Get Visible

 A 3 part course to stand out, speak up and sell through your brand story

Do you 1000% know you’re meant to make a big impact by showing up + being yourself?

Are you tired of holding back and want to make more money than ever by simply becoming more and more you?

Do you know you have something incredible to offer the world, but need way more people to know about it?

Do you know you have an important message to share, but get paralyzed when you try to figure out how and where to share?

Do you want to be recognized for your work on social media, on podcasts + in the media, but your confidence keeps getting in the way?

Are you willing to do the inner work to get visible and step fully into your purpose, but worry about being judged when you go big?

Do you know that if you felt more confident would you say “yes” to so many more opportunities?

Listen, glow getter - we get it.

Liv here, boy mom of two, co-founder of Inner Glow Circle and former "there's no way I can post that on FB/IG/the blog" girl.

Here's the deal: getting visible and sharing my beliefs, my message, my mess and (drumroll please!) my services on the internet used to make me SOOO uncomfortable.

I used to ONLY tell the good parts of the story. I used to hide the #truthtruth for fear of judgment.

I used to cringe at the thought of sharing anything "too deep" or "too real" online.

I used to skirt around how amazing my coaching and training services are and barely skim the surface on how powerful I am because I thought people would think I was "too much."

Then, in 2018, I said F it.

Honestly, I was SOOO sick of my own BS that I just ripped off the bandaid and decided (with the help of Katie, duh!) to start sharing more of my story.

The good. The bad. The unfiltered.

When I found the confidence to share my stories, get real about life, business, and everything in between, my whole life expanded. 

I am NOT saying all this to brag…

I'm saying this because I went from "omg what will people think" to


Wanna know exactly what happened next? 

I decided the pain of staying in my shell was far worse than a nasty comment from some girl I went to high school with who never liked me anyway. The lack of living from my full-on purpose was worse than random haters telling me, "keep your personal life to yourself."

The number of lives I wasn't touching because I was too scared to "say the thing" was far worse than speaking my truth and giving women not only hope but TOOLS to finally change their lives.

I had to get over myself! I had to get it together and fully embody MYSELF in order to see the results externally.

Can I please share with you how I did this?!

It's time to Get Visible.

Get Visible is a 3 part course for the woman who’s ready to step into her next-level now.

She’s ready to start looking, speaking, posting, leading, creating, marketing and selling like the woman she knows she’s meant to be.

She’s done holding back (#overit) and ready to get loud, because she knows hiding isn’t helping anyone anymore.

She’s done visualizing her highest self. She’s ready to become her. 

Like, yesterday.

If you feel frozen at the thought of posting online + no one commenting or liking what you have to say...
If you worry that you just aren’t the kind of person who will ever really be KNOWN and respected...
If you feel like you just don’t look, speak or show up in a way that’s necessary to be seen...
If you feel anxiety when you think about engaging with your audience, reaching out to new people + telling your story online...
If you feel like you’ll never get the visibility you deserve…

Get Visible is for you… the woman who’s ready to be seen, heard, discovered—by her dream clients and so much more.


What changes when…

Going live, getting interviewed and making videos just becomes so f*ing fun...
You feel 1000% confident about your message, your stories + your brand.....
Every day, more people are finding your website, following you on social media and responding to your stories…
You know exactly where to show up, what to say + what stories to tell to connect with your audience.....
You start believing in yourself and your work...
You know the value of your time and your energy…
You’re making more money than ever just by being YOU?!

Get Visible takes you through 3 main lessons: Finding Your Core Message, Breaking Up with Your Fear of Being Seen, and Getting (More!) Visible Online.

By the end of this program, you'll walk away with...
1000% clarity on your core brand message and the core stories that support it
Fully knowing how to show up as YOU online (and in real life!)
A step-by-step plan for creating content daily—in a way that’s easy and so YOU
Awareness around why you’ve been afraid to get visible
Actions to help you break through those visibility fears, once and for all
Knowing exactly where to focus your time + energy on social media
A 30, 60 and 90 day content sharing plan that you feel inspired by
Our signature 5-step visibility formula to be seen, heard + known for your work
Practices to overcome your fears around how you look and feel in your body
A clear understanding of why some of your desires haven’t manifested yet
The exact tools to get clear on what you want + start manifesting, quickly and effectively!
Support + accountability from the most real community of women you’ve ever met

Dreaming up, creating and making this course pushed us to our edges. We learned so much about where we could show up bigger, be more ourselves and where we were still holding back. 

Filming the course, making the workbooks, designing the bonuses and putting it all together, piece by piece, with you in mind, brought us back to our truth.

We are teaching you the EXACT process we’ve applied to our own business, Inner Glow Circle.

Here's What Happened When We Decided to Get Visible
Had our first half million dollar coach training launch
Sold over a million dollars in coaching services in one year
Were interviewed on Drybar founders’ podcast, Raising the Bar
40K+ followers on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!
Increased our student body diversity by 700%
Became the ONLY all-women all virtual accredited training company
Katie wrote her first book, At Least You Look Good, a self help memoir, coming 2020!
Liv won a Hay House publishing deal for her book, Old Soul, New Money, coming 2021!
Not promised, but we also got new (and BETTER!) boyfriends...
"That's awesome for YOU guys, but will this work for ME and my business?!"

The methods taught in Get Visible have helped hundreds of students already.

So yes, it can work for you...if you work it.

But don't just take our word for it.

"That's awesome for YOU guys, but will this work for ME and my business?!"

The methods taught in Get Visible have helped hundreds of students already.

So yes, it can work for you...if you work it.

But don't just take our word for it.

Praise for Get Visible

Listen after tonight's class, there are no #excuses for us to not execute. Do it scared. Do it sick. Do it broke. Do it doubtful. Do it and never stop growing. Resistance will always be present. Move anyway. — Anquilla 

I DARE YOU TO CHECK YOUR LEVEL OF WORTHINESS. I hate video but TODAY I AM changing my narrative. I am worthy of being seen. I am worthy of my future. I am worthy of all the great things that the universe has for me. — Charisma

I’ve gotten sooo much more visible within my business especially this last year and I’m so grateful. Ladies and IGC… I appreciate y’all so much! If I didn’t take the leap and make the first payment, I know it would’ve taken me a lot longer to get to the point where I’m at now in my life and coaching career. I feel more confident, proud, loving and have a drive in me that keeps getting fueled each and every day. — Taylor

I CAUGHT THAT FIRE!!! I feeeel it and it feels soooo goood. My mind is… like blown isn’t even the word... EXPANDED maybe? Well, it feels really happy and motivated and full of more self-belief than ever before!! — Caitlin

Let's breakdown those Modules!

Find Your Core Message

  • Get crystal clear on your core message
  • Learn how to embody your brand and show up as YOU online
  • Develop a step-by-step plan for creating content that you share daily
  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Use your life experiences to create content on the fly 

Break Up Your Fear of Being Seen

  • Get to the bottom of why you’re afraid to become more visible
  • Stop feeling afraid and start feeling excited about your visibility
  • Decide where to focus your time and energy when it comes to social media!
  • Understand what to share and where to share it

Get (More!) Visible Online

  • Get clear AF on your visibility goals
  • Create your own 30, 60 and 90 day content sharing plan
  • Learn our 5-step visibility formula to be seen, heard and known for your work and your message
  • Set new standards for your visibility (aka decide what you deserve!)

Plus you get the Get Visible workbook, 38 pages of lessons, tools, affirmations, journal prompts, plans + resources that will lock in every detail of the training.

Because we already f*ing love you, we've added some next-level bonuses to help you get visible—and get paid for doing it—ASAP.

Enroll in Get Visible today and get $3,500 in bonuses.

Why? Because we believe in giving as much as we can, being generous AF with our teachings and getting this work into the hands of as many women as humanly possible.

Bonus 1: 5 Steps to Manifesting — and the #1 Mistake You’re Making video course ($500 value)

Learn the exact method Inner Glow Circle CEO Katie DePaola used to take IGC from a self-funded startup to a million dollar business.

Bonus 2: Loving the Real You, Body Positivity + Visibility workbook ($100 value)

Visibility is where body meets business. Through powerful journal prompts, you will be led back to a place of strong self love so you can sell from your soul.

Bonus 3: Manifixing: What to Do If Your Dreams Aren’t Coming True workbook ($100 value)

Learn to remove limiting beliefs about why you “think” you can’t have what you want and start manifesting the right way!

Bonus 4: Lifetime Access to THE CIRCLE ($2,500 value)

Live open coaching calls and community support as you go through the course!

Total Value of the Bonuses is $3,200

We’ve never shared so much content at such a low price. But that was our goal with Get Visible—the purpose of this course is to be more easily accessible than any IGC course to date, (which is why we’ve also added a payment plan).

It’s Katie here, and there’s a pretty f*ing cool thing that I’ve noticed over the years…

I see it happen with our students nearly every. single. day…

When people decide to be brave, show up on social media, make videos, be seen and get visible guess what else changes for them?!


Money changes when you say yes + let yourself be seen.

And often, it happens fast. When you believe in yourself, when you decide to invest, when you claim your dreams and commit to making them happen, the money shows up for you. 

When we feel seen in our work, we can grow, uplevel and expand in a whole new way—in every part of our lives. When we get visible in business, there’s a domino effect. We become visible in love, in our relationships, in social media, in the press and beyond.

Do it scared. Do it doubtful. Just do it and watch what changes.

The Get Visible course (with all the bonuses!) is worth $4,200

Right now, you might be thinking….

What if I don’t feel ready to get visible?

If you want it, but you’re not totally ready, then this course is perfect for you. We’ll meet you in that sweet spot between where you are now—and where you want to be. The Get Visible course teaches you how to do the damn thing, especially when you’re scared. You can take baby steps or dive all in. As long as you’re taking action, you’re making progress.

What if my old high school friends start to see my posts?

What if your high school friends start to see your posts, see you blowing up social media, are totally inspired and actually want to work with you? What if they start to share your work? What if they join your programs? What if they’re so intrigued by watching you go for your dreams that they start going for their dreams too? What if! (aka that's the whole point)

What if I need results fast?

If you follow directions and do the course work, you will absolutely get results. Make the investment and show up for yourself and Get Visible will definitely show up for you. We’ve put both of our hearts (and brains!) into creating the exact course we needed.

What if I get more visible and then more people see me fail?

You can only fail if you do nothing at all. We’ve sent emails and social media posts out to over 20,000 people with mistakes, spelling errors, wrong info. All we do is clean it up. We send another like, oops! People love that sh*t. They love our honesty. As you Get Visible, you’ll make mistakes but you’ll also learn and grow. Put yourself out there and take a chance on going big.

What if I don’t have a lot of money to invest? Are you offering a payment plan? 

We’re offering this course for lower than ever right now, because we are so passionate about helping women get visible. Plus, the manifesting bonus will definitely help you manifest more money! And yes, we love payment plans! They make the program even more accessible so you can make your money back along the way. You will find the payment options when you click X.

This class takes time, which I don’t have. How can someone like me make this work? 

This course will teach you how to streamline how you’re spending your time. It takes a small investment of less than an hour to get started.

Should I try to figure things out on my own first? 

Haven’t you been trying to figure things out on your own for a while?! Look, we don’t believe you’re meant to do it alone. You’re meant to have support, accountability and fun along the way. This course is meant to activate you, kick your dreams and desires into high gear and help you progress towards everything you want NOW. 

What if I need personal accountability? 

This is an online course, so you get to pace yourself, but we’ve added a lifetime membership to our community, THE CIRCLE, for this exact reason. It’s a legitimately supportive community where you’ll find others taking the course, not to mention, friends, collaborators and maybe even a cofounder!

Is this only for entrepreneurs? 

This course is for EVERYONE. Confidence and visibility are necessary to your overall success in life. Our students report new streams of income, unexpected promotions, new professional opportunities, breakthroughs in their health, shifts in relationships, finding new love, getting pregnant after trying for years, new profitable business ideas and feeling happier, more content, more at peace + more excited about life than ever before.

We would love to have you in this course and 100% know from the bottom of our hearts that it will support you in not only overcoming your life "challenges" but using them to create bigger and bigger opportunities for yourself… to tell your story on a more massive scale… to reach more people than ever… to finally tell the truth… to make more MONEY than ever before… to attract more LOVE than ever before simply by being more and more and more…


You know if this course is meant for you. You know deep down if it’s your time to be seen, heard and go to your next level.

Get Started Now
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One last message from the founders who took Inner Glow Circle from self-funded startup to million dollar business…

The biggest lesson we’ve learned on this whole journey of becoming more visible is that once you do it, once you really put yourself out there and share your truth, there is so much more love, encouragement and opportunity waiting for you on the other side.

There’s more support than you’d ever imagine. We want to help you step into the truth of who you are, with confidence and power.

Are we doing this?

I'm Ready to Get Visible