So you want to work smarter, not harder, but you there’s part of your identity that’s wrapped up and in working hard. You want your clients to know you’re working hard for them. But, you don’t want to drive yourself crazy in the process.

In coaching, we say what shows up in one area of your life will show up in another area of your life. So ask yourself – where else in your life are you working hard?

Is it in your dating life? Or your relationships? Your work-life balance? Time management? Your health?

Maybe you work hard on your body, you put a lot of focus on taking care of yourself. You take pride in feeling good.

So all the shit in your life that’s good and you’re working hard on, there’s probably a part of you that likes working hard.

There’s a part of you that gets off from how much time and energy you put into everything.

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It’s difficult. It’s hard working out, eating mindfully and staying healthy. It’s hard. Work is hard. Making your clients happy is hard. Making your partner happy is hard.

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The smartest thing you can do is just realize that you set it up this way.

You actually like working hard. You like the grind and like the drama of it. Because there is a drama that comes with it. And it gives us content to talk to our friends or to argue with our business partners about. Oh, I work so hard. But the reality is that like things are good.

Anytime there’s something in your life that you feel like it’s too much, part of you might want it there. Part of you created it. I believe you want to be working.

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what do you actually like about hard work?