and additional resources so you can say “bye-bye” to Googling your life away
  • LIVE weekly Open Coaching in IGC’s The Circle, to get all of your questions answered by legit business owners, entrepreneurs and Certified Coaches
  • Lifetime access to all materials, updates, upgrades and more!

How do I enroll?

8 Monthly Payments of $275

1 Payment of $1997

Save over $200!

Nervous? Excited? Ready to get started risk-free?

We are SOOOO freakin’ confident that Glow CEO will change the course of your business (and life!) that we are offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee! Sign up, dive in and sleep soundly knowing that we’ve got you!

Glow CEO covers 8 required areas of business that every true CEO must understand, integrate and implement in order to run a profitable business.

In this course we cover:


  • Your very own brand book that covers numerous parts of branding
  • Your brand’s mission, vision and values
  • An understanding of where an when you may need to copyright or trademark parts of your brand

Email Marketing

  • An understanding of when and how to utilize email marketing in your business
  • A clear opt-in that attracts new clientele and nurtures your current audience
  • An email funnel that guides your audience from opt-in to offer (i.e. purchase!)
  • Tools to master your brand’s voice in email form
  • Clarity on what metrics are most important to track in your business
  • Certainty on which email platform is best your your brand’s needs

Content Creation

  • Tools to help you hone in on exactly what it is you have to share with your audience
  • A content bank of on-brand content you can pull from at any time
  • A clear method for market research so you know exactly what it is your audience craves
  • An understanding of how to create clear invitations that get’s your audience saying, “yes” to your content
  • A content calendar to help you stay consistent and on-brand
  • The ability to source content day-to-day in your business

Course Creation

  • Market research scripts, tips and data to help inform the best type of course for your clients
  • A clear understanding of what results your course creates
  • Thorough insight on what framework and delivery is best for your course
  • A straightforward path to take your clients from Point A to Point B
  • Confidence that your course will address different learning styles, making the material accessible to a variety clients
  • Knowing if, how and when to collaborate with colleagues in your course
  • A launch plan with course-related marketing materials
  • A product you can sell in your sleep

Social Media

  • How to incorporate your brand’s core values, colors and themes into your social media content to ensure that your online presence is “on brand”
  • A complete guide to hashtags to help increase your reach and search-ability online
  • How to incorporate your brand’s core values, colors and themes into your social media content to ensure that your online presence is “on brand”
  • A complete guide to hashtags to help increase your reach and search-ability online
  • Insight on how you can use market research to get to know your ideal client through social media, from sharing polls to asking powerful questions
  • How to decide which social media platforms are best for your business
  • Actionable steps to convert social media content into sales while providing value along the way

Client Tracking Systems

  • How to stay connected with clients in a genuine way so you can nurture them through the entire client cycle, from fresh lead to loyal customer
  • An understanding of cold, warm and hot leads and how to communicate with them at each step of the game
  • A thorough guide to help you decide which type of client tracking system is best for your business now, so you can efficiently grow and scale down the road
  • How to use invitations and value-driven content to create client relationships that naturally develop into sales
  • Efficient and effective ways to track your leads, even if you’re just getting started (spreadsheet template included!)
  • The pros and cons of using an automated CRM system, as well as how to choose the best one for your business
  • A clear understanding of what metrics, numbers and data are most important to track so you can understand client behavior/trends and tailor your business to support their needs and buying patterns
  • How to set expectations for team members and develop roles, responsibilities and standard operating procedures (SOPs) so everyone is on the same page as you grow and scale your business


  • Clear ways to incorporate your branding on your website, increasing your know, like, and trustability
  • A complete guide to help create the four most important pages of your website, including prompts for your content and templates that your visitors can intuitively navigate
  • Ideas for additional webpages that can boost your unique business
  • Ways to keep your website visitors on your website longer, clicking more links and making more purchases
  • An understanding of what to put above-the-fold and below-the-fold on each of your webpages so visitors can immediately see what you’re about without searching around
  • How to tell your company story to highlight your brand while also including your visitors’ needs, wants and desires
  • Strategies to convert to sales with a stellar services page that let’s visitors know exactly what you have to offer
  • Easy ways to use keywords and SEO to make your website even more searchable
  • Various analytic tips so you can track your visitor behavior and see exactly how to maximize your website reach

Finances and Legal

  • A clear understanding of common financial terms and what they mean for your business
  • Specific steps to create an ROI plan so you can make back any return on investment
  • The most effective approach to business banking and tracking your cash flow, including a monthly Profit/Loss Report
  • A complete list of what financial documents you need to keep for tax purposes
  • Familiarity with when to hire an accountant or a lawyer and under what circumstances
  • Details on what to include on your company’s legal documents, including your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Client Contracts and Company Policies

Plus, additional resources and templates including:

  • Website Templates for Homepage, About Page, Services Page, and Contact Page
  • Course Delivery Toolkit
  • Email Funnel Templates
  • 3 part Market Research Training
  • Guide to Domain Names
  • Guide to Hashtags
  • Opt-In Creation Resources
  • Recommended CRM Systems
  • Recommended Email Platforms
  • Recommended Website Platforms + Resources
  • Sales Page Starter Kit
  • Sample Brand Book
  • Sample Content Calendar
  •  Lead Tracking Spreadsheet Template
  • Social Media Posting Tips
  • Top Performing Opt-ins for your Website
  • U.S. Copyright Information
  • U.S. Trademark Search Information